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  1. Three Eastbourne trained riders and another ex Eagle, just saying..
  2. M.D

    Poole 2024

    Both Hailsham lads so more than likely but I know David is..
  3. M.D

    Poole 2024

    David Norris is advising him.
  4. Agree, but I will be cheering for the lads with the Eagles connections, Ablitt, Foord and Hagon..
  5. M.D

    YOUR Hackney

    For information, it was 8th July 1983, England won 65-43
  6. M.D

    Swindon Stadium

    Legal & General do a lot of construction work, they own CALA homes and do developments such as the one I'm involved in which is a retirement complex with a nursing home, village core and cottages, if they get their hands on it they will build on it in some form. They do a lot more than insurance and finance.
  7. M.D

    YOUR Hackney

    Eastbourne fan and only went to Hackney a few times when I was younger and not in the last few years at the track. The outstanding memory for me was going up to see Paul Woods for an England V Denmark meeting, Woodsy was a non riding reserve and didn't get an outing. What caught my eye was a certain Michael Lee, think he got 16 + 1 from 6 rides, he was unbelievable that night.
  8. Having sponsored Kyle from his Eastbourne days and through his Poole and now Plymouth time, That comment got me. Yes I shouldn't have bitten on that post but it did get me. Im sure the poster was only jesting, so no harm meant by the original post, lets move on now..
  9. Well if so it was in extremely poor taste.
  10. M.D


  11. No it's not, it's an accusation of cheating by both club and rider.
  12. I don't post accusations of clubs paying off riders to score Low points to throw a meeting if that's what you mean.
  13. Is it? You want to be very careful what you post on a public forum..
  14. Upto heat 8 and yes your both right, cracking meeting but can't believe the heat 4 call by the ref..

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