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  1. 25yearfan

    Canada speedway decline

    Shaun Venables at Hackney and Belle Vue in the early 90's had potential! Kyle Legault a few years back looked promising, then disappeared! Speedway in Canada seemed to almost go hand in hand with the speedway scene in the New York area. Whats happening out that way speedway wise?
  2. 25yearfan

    Clive Featherby RIP

    Sorry being a Norwich Stars fan in the old National League pre 1965 amalgamation, I didn't see much Provincial League action apart from a few meetings at Great Yarmouth in 1960. Indeed Clive Featherby was a top star in the Provincial League! I was referring more to the British League 1965 onwards! Great character was Clive!
  3. 25yearfan

    Clive Featherby RIP

    Tough rider and character as well! Never a star but a middle order/ lower end team rider who contributed much to a golden era of speedway!
  4. 25yearfan


    Walthamstow stadium was iconic and was still turning over a tidy profit with decent crowds still watching the greyhound racing right up until its closure. Another place that should have been listed and the old speedway track was still inside the dog albeit tarmacked over. Walthamstow stadium could have provided the answer to speedways current lack of presence in the capital.
  5. 25yearfan


    Sponsorship/lower wages for the players/ rich benefactors!
  6. 25yearfan


    If every sport needed to be profit making in order to continue existing then there would little to no sport about now and that includes the Worlds most popular sport - football! - Look at the current plight of 3rd tier clubs Bolton Wanderers and Bury as well as one of the biggest football clubs on the planet Manchester Uniteds ongoing debt. Indeed without many modern day football stadiums being multi use venues, football would be even more unviable! The universally more acceptable athletics has never been profitable! I do feel that certain things should go above profit making and money for the best interests of society. Stadiums should be included in this. Iconic speedway stadiums like Belle Vue, Exeter, Norwich, Southampton, Wimbledon, West Ham, the old Leicester, Coventry, Cradley, Oxford and probably quite a few others should have been listed and prevented from being turned into housing estates. Had indeed been the case then the sport today would undoubtedly be in a better shape. Football gets afforded this allowance cause of its popularity and local communities all over benefit from it. and Like I've said before on here, Odsal could be staging football, speedway and stock cars if ways could be found to make the venue more multi use?
  7. 25yearfan


    Bradford and Halifax Dukes speedway team. Stock car racing. Bradford Park Avenue Football club. All 3 above sports could be reintroduced to Odsal! - Would be nice!
  8. 25yearfan

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    The 3rd tier is one of the best things to happen in British speedway in the last 30 years, if not ever! The 3rd Division should have started in the late 70's/ early 80's when a number of tracks were starting to struggle with the then 2nd Division (called the National League) getting more and more expensive. The great promotor that was Ian Thomas said as much at the time. Maybe then tracks like Barrow, Workington, Milton Keynes, Castleford, Boston, Scunthorpe, Paisley, Ellesmere Port, Birmingham Bordesley Green and probably others would of had a longer more viable existence in the sport. These combined with training tracks of the day like Felton, Iwade and Ringwood and other potential venues that would have been tempted to open in the lower cost League would of made a decent League that in them days would have been in undated with potential riders to make up the teams! The current struggles of one of Britains top prospects Drew Kemp in the 2nd tier emphasizes how the 3rd tier is needed to help nurture young riders rather than put them off by throwing them in the deep end of the 2nd tier to soon! Without the 3rd tier, Birmingham and Eastbourne would have closed a number of years ago which would have had a knock on effect in the 2nd tier cause without the Brummies and Eagles this season the 2nd tier would be down to 9 tracks! Likewise would speedway at Somerset have ever been attempted without the safety net of the 3rd tier when they first opened in 2000? Would Berwick have re emerged in the 2nd tier had they not had a number of seasons building themselves up again in the 3rd tier in the 1990's? I'm sure at some point attempts will be made to re establish League racing at Rye House, what's the betting this will be in the 3rd tier? Look at today! - Without the 3rd Division, I wouldn't be going of to West Row to hopefully enjoy Mildenhall take on Thurrock a currently homeless team which is no doubt being helped in their attempts to find a new track of their own by being able to run challenge matches at 3rd tier level. Combine this with the fac that young riders will be getting valuable track time especially in the junior match that takes place after the main meeting!
  9. 25yearfan

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    Whilst I agreed with Mildenhalls decision to drop David Walllinger, denying the lad the chance of rides to put himself back in the shop window is ridiculous!
  10. 25yearfan

    Mildenhall 2019

    An understandable move in order to maintain interest levels at Mildenhall! Wallinger was at Mildenhall as a 2nd heat leader to put pressure on Danny Ayres at number 1. While Wallinger was a steady scorer at home albeit not out and out heatleader form, his away form was poor and made Mildenhall weak. Due to Leek increasing his average he has become the unlucky sacrificial lamb in order to fit in Atkins. That said a reserve duo of Butcher and Kelly looks vulnerable especially away from home so Atkins will certainly have to score double figures every match in order for the team changes to have the desired effect.
  11. Essex Showground just outside Chelmsford? Romford Greyhound stadium? A stadium not far from Southend would surely be viable? I'm sure while Rye House remains as it is physically then League speedway of some sort will return at some point. Saturday nights were popular just a couple of years ago.
  12. 25yearfan

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    I remember Mel Taylor riding exhibition races at Mildenhall when under 16. He soon got the hang of League racing when h become 16 in 1977. He was also a decent servant to King's Lynn for about 4 seasons in the early 80's! A very stylish rider who was very unassuming, a nice quality for someone with his talent!
  13. 25yearfan

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Mel Taylor rode League speedway from 1977 through to 1992, only stopping when Mildenhall closed mid season and he turned down a move to top flight Coventry! He rode a number of seasons in the top flight, made a couple of British finals in the days when their was 3 times as many more quality British riders than present times and was for most of his time in the 2nd tier a heatleader. While he promised more, to say he didn't make is a little bit harsh! Phil Collins like the above poster says rode in a World Final and was a top flight heatleader who no doubt made a decent living. Again while he promised more he done more than OK! Ed Kennett's been a decent League rider but lacks the focus to fully utilise his talents. Lewis Bridger was very talented but fell into the trap of being that talented he took it for granted and maybe over enjoyed his talent by riding like a bucking bronco instead of being steady! Richard Musson didn't go nowhere near as far as his talent could have taken him. didn't he meet an unfortunate end? Adrian Stevens had potential but didn't go far. Cobby could ride as well but probably didn't have the focus. Every rider only goes as far as their mindset and circumstances allow. How many 16 year old riders have we seen that have been labelled as future World Champions and get nowhere near?
  14. 25yearfan

    Stamford Bridge

    Thanks for the Wikipedia information. It looks like it would have been possible to have accommodated speedway after the 2nd World War as is proved by the car racing!
  15. 25yearfan

    Stamford Bridge

    I wonder why speedway never returned to Stamford Bridge in the immediate years after the war, given how popular the sport was then, the track still existed and the midget car meetings were well attended?

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