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  1. Cheers for that. Any news on prices or squads etc please let me know.
  2. I'm hoping to head up for this. If anyone gets any further info regarding this meeting please can you post here as not much detail out there. Also news on the qualifiers appreciated too. Cheers
  3. Is Monday now Rye's last home meeting? Remember when teams ran till the end of October no matter what..
  4. Can anyone shed any light on the real start time for Sunday v Berwick? I booked train tickets from London based on an advertised 5pm start. Then both teams websites changed it to 7pm. Now Panthers fixture list has it back at 5pm but Berwick still at 7pm?? Confused. ..
  5. davidba

    Belle Vue / Coventry Nl

    Just wish they would hurry up and announce their NL fixtures so I can book a train to a meeting before the summer!
  6. Sad to hear. I have to pick and choose my speedway these days so i've been picking meetings when there is a rider i've not seen yet. Have fun everyone.
  7. Is Bowen replacing Sissis? Not seen this on either website. I was gonna come 'cos i've never seen Sissis but not going to go all that way to see Luke for a thousandth time.!!
  8. davidba

    Belle Vue Colts 2016

    Any indication on what night they will race?
  9. davidba

    Belle Vue 2016

    Are they still going to race on Monday nights at the new stadium?
  10. davidba

    Latvian Gp Saturday 17th August

    Anyone know what time this is being repeated on Eurosport?
  11. The kids were so shocked to hear their names on the TV! I think Engman will appear in the UK somehwere soon.
  12. davidba

    Bradford To Return ?

    That would brighten up my winter, got friends in Bradford, a trip to odsal and Bradford Park Avenue would be very agreeable!
  13. Anyone know if Cameron Heeps will be fit for this meeting?
  14. So the Czechs will be at lakeside then? Wonder why the lakeside press release just says + qualifier, as though they dont know who?
  15. Sorry for Scunny fans but this could be great news for me, depends on what time the meeting is as i'm already booked to go out that night, plus, who will the qualifier be?it's listed as being in Ukraine last Sat but cant see any results anywhere,anyone know what happened with that, who the teams are etc?

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