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  1. Ace no.5

    Cardiff 24

    When do "Early Bird" prices normally run till? Thanks.
  2. We lost it in the first 19 heats. We were excellent for the remainder. Can't give any team such a big lead and expect to win. Well done Ipswich. Hope you win it.
  3. More intent on showing the cameras his water bottle. Well done Witches. Wanted it so much more than us tonight in every aspect. It's not over but it could well be if the Aces don't get a helluva good start on Monday!
  4. There are plenty of slow moving and hefty showers down there. It's gonna rain in Ipswich, 100%, just depends how much. There's a lot of heavy stuff but also some lighter patches.
  5. Not gonna lie, I'm concerned about the weather in the South East...
  6. Danny King likes a wet NSS...
  7. Ace no.5

    Sheffield Tigers 2023

    The "if" was "if" Leicester get in the playoffs.
  8. Ace no.5

    Sheffield Tigers 2023

    One of a minority, hence the "breath of fresh air" comment! I've seen far more "cheat" posts from Tigers (and they still throw it around now!) than I've seen honest posts like yours. Maybe I should amend my original post to "after the rubbish most of them spouted last season and continue to do so!"
  9. Ace no.5

    Sheffield Tigers 2023

    I would have no issue at all with Sheffield getting cover for an obvious and genuine injury to one of their top riders going into the playoffs (as happened with BV last season). I would find it quite comical, not to mention hypocritical however, if all the Tigers fans were to applaud this move after the rubbish most of them (few exceptions!) spouted last season and continue to do so!
  10. Statement from Connor Bailey in response to Vatcher. I feel he's been really hard done to here...! A very mature and classy statement. Shouldn't be treating our young future stars like this. Having recently become U21 British Champion and riding as well as I ever have, it’s very disappointing that I haven’t been offered a reserve spot at the upcoming Cardiff SGP. Furthermore, I feel I need to directly address the statement made by British Youth boss Neil Vatcher on the official British Speedway website earlier today, where it quoted Mr Vatcher as saying the following: “British Under-21 Champion Connor Bailey was also amongst the riders considered; however, after he turned down opportunities to represent Great Britain in the recent FIM Speedway of Nations 2, and to ride in the British Final, the decision was taken to select Anders and Jason. For clarity, I was asked to be the reserve at SoN 2 behind Dan Gilkes and Anders Rowe, both of whom I had beaten to the U21 title a couple of weeks earlier. Aside from the logistical and commercial challenges of getting to Latvia, riding at reserve would not have guaranteed that I saw much action. Regarding my invite to participate in the British Final, this invite was received at 9PM the night before the event, when I was away celebrating my 21st Birthday. Up until this point no one had mentioned to me that I might be considered for a spot in main lineup of the final. Had I had more notice of this, I would have jumped at the chance! It saddens me greatly that these two instances appear to have brought into question my commitment to speedway and have impacted my chances of taking one of the reserve spots at the Cardiff SGP in what would have been an incredible experience. Meanwhile, I would like to wish Anders and Jason the best of luck at the event.
  11. Thought it was announced as the quickest first lap ever on the track...! He absolutely flew round onto the back straight!
  12. Ace no.5

    Sheffield Tigers 2023

    I'm sure you're right. If Holder had been injured in the last regular season fixture I'm 100% certain Sheffield wouldn't have made a move and gone with R/R... Decent signing for Sheffield to cover what was a very unfortunate injury. I hope he is back for the playoffs for them.
  13. If GB nominated Bewley as reserve in heat 17 and heat 19, then he got injured in heat 17 somehow, we then couldn't put Ellis back in. By nominating Ellis for heat 19, we kept the option of Ellis riding open, just in case...
  14. I couldn't figure why the Witches put Emil in for Thompson in heat 14 instead of for Riss... Needing a 1-5 it was NEVER gonna happen with Riss in the heat. That ref though! If you're gonna pull it back for an unsatisfactory start but then see that nobody was actually moving, own your mistake and put all 4 back rather than exclude a rider for no reason.

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