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  1. skydog

    Torquay United Football Club.

    Believe me they know!
  2. skydog

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    Thanks. It would be a real shame if he doesnt race Championship this season, there's a lot of potential there if he gets a clear run.
  3. skydog

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    What is Dan Gilkes' GSA?
  4. skydog

    Torquay United Football Club.

    Only people who believe Clarke Osborne are local councillors and MPs. They ALWAYS believe him.
  5. skydog

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Fair enough!! The only way I could see sense in it, but as we all always say, this is Speedway...
  6. skydog

    Scunthorpe 2024

    Could it be that the 3.00 is already rounded up from let's say 2.996? So his actual average minus 2.5% is 2.9211, which would be rounded down... Maybe?
  7. skydog

    Brummies 2024...

    Glad you both confirmed that, thought the same but started to doubt myself
  8. skydog

    Brummies 2024...

    I reckon you googled the 1st one during a traffic jam, google says 1 hour 40 (82 miles) at the moment! I can do Perry Barr in 2 hours and I have to drive past Oxford to get there.
  9. skydog

    Promoters Conference

    This has amazed me over the past few years, we used to moan if the tractors - and rakers - didnt come out after every heat. They didnt delay racing, they graded during the natural gap. Now people moan because they come out at all!
  10. skydog

    Richie Worrall statement

    I will confess I didnt know about the Glasgow episode, but knew 100% that he was with Reading when he was banned. Thanks for the info.
  11. skydog

    Sheffield Tigers 2024

    What do Sheffield fans think about putting Jason at 6 and Dan as the RS? You've all watched both of them ride, is it an obvious choice, 50/50, or is there a tactical advantage?
  12. skydog

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Not 100%... he could turn all 3 down!!
  13. skydog

    Richie Worrall statement

    https://www.getreading.co.uk/sport/other-sport/speedway-bird-gets-two-year-suspension-4258216 Berkshire Live 2007, "Reading Racers' Danny Bird". what year did he ride for Glasgow?
  14. skydog

    Richie Worrall statement

    So what year was it?
  15. I never had any opinion of him until Reading ran MSDL at Swindon in 2019, Jason made a point of finding the team managers and handing over a box of used parts to distribute amongst our riders. That makes him a decent bloke in my book!

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