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  1. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    ...I visited Brough Park three times in the distant past and was (B)rough to say the least!
  2. Jim Airey Interview

    Fascinating interview with Australia's Jim Airey in the latest 'Backtrack' edition. A ride at his peak who appeared to give it all away but at least I had the opportunity of seeing him ride during a rare appearance at Cowley in 1973.
  3. Ivan Mauger

    ...apparently it happened at Exeter when Ivan was riding for Newcastle and beat Jimmy Squibb during the Golden Sash match race.
  4. ...happened to a few riders who moved to Belle Vue during the Bamforth era when he used to throw money around hoping to buy success...Mark Courtenay, Andy Campbell and Carl Blackbird to name three who had shown varying degrees of success and/or potential prior to moving to 'The Aces' but moved on for various reasons when not truly fulfilling expectations...and not forgetting Mark Crang!
  5. Ivan Mauger

    ...have a feeling that was during the 50th Anniversary Meeting held at Kingsmead during the 1973 season? Was Briggo there also?
  6. ...seem to recall that he got married on the centre green at B(R)rough Park?
  7. Sadly took his own life some years ago.
  8. Ivan R.I.P.

    Purely the greatest...there'll never be another. RIP Ivan.
  9. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Very sad news indeed. Ivan was the best...the greatest rider of any generation. I was fortunate to watch him ride on many occasions and his dedication and professionalism was exceptional. Recall his visit to White City dressed in top hat and tails paraded whilst sat on the bonnet of Danny Dunton's Rolls Royce having earlier in the day been awarded his MBE. A great man and there'll never be another. RIP Ivan.
  10. Tv Times 27/7/63

    Another reminder of the days when speedway was shown on terrestrial TV...and Test matches (remember those?) between England and the USA. Great days!
  11. ...Jeff Sexton one rider Oxford were pursuing during 1974 (?) but it came to naught! One time 'Robin' Bart Bast had a try over here (think he was the son/nephew of Steve?) but soon departed...rather unfairly, I thought, as he showed some promise.
  12. ...died tragically some years ago living a life of a recluse I recall.
  13. ...I seem to recall that Sumner McKight's family owned or had something to do with the 'Greyhound' bus franchise in the States?
  14. How many fixtures run over Easter?

    ...I seem to recall that Len Silver at Hackney used to open and close the season...15th March and 31st October give or take.
  15. How many fixtures run over Easter?

    ...continuity was the key which unfortunately appears not to be the case nowadays.
  16. Swindon Stadium

    I was talking to a group from Swindon (non speedway fans) yesterday who gave me an update regarding the new stadium at Swindon. Apparently the old stadium is about to be demolished but it's not clear when work starts on the replacement one? I hope that this doesn't turn into another Reading based on false hopes. Anybody any news (I can't find any reliable information) as Blunsdon holds many memories for yours truly?
  17. How many fixtures run over Easter?

    ..and no doubt some tracks won't be running during the 'high' season as has apparently happened in the recent past judging by comments made on the forum when one would hope/expect that the weather is more settled (!!) due to other factors.
  18. How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    ...Colin Ackroyd! Now there's a blast from the past! Have spoken to Ian Cartwright a number of times when visiting 'The Mouseman' works in Kilburn and he mentioned how he felt confident beating most visiting riders at The Shay as he knew every inch of the track and its various lines and where best to attempt a pass.
  19. How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    ...Colin Ackroyd! Now there's a blast from the past!
  20. How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    ...visited Crayford on the one occasion but was difficult to make an accurate assessment of the racing because it was a very wet meeting (I went especially to see one of my heros Hasse Holmqvist) and really should have been cancelled although I'm glad it wasn't at it had required a huge effort to get there from Oxford (pre M25 days).
  21. How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    Never got to The Shay unfortunately but visited a few years back after the track was removed and no evidence that it ever existed. Having visited Exeter I understand that they rode very similar although I have videos taken from The Shay and it's one track that I wished that I had visited.
  22. How many fixtures run over Easter?

    Ah! days gone by...the Easter 3TT involving Oxford, Swindon and Reading. Oxford on Good Friday, Swindon on the Saturday and Reading Easter Monday. Those were the days!
  23. Question regarding Tapes

    ...I remember when the tape touching rule was introduced there were those who complained about slipping clutches drawing riders into the tapes until Pete Adams commented (tongue in cheek) that by replacing the tapes with barbed wire one would soon see how often riders would suffer with that particular problem!
  24. Tv Times 27/7/63

    ...interesting that it's referred to as 'cinder track!'
  25. Picture ID

    ...I think that one is Dent Oliver?