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    Defo keep that in mind but i was thinking maybe 50 acres
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    Speak for yourself... I was born, raised and been living in Bydgoszcz (not the UK) , supporting my local team "Polonia" since the time of Mieczyslaw "Mike" Polukard, hence my avatar.
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    Not good reading today especially front page of Telegraph (traditionally a Paper that gets accurate leaked info from Tories). Says Govt going to announce a number of Elite Sporting Events in July / August (most tbh already known like F1 / Open Golf / Test Cricket / Champions League) but all will be "behind closed doors, this announcement will be part of stage 4 easing. It says no spectators at sport until "final stage later in the year". The wording suggests that "later in the year" is not before beginning of September and may even be later. At best then 8-9 weeks of Speedway but probably less. Few Open Meeting at Tracks who want to run them would seem best option based on that if correct.
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    HAVE passed on to BSI ... I agree with you Tim
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    I have on the whole staunchly defended BSI to what i consider unfair criticism, but i do think they along with the FIM and the Wroclaw club should make an immediate announcemt regarding the GP there on August 1st. It is only 3 weeks away !!!!! The announcement in my view should be made in the next 24 hours. Hundred`s of Brits have tickets, flights and hotels booked and it`s just not good enough on this occasion !!!!
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    I’d not disagree with that at all
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    Thanks for the info, I'll have close look. For some reason I used to think the C.O.'s office was maybe at the far end of the main bar, recall there was a door with 'private' on it. I filmed the very last (slowest ever) lap of Craven Park as I walked round literally hours before the track was dug up for pitch widening, sad but I felt it had to be done as likely no-one else would. Should clarify that I held the camera as I walked, I wasn't filmed walking around the track, did the same at the Boulevard in 2008 or so whilst the dog track was still in situ, also what was left of Hedon (not much after 60-odd years) and a potential new site which didn't happen. The greyhounds left Craven Park in 2003 and moved across Hull to the Boulevard, hopes were high of a bigger & wider track at CP, similar to Workington, but it wasn't to be.....
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    Counciils do support their local teams but its TV where the money comes in big.. The TV companies have to put in tenders over there to win the rights to show the sport.. Similar to the way the TV companies do over here to win the football contracts... Some very big money is offered, such is the armchair audience potential for the meetings they show.. And with the big audience comes the advertising revenue that fills the TV companies coffers.. The TV companies even run 'magazine' type programmes on the sport on Sunday evenings, during the week, and in the lead up to the weekends action, such is the demand for the sport... Add in a major national company to sponsor the league, and you see how it's a world away from the UK's version of the same sport..
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    We move on to round 5 next Friday/ Sunday Friday July 10th Rybnik v Leszno programme start time 4.45pm 1st race 5pm Eleven Sport 1 and Freesports(5pm) Friday July 10th Wroclaw v Grudziadz programme start time 7.15pm 1st race 7.30pm Eleven Sport 1 and Premier Sport 1(7.30pm) Sunday July 12th Czestochowa v Lublin programme start time 3pm 1st race 3.30pm N Sport and Premier Sport 2(3.30pm) Sunday July 12th Zielona Gora v Gorzow programme start time 5.45pm 1st race 6.15pm N Sport and Premier Sport 1 ( delayed ) 12.45am Monday 13th
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    Had a good weekend on the betting front. Even got lucky with my bets on the Czestachowa match as was going to take a beating and they all got voided.
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    Maybe. But it is a different system altogether. First most clubs don’t have their own stadiums and clubs on the continent are run differently . In Poland I think a lot are sporting clubs with different sports under one umbrella just like in Germany . Bayern Munich and Barcelona aren’t only football clubs. And I think some of the Polish speedway clubs are the same and get local government support.
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    In the UK your average earnings are about 3 times of that in Poland.So logically thinking you would pay roughly 3 times more for things in the UK than you do in Poland.
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    Of course a bargain, unless of course you are earning polish wages or have to pay for flights and hotels
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    I'm sure he did wear the inflatable jacket.He has been pretty trim for a couple of years now.
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    Think "Trees" is a she (if we can still use gender pro nouns), and follows Kings Lynn, so watches the gate and go fest in the clay at Saddlebow Road's stock car track..
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    Life-sized replicas of Gary Lineker. It explains why he seems to be ubiquitous.
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    And he has won exactly the same number of individual World Titles as every Polish rider who has ever ridden since the sport began...
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    Fricke has gone the same way as Kurtz. Giving up UK as well. No sympathy here.
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    Yes, the ideal source and typical of the Star's excellence in this troubled year.
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    TERRIFIC obituary on Maurice by Peter Oakes, who knew him well and worked alongside him at times, in SS this week. Well worth a read.
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    So very sad and purely a result of greed, when a philanthropist was needed. That was my second home from 1955 to 1967 and to see all of the different parts of the stadium that I used to roam now left to die and rot away. I see Gemini's spot is still there. for me it was always the back straight. It's desecration.
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    No!!! . I just think that there are levels of decency honour and integrity that should be the norm for everybody. If that makes me a trouble maker I can live with that appellation.
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    i did love how all the lights went down and just the track was lit up, shame they don't do that anywhere now
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    As I'm not savvy enough to be on facebook, twitter or any other communication outlets, I do rely on some of my info from this column which is easy to use for an old fashioned old git like me.

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