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    Love all these comments from those who may book one flight a year to Ibiza. Riders look at their and airline schedules. Riga to East Midlands was perfect for Robert, he probably booked it 10 days ago having seen it arriving in very good time to get to Leicester. Masters was racing in Manchester so naturally he booked a Manchester flight. Without Ryanair riders would not be able to ride Uk, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. No other airline flies to so many speedway cities. Ryanair (whether you like or dislike) are very efficient and major delays are very infrequent. If Ryanair didn’t fly to so many Polish cities, well I know where the riders would be living for those who have Polish teams and UK speedway would not be feasible. Unfortunately Robert chose a flight a 12.30 flight (10.30 UK time ) which got delayed - not for a couple hours but I believe 7 hours. I’m more surprised more riders don’t miss meetings due to flight delays. Someone suggested he missed flight on purpose as could take ferry to Stockholm from Riga for tonight’s Rospiggarna away meeting. Those who have spoken to Robert, know his mechanics dropped him at Riga airport and caught ferry. Having paid for flight to EMidlands and then flight to Skanska Sweden today. He lost both those flight costs, points earnings and had to buy a flight from Riga to Skanska to catch up with his van. So get over it, he missed a meeting. C’est la vie !
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    His flight .... f**k it I can’t be bothered with this
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    As he said, though, he thought it made sense to go to East Midlands as he was riding in Leicester, which is logical. And it was only one hour's difference in flight time. It was due in at 13.35 - which should have been plenty of time, even allowing for delays. Sure, the flight to Stanstead may well have got him there on time, but he wasn't to know that. I think he's facing unfair criticism for this.
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    Different airport so irrelevant. As somebody has said if Masters' flight was delayed seven hours he wouldn't have arrived on time either. Not sure why some people have to stick the boot in and apportion blame when there is no need, especially those who support the club and claim to want the best for it.
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    but it's not just banter is it. If this was the pub environment, plenty of these folk wouldn't say half the stuff they do. I said a few years back that this forum needed a meet up like what happened at Cardiff for years. Of course hardly anyone was bothered.. far easier to sit back nameless. I will say steve shovlar is the best example of what this forum should be. EXACTLY the same as his forum character here in person and not frightened to speak his mind in person or for people to know who he is.
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    Fair point Grachan, Why would Lambert head for Manchester airport when his flight was due in at East Midlands with a short distance to his meeting that evening? Unless you know different and Masters landed at East Midlands and drove up? Sometimes no matter if its black and white someone has an alternative motive. Why can't it be that the lads flight was just delayed and wasn't his doing? What is it with Robert that people have to pick fault all the while.
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    We don't need anyone's sympathy thanks, it is the same supporting any team you have to take the rough with the smooth. To be fair I think most fans thought the team looked good but as I have said many times not keeping Hans was a mistake, another mistake is letting James Shanes go, I also said I didn't think Stefan Nielsen would be any better and he couldn't even beat Mitchell Davey.
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    The reason for the delight being shown at Poole's current poor form is obvious. You reap what you sow. It is unfortunate for those Poole fans who were not loudly proclaiming that finishing top of the league was a forgone conclusion and that they would smash teams on their travels but perfectly understandable that there would be payback when they didn't live up to the hype. For those many genuine and decent Poole fans just keep your heads down and either the team will improve and I think it will or fans of other teams will get tired of taking so much pleasure in your failure. For the idiots and wind up merchants who were telling all and sundry how this team was going to walk so easily over the rest, the current humiliation might teach them a lesson but I doubt it.
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    True mate!, SS posts to wind up a certain few that but then generally speaks from the heart when it comes to Poole Speedway!...... Personally, I see the forum hasn't died with some of the hatred towards Poole Speedway and not helped in any way by the idiot who calls himself " Matt Ford" Bollocks he'she is NO Poole fan just a wind-up merchant who actually does Poole Speedway no help at all. PLEASE come back Matt Fords: I will destroy you on a public forum.......YOU are NO Poole Fan.
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    Speaking as a Coventry fan who lives about a mile away from the Leicester track and one who is trying to keep his enthusiasm for the "sport" alive after 40 years of continual knocks and degrading of the "sport" I don't really care whether it was Lamberts or RyanAirs fault. I just find it a real struggle these days to motivate myself to pay £17 to watch abysmal racing on a dusty track with (all respect to Connor Mountain) junior zero pointers turning out in place of international "stars".
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    Moan, Moan, Moan and still spouting the same old negative bile ............... wrong AGAIN (KL still VERY much in it)
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    Unfortunately nothing upmarket as far as speedway is concerned otherwise each GP would be sold out. It does not work at the highest level and league speedway is a long way short. It is simply not a spectacle that some would have you believe and is way down the list on the must spend when it comes to disposal income. It has too many rules for a simple sport and the rider skills do not exist with bikes too powerful for the tracks. Standardise the bikes, improve rider skills, forget the other speedway nations and charge £10 per adult, £1.00 for under 16’s with weekly meetings on race nights that will attract the best crowds (probably Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and get back to basics so as to attract new talent then you might have some hope. As it stands clubs who cannot afford to run two home and away meetings because they think they might survive with fewer meetings are delusional and running on a night that does not bring in the punters is financial suicide.
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    Yes, it's Victor Meldrew time again. Well can you believe it? First we have the Stoke debacle against Belle Vue last Saturday (Furbar's match report on page 3 of the appropriate thread explains all) that doesn't even warrant an investigation... ...and yet James Cockle gets an instant 28 day ban for the crime of bringing the sport into disrepute for speaking his mind on social media. Now, I'm not going to defend Cockle, nor do I even know what he said. Maybe the punishment is fair. But the point is, how come Stoke don't get a 28 day ban for the same crime? Then, can you then believe the stupidity of the SCB / BSPA when they show their determination to score a hat-trick of absurdities? GB has one sole representive in the SGP series. Training for the Warsaw SGP begins on Friday 11th, so what do the SCB / BSPA do? Instead of working around the fixture by entering Cook into the Leicester Semi-Final on the 15th, they enter him into the British Semi-final at Sheffield on Thursday 10th, ensuring that Cook misses his flights to Poland and will only get to take part in SGP training if he gets an O'Christ Hundred Hours flight from East Midlands or London, that will get him to the stadium with an hour or two to spare, IF all goes well, and all that on zero quality sleep. What a way to treat your prized asset. Now I'm no fan of Cook but this is just plain stupidity on the part of the SCB / BSPA and shows sheer spite for anyone who dares to better their lives outside of the hallowed realm of British Speedway. The SCB / BSPA are shooting the sport in the foot with a machine gun. And who knows, there's plenty of time yet. Craig Cook may have his dilema resolved with a 28 day ban for blarting out on social media as well.
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    Why go to Wroclaw when he needs to be in Warsaw !!!!!
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    Reference Cook- lets cut the cr*p. There is a Wizz air flight from Doncaster/Sheffield for £110 at 8.05 am which gets to Warsaw at 11.30am- practice is at 3pm. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM !!!!
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    Love us or hate us we are the club you can't stop talking about!! I Love The Poole Pirates and always will regardless.
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    Middlo has admitted that Ford picks the team & he manages those picked. Wouldn't say he’s 100% a yes man but he isn’t far off.
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    Totally agree with you DWP and as for geoff58 what would you of said if Lambert had booked on to the Manchester flight with Masters and THAT one was the one delayed 7 hours but the East Midlands one departed on time without Lambert
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    It’s a forum. What’s wrong with MFF? Can’t see any swearing or violence from him and yet others want to incite something against him. Grow up.
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    It’s funny as when he was named, I like a few others I suppose did a quick search on Twitter, the posting style was the same etc then lo and behold 5 minutes later the account had been locked down What a coincidence!
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    Sorry but you are wrong on this............. here's what the village idiot had to say:- "The Stars missing their best inform rider... He has in effect ruined Lynn chances in the KO cup this year...." I'm fairly sure that you do not agree the the emboldened negativeness quoted above? Its quite clear that Webbs only mission in life is to decry everything connected with KL speedway (both recent and historical events)...............presumably in an attempt to dissuade people from attending! No problem whatsoever with opinions but his are just pure negativeness, even when he makes a vaguely positive comment its always tempered by a negative end-note. You will note that I don't pick on people with differing opinions (and I'm certainly not a "happy clapper" btw) ................................. but I don't suffer a fool gladly (esp Webb!).
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    The lack of a proper No 1 is going to make for a pretty mediocre season for Wolves.
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    Problem with Poole is they have too many fans that like to give the Big Un..and when it goes Pete Tong they don't like getting it back. Some Poole fans are lovely down to earth people, that shouldn't be tarred with the same brush
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    I cannot believe you are being serious here. One is a world class stadium with a world class track with a management that engage with the supporters and the best presentation in British Speedway. The other is an utterly rundown dump with a dreadful track and a surly, aggressive and indeed abusive management who turn out poor quality teams year in, year out. Its little wonder that this forum is full of critical comments and I can say that it is the one track that I refuse to go to (regardless of the opposition) and I know I am anything but alone in that. Kirkmanshulme Lane wasn't much better and I very much doubt that there is a single Belle Vue - or indeed any other - speedway fan who would choose that over the NSS. Most of them would laugh at such a suggestion. I went yesterday and it had everything - except a close finish - that a speedway meeting should have. Huge crowd, wonderful weather, fantastic racing (go on youtube to see Dan Bewley's astonishing pass of Sam Masters), superb presentation and Adrian Smith (the CEO of Belle Vue Speedway) in the South Stand talking to fans.
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    Gavin will you shut up about Kurtz and Morris, it's boring me to tears. Nobody give's a hoot who is better.
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    Just love the Wolves OS's headline................................... 'Cup hopes in the balance' more like 'cup hopes down the gurgler'.
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    Terrific speedway meeting. When it's done properly it really is an excellent sport. Passing in every race and not a single bit of dust. It must be a joy to ride but a nightmare at the same time because defending a lead when the track is riding like it did yesterday is next to impossible. I'd say of the 15 races only 2 were won from the tapes. I'm naturally biased as a BV fan but this place really is a diamond in what is a rapidly declining sport in the UK. Excellent atmosphere. Excellent facilities. Excellent racing. If every track did it like this the sport would be booming here.
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    Thanks for those kind words, and yes I do have a genuine opinion . I speak as I feel . I try to be constructive when criticizing but no doubt, others will only see it as wrong if its different to theirs.. . I don't have a problem with that. ... You Sir, are something else. You wouldn't know the difference between 'Moan' and an 'Opinion' if it hit you on the head. Because of previous comments aimed towards me I have kept a eye on your input to this forum. I have yet to see anything constructive from you, all you appear to do is opinionate against others. So I don't put any value in your comments at all . As for the negative bile, I suggest you know more about that than I do............ It was my intention to go to Leicester last night, thinking we stood a good chance of beating them. We have started the season well, Because of the lack of meetings this year, I was keen to go to see a tight match. When news came that Lambert would be missing, I changed my plans and stayed at home enjoying the warm weather with a garden BBQ instead. I wasn't prepared to travel the 80 odd mile trip to witness a match we had no chance of winning. In saying that i always thought the team would battle and do their best, but without our top man it was a no win situation.. I don't regret not going, I thought we would be like lambs to the slaughter,. How wrong i was. Full credit to each of them who battled to the end to keep the tie alive. I never imagined they could do that. Just imagine what we would have achieved had Lambert made it back .
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    From someone with only 15 posts of which 11 of them are critical of Mitchell, I think it’s fair to say you may be a little obsessed ? Either that or ......
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    15 minutes later to bed one night a week doesn't make a child so tired they can't go to school. It's just an excuse to not go places that the parents can't be bothered to go to.
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    Whilst there are many problems, the single biggest problem is the cost. I know many people who are interested in going and when they hear it's £17 to get in are horrified.
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    quizz - dont put yourself forward for the spelling round
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    Sometimes Starman you make Forrest Gump look like a member of Mensa .....
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    Not surprised in the least you can`t accept criticism of the rider in this case. Riders are professional sportsmen and obliged to fulfill their commitments. It hasn`t taken me long at all to work out that the East midlands flight which was delayed(FR1665) is the return leg of the East Midlands flight to Riga(FR 1664) leaving at 07.20 arr 12.05- so in this day and age it`s very easy checking on flight departures- and in this case some 3 hours before his flight should have taken off. Therefore he should have known of the fact the plane was well late and should have switched to the Stansted flight(FR 2643) which left at 11.30 am- which was also a return 2nd leg of a Stansted to Riga (FR 2642) departing at 6.25am which he also could have easily checked whether the flight departed on time. Speedway riders of his caliber are earning fortunes so buying a ticket at the last moment would not be a problem. I am obviously assuming that the Stansted flight yesterday was not completely sold out.
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    Sorry Tom I must have missed that vital piece of information. But I was just highlighting how silly (my opinion, probably not your's) this thread is becoming. Forums will always have faceless people. I'd be trying not to let them wind me up or annoy me.
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    Oh please get over your own self-importance
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    Why does it matter who MFF is? What’s he said to upset anyone? He seems just like a regular speedway fan, maybe slightly neurotic, but with some quite well reasoned posts and speedway knowledge, particularly of riders’ foreign form.
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    Doesn't do twitter, doesn't have twitter... yet he knows what pictures of Ross are on his account because of PMs exchanged this winter. Nice one
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    There is never 90 minutes of action in a football match. The average ball-in-play time is around 47-50 minutes.
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    Sam Masters rode in the same meeting as Lambert and he arrived back in plenty of time. also Wolves match at Belle Vue started a 12 noon, not 7-30pm.
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    To add my tuppence worth to the discussion - nearly all the Speedway riders I have known would try and get back as early as possible- sometimes getting a hotel room for a few hours sleep before driving on to the match. In my opinion he should have been on the 11.30am flight out of Riga to Stansted which due to the time difference between Latvia and the UK gets in at 12.15pm.
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    Have i tried to argue that? Morris has scored 23 points in the 2 meetings this season and Kurtz has scored 17. Morris in the UK had a higher average than Kurtz last season. Morris in the UK this season has improved his average even further compared to Brady. Who do i think will be the better long term prospect? Kurtz Who do i think is better to watch? Kurtz Who is currently the better rider in the UK, therefore who would i rather have in my team? Morris......its not even a debate....yet!
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    True, although it's probably best not to tar every situation with the same brush especially when the evidence is there for all to see online in this instance. People blaming the rider when it's clear that he had no control over the situation is just silly and doesn't help anybody.
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    It's ridiculous how some people have already written off Poole Speedway from any success this season! - We are Poole, we will sort it out and come back to bite you in the a**e .......UP THE POOLE PIRATES!
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    Interestingly, I have some Speedway Stars from the 60s, and one of them has an article bemoaning the lack of characters like the ones they used to have in the 50s. Plus ca change....
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    Well it's official - SS was absolutely correct and Poole do have the strongest team in the league - propping everyone else up from eighth place in the league! Surely their averages a low enough now to ring the changes?
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    And that is the crux of it all - prepare tracks that allow overtaking to take place. At DP on Saturday Dan (along with others from both teams) were positioning themselves for an overtake and there was just nothing there for them. It must be even more frustrating for the racers amongst them than for us watching. If tracks are going to be set up for gating tarts I will go to watch drag racing instead.
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    By the way Adam was on very good form tonight. Two silly falls but good to see a Brit coming on well.
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    I don`t care what your sarcastic remarks about the Meeting but do not Insult the Memory of Roy Smallwood as he has most Likely done more for Charity than you will ever do he got the MBE for the Thousands of Pounds he raised mainly through his own efforts so don't insult a mans Memory that you know nothing about.
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