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    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    Running so many double headers shows how promoters were concerned about selling the NDL.... And by running double headers you also need to ensure you don't have an expensive second meeting as many fans don't like them and don't attend due to having to pay for both when they only want to watch the first one... For me, it was more of a way of closing down the 'old NDL' rather than any great inspired development plan... As if it was part of a development plan then the jump to the 2nd tier for those whose averages are now "too good" for the NDL is too far... Riding against inexperienced newbies one year to riders who just rode for Great Britain v Poland the next...?
  2. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    "The World Famous Belle Vue Aces".... I got two taxis from Stockport to the NSS last week on Sat and Sun and both times when asked "Where to?" I replied "Belle Vue Stadium". The drivers both times said "You going the dogs mate?"...... I said I was going to watch Speedway and then had to add "Motorbike Racing" to answer the non plussed quizzical looks both lads gave me... They both nodded politely... But I dont think it really registered..
  3. I always thought that, at that time, the Swedish League was the best in the world overall.. No U21 makeweights in their teams, (as some Polish teams end up with), meaning the Swedish reserves were pretty much always of a good standard.... (2nd tier HL over here at worst for most of the Swedes)...
  4. mikebv

    2022 Teams & Points average

    Spot on.. However.. To dilute the 2nd tier to make the top look stronger (the right thing to do for me as the sport needs a 'top tier' with a clear standard demarcation to 'sell it'), would mean a lot of riders not being allowed to 'double down'... Which may not be met too positively by both riders and 2nd tier promoters who, in the riders case, wont want to give up the chance to earn the money they did this year, and in the 2nd tier promoters case, they have become used to having "the best we have over here" riding for them, (maybe even doing so at a lower rate than the top tier pay them for the same thing)...
  5. Just checked on the result again.. Still says Great Britain won.. Poland were second And Denmark third.. No mention of who beat who, and by how far, and how many times they did it in the qualifying races leading up to the Final... A Final which ended, Zmarzlik, Lambert, Bewley, Janowski... GB 5 - Poland 4... I suspect as the years go by and it passes into the midst of time it will still only say.. 2021 Speedway Of Nations 1st Great Britain 2nd Poland 3rd Denmark... How it all unfurled will be but a side issue...
  6. mikebv


    Those Speedway countries that it is felt can develop their audience the fastest are being chosen to have the "free to air" feed.. I seem to remember Germany mentioned. (?)... ie. Countries that run domestic Speedway so have a "following" and already show the GP's behind a "pay wall".... Theory being it could maybe get others engaged in these countries by opening them up to the sport... Cardiff wasnt ruled out as having the same, but, as per other countries, there was still a lot of negotiation and strategy planning going on.. Bottom line is if you can get enough to pay for it, then why give it away free.?
  7. mikebv

    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    100%. The NDL is needed... However, the level they now run at is far too far away from the next level above... Meaning the jump needed is too far... Therefore they need to decide whether to dilute the level above or increase the standard of the NDL by bringing in more experienced lads from the middle tier.. Personally, for me, the whole structure should be based on an "Elite" League which you use to 'sell the sport', ten x five man teams with say 3 squad riders on stand by for injuries, so no guests, and then a league of "Championship Lite/NDL Plus" for all the rest, where you can run the RS system, having these lads as part of the "Elite" squads' list so they can come in to replace missing riders, with an aim to gain themselves a permanent team place if they do better than the man they replaced..
  8. mikebv

    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    Woffy spent his formative years in Oz, riding very regularly out there to launch his career and came over here well advanced in his development for his age level.. Robert Lambert spent his early years learning his craft riding regularly in German racing as he couldn't get permission to race in GB due to his age. And Dan Bewley was one of those riders who crossed over from another bike discipline and finds he is a "natural" on a Speedway bike, so would have made it through sheer natural ability regardless of age and opportunities to race, (similar to someone like John Louis).. A simple fact is that riders of their natural talent, (like so many riders who reach the top levels), would have "made it" anyway given whatever route they took.. A bit tenuous to suggest it's any big influence from the NDL.. Tom, (who doesnt seem to be quite at the same level at this stage of his development that those other three were at the same stage), looks like someone who has benefited from riding in the NDL, as he has made solid incremental progression, but, (like the others), it was the "old NDL" where he got the chance to ride against better more experienced competitors... Not sure that someone starting out today, and are similar in ability to where Tom was, would get the same development given they wont be getting stretched the same.. I would suggest Woffy and the Team who took over running "Team Great Britain" have been far more influential in the success of this weekend....
  9. I was screaming at Lambert to not race Zmarzlik as Majic had got back on the bike and if he had got himself excluded by knocking Zmarzlik off, then it was all over... He didn't seem to hear me though, or if he did, he ignored some good advice.......
  10. Are the BSPL involved with this? If so, it could be Leon Madsen...
  11. I think that the BSPL dont have any input anymore to Team Great Britain do they? If that is correct.... It probably goes a long way in explaining the success last night...
  12. Spot on... It is effectively a "Best Pairs' event rather than a "Best Rider" event. Coming last delivers you zero points, meaning to be successful 'the team' needs to avoid doing it..
  13. I love how in 2021, what was the most ridiculous system in 2018, is now the perfect way to decide the SON.....
  14. Just spent two days watching some fantastic Speedway and through all that time not one single Russian rider was on show... And a couple of hours ago, they gave the World Championship Trophy to Great Britain... I saw them do it.... And just checked the SON Website and it also confirms what I saw... Great Britain are the World Champions... You need to contact BSI or the FIM quick as obviously someone has got this wrong...
  15. Spot on... And Lebedevs, Bellego, and Hellstrom Bangs (as clear examples), showed the level of commitment that these riders have even with "nothing to ride for"... No 'dead rubbers' at the very top level, so a one off final will enhance all that has gone before..
  16. Just got in... Wow... What a night... Amazing from all four lads over the two nights.. Majic followed Zmarzlik obviously believing that the line one foot from the fence was 'the' line to ride and ended up getting too close to his team mate and actually travelling quicker.. But GB had already defeated them and turned a losing semi into a win so deserved every bit of luck.. And to cap an amazing win off, I had an incredible two days hospitality with Monster.. If Carlsberg made weekends...? Well, Monster did... And much, much better . Dan and Tom will move on from this immeasurably, and Robert will just have confirmed to himself, and the world, that he is truly at a top 10 (at least) level on the world stage.. And when you can win a World Title without Tai Woffinden you do have to feel incredible hope for the future. Special mention too to Hellstrom Bangs, the "worth the admission alone" cliche applies one million percent to him.. Come on now British Speedway. Dont balls this up and waste the opportunity to promote yourselves off the back of it... Oh what a night!!!
  17. Or run the KO Cup by end of June, meaning two comps dont end together and teams that start the season well, but then maybe get injuries, have a chance of trophy success.. And it also means that successful teams (like happened to Workington), dont have fans having to fork out four or five times in circa 20 days, as invariably they wont, and instead then cherry pick which meetings to attend, thus diluting the crowd levels that success should bring..
  18. BT must have eventually been round and sorted his internet out..,
  19. Hopefully with the inside being pretty bereft of dirt last evening there wont be the usual few inches of depth to have got soaked.. I left last night just after 8pm and they had pretty much flattened the circuit so hopefully plenty of the rain would have slid off straight into the drains.. At least Fireman Phil shouldnt be tempted to get the water cart out...
  20. Wow!! A Speedway T Shirt that actually looks good......
  21. Spot on... Last night had plenty of races with plenty of interest... Not sure when "how much passing there was" became the only barometer of whether a Speedway meeting was good or not, but, as you say, you can have great races which have no passes whatsoever.. Watching riders entering the bends flat out at such terrific speed, constantly swapping lines trying to find grip, with all four often within less than 10 yards of each other was great to watch... And at an average of £22.50 each for me and my lad per meeting, incredible value for money.. Hope the current heavy downpour doesnt make the track too grippy that it becomes like riding on rails on the inside, as that wont be great for the quality of racing.. Last night we had times at circa 65 seconds plus. If the track is grippy there will be a fair few seconds taken off those times by the out of sight winners..
  22. Obviously havent seen it on TV but did see lots of replays at the track and it looked like it came across well.. The sheer speed of these lads is remarkable and when watching live the level of "hair trigger" reactions required during a race to win it is truly incredible.. Watching someone riding a foot from the fence, in the dirt, at that speed cannot be anything but breathtaking.. When watching directly down the back straight some of those first lap dices were truly ones in need of watching through your fingers, given the speed and the "lane changes" of so many of the riders... Truly in awe of some of what these guys can do in (literally) the blink of an eye..
  23. Watching him tonight makes you realise how good he is.... But also how good Laguta must have been this year to beat him...
  24. Just got back in from the meeting, not the best ever meeting from the NSS but still a great nights entertainment... These lads really do put EVERYTHING on the line at this level... Saw Tai's crash from the top row of the Monster Rig and feared the worst given the angle and the hellish speed he went into the fence... Great to see him walk away... All to play for tomorrow if Tai is fit.., You only need to get to the semi and Robert and Tai are more than capable of delivering no lasts in that race... And then to the Final, and who knows what may happen? Even the best can be a nano second off at the start... Met plenty of Poles tonight, who certainly enjoyed themsleves, , and a fair few from around the country.. Proper Speedway atmosphere on the 3rd and 4th bend Nige...

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