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  1. 25yearfan

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Simmo rode speedway from 1963-87 then in 89 and 93. He won the World pairs, was it 3 times in a row? World team cup winner multiple times and came 2nd in the individual World Championships. He was also a team manager, track curator, promotor, quality grasstrack rider, done other motorcycle racing disciplines and had very interesting/insightful opinions on the sport! His longevity, at his best, World class ability combined with his interesting character in my opinion makes him a legend!
  2. 25yearfan

    Good luck Robbo

    Great entertainer and servant to speedway for a lot of years! Surely deserves a 25 year farewell meeting!
  3. 25yearfan

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Two things that spring to mind when thinking of Simmo is, wonderfully talented rider, dodgy wideboy character!
  4. 25yearfan

    Current league riders who started in the 80s?

    Scotty Nicholls started junior grasstrack in the mid 80's and was riding after the meeting at Ipswich around 87/88! Jon Armstrong would of probably started around the same time I reckon! Paul Hurry the same again!
  5. 25yearfan

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    Their was little interest in Englands 3rd place play off game while Ipswich Town V Norwich City at Ipswich next Sunday lunchtime will have the best part of 30,000 mainly East Anglians present, quite a few of whom are Mildenhall speedway regulars and I'm sure a few track staff and medics may be at the football as well! For the sake of an hour it makes sense although I'm sure a few fans maybe messed up by the start time!
  6. 25yearfan

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    I'm afraid its a common sense solution because quite a few Norwich City and Ipswich Town football fans go to Mildenhall speedway. The East Anglian football Derby is a bigger draw than what many with little interest in it would imagine! Unfortunate for those with no interest in football who also have time schedules but the crowd would definitely be down if the football fans couldn't make it in time!
  7. 25yearfan

    Ronnie Moore

    One of the greatest riders I've ever seen in my lengthy speedway watching time! Although he obviously done very well in speedway if Ronnie Moore would of had Ivan Maugers dedication and professionalism he'd of eclipsed Maugers achievements!
  8. 25yearfan

    Does this league have a future ?

    The 3rd Division in its many guises has survived since 1994, even in 1995 and 96 when it became the 2nd tier because the usual top 2 Leagues amalgamated and in 1998 when the League membership dropped to 5 tracks! The trouble in recent years has been the inclusion of ex top flight clubs that have had the extra clout to outcompete against the more grassroots clubs in the Division. But without the 3rd tier, these ex top flight clubs would have folded and indeed all of the others wouldn't be running. The ex top flight clubs, Birmingham, Eastbourne and Coventry need competitive teams in order to attract viable crowds. My local NL team Mildenhall are in the same boat as well cause you'd lose half the regular crowd at West Row with a poor team. Plymouth and IoW struggle to attract riders because of their locations and Buxton is run on a shoe string budget so lose potential riders to wealthier clubs. Kent are competitive and viable, Belle Vue are the only remaining "reserve team" from a higher League track left in the NL and seem to do OK. Stoke with its middle of the Country location, decent shaped track and Saturday race night should be in a good position to be highly competitive but the dreadfully poor way its run means that's not the case and that place has been in sharp decline ever since they left the 2nd tier which was before the above mentioned 3 ex top flight clubs dropped down. Another concern of mine is the lack of 2nd half's at many tracks which results in less opportunities for riders trying to make their way! Whilst we are in tricky times (when hasn't British speedway been in tricky times in the last 36 years?) I'm sure the bottom Division will continue to exist!
  9. 25yearfan

    Bob Dugard RIP

    Bob Dugard made a massive contribution to speedway over the years like the Dugard family overall! Without him speedway would of finished at Eastbourne a long time ago!
  10. 25yearfan

    Tony Briggs How Good Could He Have Been.?

    I don't doubt for 1 second that Tony had immense pressure on him because of his fathers success and never said otherwise in my post! Still say he was given more chances than others would have been given!
  11. 25yearfan

    Tony Briggs How Good Could He Have Been.?

    Tony Briggs had ability and I think could of made a decent League rider but I feel he was a bit over rated and given opportunities others at the same level wouldn't have done cause of his father!
  12. 25yearfan

    08/10/1990 Exeter Speedtrack Trophy

    I think it may have been a grasstrack meeting on the old County Ground track, hence why it was called "speedtrack"? If it was the case then I'm sure theres guys/gals around that rode in it if it did take place?
  13. The Groveway struggled on for 10 years until 1988. The Groveway lasted until the late 90's I think? Had Milton Keyenes speedway been viable there they'd of stayed on there after 1988. When you delve into it, it was amazing they lasted 10 years there given it struggled for most of them 10 years! Hopefully speedway will return to Brafield and it will hold its own, in the NL!
  14. Yes your right the Brummies closed in 1984 cause they lost their home the old Perry Bar greyhound track and yes they were very viable there! I'm referring to their 2 season 2nd Division spell at Bordesley Green in 1985-86, a venue that would have been better suited to 3rd Division racing. Had Bordesley Green been viable they'd of lasted longer than 2 seasons there and in fact would likely still be there now cause the track and stadium still exists!
  15. 25yearfan

    Bradford To Return ?

    That's a huge shame the Ham bros didn't take up the offer to return to Halifax because running speedway at the Shay would have attracted bigger crowds than Odsal and subsequently would have likely still been running now, although the initial return would of cost money no doubt with the many set up costs! Like Noaksey says, I struggle to see how a modern stadium would have been built at the Shay while retaining the speedway track? Exeter's infamous County Ground circuit is another former great speedway venue that like Halifax, Cradley, Coventry (hopefully only short term!), Wimbledon, my old stomping ground the Firs at Norwich and others should have never been built on and would have very likely still been running speedway in present times. Bradford speedway at Odsal has a chequered history. It shut in the 1950's after initially being very well supported in the late 40's and early 50's. Then Nelsons speedway team moved over to Odsal in 1970 when for a few years it again drew huge crowds before dwindling away until closing in 75. Bradford Council saw introducing speedway to Odsal in 1985 as a way to make it more viable and attract major speedway events to the City. Bradford Dukes spell at Odsal was subsidized by the Council by low or no rental payments but the crowds weren't good enough so the Ham brothers took the easy way out in 97 after winning the Elite League in front of poor crowds by claiming that the proposed (and eventually never actually happened)" Superdome" plans for Odsal would mean speedway would have to move out while the refurbishment was carried out. Tony Mole nearly managed to get his homeless Long Eaton team in at Odsal the following year in 98 but nothing came of it. Mole tried again in 2012/13 but the Rugby club turned their nose up at the idea. - All in all, while I loved the 86-97 Odsal track, not the 1970-75 way too narrow footpath size track, Odsals chequered speedway history which has never been anything successful long term in times when speedway was more popular than in present times, makes reopening there in the future a massive gamble. A copy of the Somerset set up in Halifax would be the best bet in my opinion!

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