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  1. 25yearfan

    Newcastle Gems apply for NT place.

    What like they did with Readings bid to race at Swindon, giving the NL another much needed team, exposure for a homeless club trying to increase interest with a view to finding a location for a new track while giving more NL opportunities for British youngsters??
  2. 25yearfan

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    Unique Character!
  3. 25yearfan

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    100% and add in the factor of another team in the 3rd tier in an area without a 3rd tier team presence would present more opportunities for up and coming British youngsters. BSPA = British speedway prevention association! Complete madness!
  4. 25yearfan

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    A very young age to pass. I remember the impact he made at Ipswich when he came in late season in 1986! Good servant to Coventry and Sheffield! 1989 World Final at Munich when he found a very fast line by sticking his front wheel over the inside line creating a tremendous amount of grip in a Scalextric rail like way! 1991 or 92 Fours final at Peterborough when 3 riders crashed down the back straight in front of him and he then tried to jump over them. The subsequent interview on Anglia TV when he was upset by fans who claimed he was an "idiot" and his "I think the riders are going a bit crazy today!" statement was classic stuff!
  5. 25yearfan

    Riders Life After Speedway

    Mike Lanham had a chip shop in Ipswich which hes now passed onto his two sons one of whom is Leigh Lanham! Shrimp Davey works at a garage near Ipswich! Ted Howgego owns confectionary stores. Mel Taylor works for a housing developer. John Gibbons owns a plant hire/groundworks business. Mick Hines owns a forklift business. Robert Henry was driving a sweeper lorry!
  6. 25yearfan

    Dougie Templeton.

    Great servant to speedway particularly the Northern tracks. Was well into his 40's when he finally packed up in the mid to late 70's I believe? Like others said if it weren't for the downturn in speedway North of the Border during those fallow years of the late 50's and running the farm he and his brother could of gone further and maybe made a World final or two!
  7. 25yearfan

    Newcastle 2020

    Very weak Newcastle Diamonds team but as other have alluded to its better than no racing at all and Newcastles got a stronger team than my original speedway team, Norwich Stars! Just hope the weak team doesn't reduce the crowd levels too much?
  8. 25yearfan

    Harlow Greyhound Stadium

    I believe the infamous Steve Ribbons made enquiries about speedway at Harlow a number of years ago. A bit ramshackle but taking Rye House out of the equation might be a viable concern at NL level with the right promotion in charge? That said Rye House is still used as a training track so more chance of League speedway there I reckon.
  9. 25yearfan


    Yeah like the massively profit making but politically correct athletics events!
  10. 25yearfan


    I see a couple of posters on the Oxford Mail website have suggested that its madness to contemplate spending a load of money on Oxford stadium to reopen dying sports like speedway and greyhound racing! While the slow demise of both sports is very true they aren't terminal and there are other agendas to consider as well like the stadium would be used for other activites and the overall social beneifits to the local community would be indeed very benefical!
  11. 25yearfan


    I believe Ipswich speedway had a similar case a few years ago where a women complained about the speedway on a specific night when there wasn't any speedway that night! It beggars belief how pig ignorant some people are. I still remember the hugely successful Romford Bombers speedway (averaging 5000 crowds) shutting down in 1971 after losing a High court case brought against them by ONE guy who lived live by. Ironically this dreadful person moved soon after winning this case and cut of an avenue of pleasure for his son who was a Regular at Brooklands! Crazy! Think of the income 5000 average crowds was bringing to the area in terms of money spent in nearby outlets and jobs created on racenights. I'm still convinced that had Romford been allowed to continue, they'd of had a similar successful history to that of fellow early 70's Division 2 boom track Ipswich and would be a well established top flight track even now? Did Oxford ever have problems with NIMBY's? - If so it could be a problem if the speedways ever reinstated at the stadium?
  12. 25yearfan

    2020 NL Season

    Thought so! Would be nice to see Boston back in the NL as much as to bring the numbers up. Be even better if they found a site for a new track in Boston cause a Somerset like set up in the town would surely be viable at 3rd Division level! Hope your right and Rye House and Buxton will return to the NL cause the more tracks there is the better of the NL and British speedway in general will be!
  13. 25yearfan

    2020 NL Season

    Boston? Could they be contemplating a return to King's Lynn or do you mean Buxton?
  14. 25yearfan

    Plymouth speedway

    The cynic in me suggests Plymouth were turned down to ensure the NL has enough teams in it to be viable?
  15. 25yearfan

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Is this for real? Silly season has begun! Sheffield have always been in my opinion a top flight track and beings Sunday racedays weren't overly successful this season and things at Owlerton have got a bit stale of late, moving into the top flight on a Thursday makes sense! Kent have a decent stadium in an area that's got much interest for the sport so while I've got no doubt they could move in to the top flight on the right racenight, 6.30pm starts with a 2 hour time restriction makes things difficult? Berwick run sustainably at 2nd tier level on a Saturday night with a few local rivals in the same League. Surely Saturdays would be out of the question in the top flight and the loss of the meetings against local rivals would be financial suicide?

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