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    I guess it comes down to the question if the sport (as opposed to the promoters with vested interests) need two 'top' leagues or not. If keeping them separate to allow the top riders to ride / earn at the top level, well that clearly doesn't work with only Doyle of the true 'Elite' still riding here. So why not accept the facts and adapt accordingly. Having a different team visiting each week rather than seeing a rotation of a few teams every couple of months would surely encourage the general fan base to come back each week. Clearly, there's not a big gap between the leagues anymore. so integration would be so much easier than in previous attempts. I used to hate the Rider Control idea as I was a Belle Vue fan, but needs must and if the sport is to survive, EVERY team needs to be competitive and more importantly, viable. When I was 11 in 1971 and going to my first season's meetings with Mum & Dad I'd be reading the Speedway Star on a Thursday and extolling the abilities of Reider Eide or Martin Ashby to them to 'persuade' them to take me on a Saturday to Hyde Road (they always did!) - I can't Imagine a young person now saying "oh, it's Brady Kurtz, Jacob Thorsell, Chris Harris coming to the NSS for the THIRD time in the last two months, can we go to watch.?" Adapt or die I'm afraid,
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    Why do people still reply to this muppet?!!!
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    Dunlop Green Flash...
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    That is being very kind!
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    I think the bates family have done a great job at Sheffield, more trophies won in 6 years than the whole of the tigers history People should back off or put the money where the mouth is, oh I forgot it is very easy to criticise when you have no financial stake in the club and advise how to run a club, congratulations to the management over the past 5 years for the hard graft that has been done
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    Yes one half of the BSPA did the drawings, now the other half are colouring them in.
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    in what way have they run it down from where it was when they took it over from the old owners league title, 2 pairs wins, 2 PLRC winner, 2 x U21 winner, U 19 winer, play off final, play off semi final, increased assets base all in 5 seasons or so, where have they run it down , maybe the fans have run it down with the constant moaning and back biting, never known a worse set of fans
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    Still, we all know what to do with an ‘official’ thread in the future.
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    Seems everybody likes to have a poke at the bates family, they have worked hard to run the Sheffield team and won things along the way namely the league championship in 2017 or has that been forgotten now I don't think leicster is there main objective as thy are all tigers fans. What we need to do is give credit for what they have done over the last six years after Neil decided for reasons like the bates family to sell up. The supporters at Sheffield don't see anything but trouncing the opposition every week if that don't happen moan moan moan I think that we should get behind the team and promotion instead of criticising everything.. Has anyone thought why an exciting and and entertaining rider like Josh Bates {who has been missed so much} left. It is all the negataivity from the so called fans
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    Sad news with the death of Lawrie Bloomfield Never hit any great heights but remember him well as a 'second halfer' and a reserve, around the same time as people like Robbie Fuller R.I.P
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    Don't why anyone would believe a word that is posted by that wally.
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    Yes: obviously the club can't tell people who save a quid to give it to Macmillan but there's a 'nudge' in that direction. It is a good cause. HGould is right about the Bob and Tom's mum. Let's hope for a good night for speedway, Eastbourne and Macmillan Cancer Support. And, of course, we have to give Mr Danny Ayres a big Arlington welcome. He will be expecting nothing less I love watching him -- usually worth the admission price alone - on his own. Glad we are going to see him this year at Arlington. He delivers entertainment every time. Sport needs more guys like Danny -- Mildenhall fans so lucky to see him week in week out.
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    If it is posted by Zagar Racing you must know by now that it is most likely one of his odd speedway fantasies. Perhaps a daydream.
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    The guy is clueless just glad he's a Swindon fan!
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    Well may be we should start to ???
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    You can’t see the track for graders and heavy plant. The place is a hive of activity... There is even a fella that looks like MF on a giant mixer blending the new shale mix... :-) All overseen of course by a Starman lookalike who appears to be the Quality Controller and is referring to a document titled “Glen’s guide to laying the perfect speedway track 2017/18”.
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    Used to be one of the best tracks in British Speedway,but like a lot of other tracks Technology is ruining the spectacle.
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    Admission prices are £20 adults, £15 concessions, Children 5-15 £4 and Under 5 free. Programme £4. All 11 teams will race off over 22 heats before the top four go into a 12-race final to establish the champions. The action starts at 2pm with a parade at 1.45 and gates open at 12.30.
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    Not at all surprised by the news today I have been expecting it to be fair. Feel a degree of sympathy for the Promotion because they have put a lot of time, money and energy in really promoting the club and sport this season, with little reward. The change in race days from Thursday nights to Sunday afternoons has not helped for me although it is easier for me to get to meetings the standard of racing is effected and as much as I want the team to succeed I also want to be entertained and this season frankly I have been bored, and cannot help thinking that is down to afternoon racing. I have missed two meetings this season one through ill health the other due to been on holiday, and for the first time ever I can honestly say I did not missed not going. Spent hours trying figure out why, and come with why I feel that way. (1) The racing as I convinced it is afternoon racing. (2) Fragmented fixture list, too many gaps inbetween home meeting Sunday 9th June was our last home meeting the next one Sunday 30th June 3 weeks without a meeting is not good, you get out of the habit going and I think I am feeling that as well. (3) Promoters and other fans I am fed up with reading that if you complain or voice an opinion your a keyboard warrior or if you show support your classed as a happy clapper at times I have been labelled both the sport is giving me an identity crisis. (4) Restricted viewing in stadium, did think that the loss of the first bend viewing would have such an effect on me, but standing on the third and fourth bend is depressing its soulless, and no atmosphere. In saying that I will more than likely keep going for the rest of the season as I live in hope or is it more in habit. Hopefully someone will take the club on I cannot see it myself and to be honest I am not so sure at this particular moment I really care.
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    What a total & utter b****it post. The scoreboard at Leicester is an old scoreboard that doesn’t even work. & if i am not mistaken there is a scoreboard at Sheffield on the back-straight ? The gantry would still be at Sheffield now but the stadium insisted it had to come down when Sheffield got extra dog meetings. So they had a choice bring it to Leicester or scrap it ? It’s post like these from uninformed people that post things to suit their agenda that drive fellow supporters & promotors away. well it appears those who would criticise if they didn't score more then 50 points & don’t attend if they lose & all round criticise the family that saved your club, talk about biting the hand that feeds you. To the Sheffield group of fans that told me last Sunday the club is better off without the Bates You may have your wish now because it looks like The Bates are going god help the next person who comes in & have to run it as a business instead of for the love of it like Marc, Damien & Paul do.
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    Okay I am being hypocritical if you say so but actually I can't be bothered as I know you like long drawn out discussions and I've got a lot more things to worry about than Speedway so I won't be joining in. I posted my thoughts about star riders not necessarily making good racing but I'm not into arguing whether they do or not. I've seen enough meetings over the years to know there were some pretty poor boring matches which had teams full of top riders so I'm quite happy watching a lower standard now. I don't personally miss seeing any of them but others do. I can understand that ~ everyone is different.
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    There is a quick ( but painful ) fix and the key element of it is to introduce standardised non-tunable bikes. This will put racing skills at the forefront of speedway racing once again. The rocketships must be put away in the shed if racing ( not 4 riders riding their bikes in a boring procession ) is going to attract a wider audience.
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    My point was having so called star riders doesn't necessarily mean good racing and that attendances will rise in the UK like some seem to think they will if they all come flocking back again. But I give in now as I know it's useless trying to get a point across with you so you win, you're right as usual.
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    I dont know the full line up yet, but i am personally really looking forward to Sunday.I really hope there is a decent turn out as i would love to think in the future it could be viable to have some NL fixtures.We heard on Monday that young Palin, Danyon Hume, Thompson twins, will be riding which will really spice the meeting up.Also it will be great to see young Swindon asset Anders Rowe get a few laps around the new circuit he is progressing brilliantly and he is a rider i look forward to see ride for the Robins in the near future.Also after the fixture we have the youth championship which should be great , young Palin going strong guns this year he will be hard to beat.
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