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  1. skydog

    Poole Pirates 2021

    The standard meaning of that is that a maximum of 6 people can mix, or more if all of them are from only 2 households.
  2. skydog

    Swindon Stadium

    Those i's and t's are very time consuming, I'm sure you'll have your new stadium soon...
  3. skydog

    Swindon Stadium

    Indeed... It was 2007 when he told us we would see the new stadium going up next to Smallmead during the 2008 season. I do believe that was also one of the early promises to Swindon fans before they decided to rebuild the existing stadium. I hope with all my heart Swindon doesn't go the same way.
  4. skydog

    Top Rising Star (So far)

    Jordan is an undoubted talent, maybe a year too early for the Prem, but I would persevere cos it may not be.
  5. skydog


    And this is the crux of the matter. I took numerous new people to Speedway and always said dont judge it on one match, give it 3 or 4. But what can you say when they have to stand around for an hour then see less than half of what was advertised? Whatever the reasons are, that doesnt leave a good impression.
  6. skydog


    Surprise dog meeting, that is definitely a new one!
  7. skydog

    KENT v EASTBOURNE May 31st

    Unfortunately we werent there every week, Dan actually only rode at Eastbourne about 5 times in 2018. He was very impressive though - I do remember in one of the last matches, the Eagles were against Kent, and it was known that Len was already watching with great interest. And Dan was very keen to impress. There were obviously a few NL bosses interested in him, cant remember if Eastbourne were one of them. Maybe with Tom and Jason already on board they had enough young talent! Actually, didnt they go Championship in 2019?
  8. I've been looking for this myself. It is showing on our very own Speedway Updates site -although it's not open for comments yet - so I'm hoping they have someone sending them details.
  9. skydog


    I just watched it and very much enjoyed it. Belle Vue is one of those tracks where just the way it rides makes it more exciting than most others. The lines there mean even when they are strung out a bit, theres still a good chance of making up the ground in one bend and challenging for position. Of course I was only watching highlights but considering some have said it was boring gate and go, the highlights were good
  10. skydog

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    And these signings and facilities are all sanctioned by the same BSPL that berated and threatened SDL & MSDL teams for occasionally needing to use r/r, because it made the sport look bad...
  11. skydog

    Breakaway League

    It doesn't seem that the ACU will have a problem as they include Nora Moto-X updates in their weekly news.
  12. It is sad news, way too young to be leaving us. We will all be forever grateful for the extra season and a bit that he gave us.
  13. skydog

    Greatest ever improvement?

    Todd Wiltshire in 1990 must be up there, started on 5.5 and finished over 8.7 and World no.3...
  14. skydog

    Swindon Stadium

    I have no idea what anyone else has seen or said, I'm just quoting what Alun R said in an interview that it isnt supposed to start until the summer so we shouldnt be surprised if theres no change at this point. As a lifelong Reading fan I'm very cynical towards anything Stadia UK say, but I guess we'll see in the summer...
  15. skydog

    Swindon Stadium

    Work supposed to start in the summer so nothing yet....

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