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  1. So was it used in 2020, or was it axed in 2014 ?
  2. Says the Medical Expert who wasn't aware that the Liverpool Care Pathway was axed in 2014, as confirmed by the Nursing Times https://www.nursingtimes.net/clinical-archive/end-of-life-and-palliative-care/new-approach-to-end-of-life-care-replaces-axed-liverpool-pathway-27-06-2014/
  3. Any more thoughts on the Liverpool Care Pathway ? I'd be patient if I had more time, can you tell me how something axed in 2014 was used in 2020 ?
  4. I've never claimed to have a medical qualification, and yes I have heard of the Liverpool Care Pathway. Was it not axed in 2014 ?. https://www.nursingtimes.net/clinical-archive/end-of-life-and-palliative-care/new-approach-to-end-of-life-care-replaces-axed-liverpool-pathway-27-06-2014/
  5. Do you have a medical qualification ? If you do, you will know how Midazolam is used, as has been explained previously. If euthanasia is the plan, there are much better options. I'm interested in your reply, but not expecting one.
  6. Rich

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I'm not an Anti-Vaxer, I'm double vaccinated, nor am I a Covid denier as I've had the virus (before I had my jabs), and I hardly ever agree with Blu or his mates. But it IS mainly old or clinlcally vulnerable people who die of Covid. Of course there are exceptions, but statistically the chances are extremely low if you are fit and healthy.
  7. Could either or both of you explain "what's occurring" and "what lies ahead..." ?
  8. I think Pieman 72 is as confused about Speedway as he is about Grasstrack Quote
  9. i watched that too. A poor advert for Longtrack, shouldn't be run on a Speedway track IMO. FIM is trying to introduce Poland to Longtrack, but I don't think that's the way and judging by the tiny crowd it's not working. I doubt Zach was happy with 7 points from a possible 20 in the heats.
  10. I'm not sure what point you are making. Both Morphine and Midazolam are commonly prescribed as "end of life drugs". As I understand it, Morphine for pain relief and Midazolam as a relaxant when death is imminent and inevitable, from many causes, not solely Covid.
  11. Rich

    British final 2021

    BSPL "rules" still have to abide by the law, whether Employment or Restraint of Trade laws. As Vince said, the ACU have previously tried to ban riders who've rode under other organising bodies, when taken to court they lost. Are the BSPL trying to deter other riders by making an example of Connor?
  12. I can't be bothered to ask the local authorities, I thought you may have known, given your knowledge of and interest in the lockdown measures or lack of in Sweden.
  13. If there has been no lockdown in Sweden, I'm wondering why the attendance at the Swedish GP at Malilla yesterday was reportedly restricted to 5000
  14. Rich

    Stadium Racing

    Both meetings cancelled, track waterlogged
  15. Rich

    Stadium Racing

    I don't know where all these Grasstrackers are coming from for "Stadium Racing". One off meetings on Speedway tracks are well supported, but most Grasstrackers are weekend riders and can't or don't want to ride in the week. There's a great 2 days of Grasstrack this weekend at Pencombe, Bromyard, Herefordshire HR7 4SL. Saturday 7th, British Championship for 250, 350 Solos and 500 Sidecars and 1000 Left Hand Sidecars. Sunday 8th, The Ledbury Flyer big open meeting for 500 Solos and 1000 Right Sidecars. Admission £15 each day or £25 for both days, Under 16s free. Camping available, Speedway GP being shown on Saturday.

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