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  1. If a race is good enough to warrant a rider get paid for winning it, then it’s good enough for the winning time to count even after an early abandonment.
  2. marko

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Could it be money orientated? Maybe Riss will accept a lower guarantee or per point value? Running three teams doesn’t come cheap so maybe they are cutting their cloth accordingly, especially if a rider is scoring well below what his guaranteed points money equates to.
  3. Always hard to promote a team in a City where a notable percentage of the population will have no interest in speedway at all, and what you do have as a target audience is likely to be swayed towards other areas of sports or entertainment. Only a promoter will deep pockets and prepared to spend a lot more than they might get back has any chance of making Birmingham viable imo, Brummies need to have a team that is outstanding on paper or has one or two top well know established World class riders.
  4. marko

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    British speedways solution to everything, use a sticky plaster without addressing the underlying cause. It was a different time I know but after the war there was a shortage of riders, did they just make everyone double up? No, they ran programs to encourage new riders to take up the sport.
  5. marko

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    The amount of guests pale into comparison with the number that double up and I think the latter is far more detrimental to the way the sport looks to outsiders.
  6. marko

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    If my memory serves me right, the 1996 conference league which Arena Essex was in, only consisted of six man teams.
  7. Glad to see Brummies will not be cannon fodder, in a league of just seven you need every team to be competitive, if one or two are not, it makes the play offs for forgone conclusion to the rest, in which case you might as well skip straight to them.
  8. marko

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    It really doesn’t matter because bar their away matches as they won’t be racing at home on account that track is built on marshland which means they have trouble getting meetings on in the height of summer, never mind April. Why on earth would BSN opt to show a meeting from their this early in the season knowing it’s very likely to be canned 24 hours in advance.
  9. marko

    Brummies v Tigers 25/3

    There is only seven teams in the league, no need for added points here and there, you need to try and keep the overall points down so they are as close as possible to the eye. But you know how it works, we must have these silly gimmicks to keep the interest going in the short term, even if it damages it in the long.
  10. Reading this makes me even more convinced I made the right call in stopping paying for streams, it’s the same old, same old, tracks poorly prepared and refs who have been around for years and yet still incapable of making clear cut decisions. Remember that picture recently in the speedway star of the UK referees? It was like rogues gallery, the only one I have any respect for is Chris Gay who comes across well in interviews and explaining things. Those who try to cover our sport in the best light it can be are being buried by those in charge.
  11. marko

    Speedway Season

    I am sure when I was younger if a promoter wanted to call a meeting off, they had to get a local ref to come along and confirm the track was unridable at that point, not what it might be like in 2 hours time, 10 hours times or 1 days time. However, the riders are by no means the innocent party in all of this, they have conditioned promoters to call meetings off earlier than they would have previously because they (the promoter) knows if the track isn’t perfect, the riders will simply refuse to race and force a cancellation that way. And the riders have that attitude because the bikes now can only be ridden at full throttle and there is no leeway. Recently in the star they had a piece on the silencers affecting the bikes, we had it with the solid block tyres, we have recently had it with the Anlas tyres being rubbish, why is the sport constantly going backwards in terms of the bikes? They are making the sport more expensive, less safe and less of a spectacle. I can’t think of one single benefit the modern speedway bikes have brought to the sport.
  12. marko

    Speedway Season

    Much less chance in May to August but if they really felt that way then why even bother to try and run at all, it’s all or nothing, you can’t be half pregnant.
  13. marko

    Speedway Season

    Question, if rain offs cost that much, why bother attempting to run in March anyway? If no meetings were planned then there is zero chance of a rain off and zero chance of losing money! Speedway should be every week from May to August, no exceptions That’s 16 weeks plus right there, fools!
  14. marko

    Speedway Season

    Rinse and repeat every season, its why I won’t bother with the BSN stuff anymore, not the fault of BSN but promoters constantly take the mick calling meetings off on a whim without making any real effort to get it on.
  15. It’s not a British speedway thing, but an Oxford thing, if you have several teams your going to have instances where your regular riders for one of your A or B sides turn up to race for the other side to take points off you. Doubling up has been around for years just that this is the first time where riders will be riding for another club at the track where they normally race for the home team, it does look a bit silly to be honest.

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