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  1. Just come across a copy of an LP "Hello Faithless" by Reg Luckhurst and the Huntsmen. Does anyone know if it has any value to a collector ?
  2. Rich

    Swindon 2018

    The one thing that has not changed in Speedway in the last 40+ years is the oil. JAPS, Jawas, Weslakes, Goddens, GMs, Uprights and Laydowns have all been designed to run on "R". Castrol, Morris, Rock and others all make R40 oils. I've been up close to running Grasstrack & Speedway engines, all using R, since the early 70s and I have to agree they don't smell the same these days, but as I know we've been using the same oil all that time, I put it down to me loosing my sense of smell.
  3. Rich

    Swindon 2018

    Maybe the sense of smell is like eyesight and hearing, it gets worse as we get older?
  4. Day licences will be available if needed, club membership won't be a problem
  5. Thanks for your reply Vince, I'll contact Anthony Brown as you suggest. We intend to keep it Flat Track only as we don't want MX tyres cutting up the track.
  6. Would any Flat Trackers be interested in having a class at Grasstrack meetings ? Maybe Vince ?
  7. Rich

    Gerhard Engine

    Gresham, if all the engines are owned by the clubs, how will new riders break into the sport ?
  8. Rich

    British Speedway As A Brand....

    I've been "sniffing" R40 fumes for years at Speedway and much closer up at Grasstrack, if it doesn't seem as strong as when I first got the habit I put that down to becoming immune or developing a tolerance. Or maybe the sense of smell deteriorates with age, like many other things
  9. Rich

    British Speedway As A Brand....

    The smell comes out of the exhaust, not from the total loss oil system. As most engines still use R based oil, although not necessarily Castrol, the smell is the same.
  10. He won't need a wildcard, his 2nd place finish in the British Masters will get him into the European Grasstrack and World Longtrack qualifiers in 2017 if he wants.
  11. Thanks for all the comments. Agree about using top part of the field for spectators, however we are in the hands of the landowner as that part is almost another field with a small trench running alongside the track. I would point out that most Grasstrack clubs are run on a purely voluntary basis , and sometimes we get things wrong. But sometimes, so do the professionals .
  12. The Masters is the top British Championship for 500cc solos 1000cc Right Hand sidecars.8 in a solo race,6 in a sidecar. Top 8 solo point scorers after semifinals go to the final (6 for sidecars).The winners of the finals are Masters Champions. Places in next year's World Longtrack and European Championship qualifiers are based on Masters results, so there's plenty to race for.It's not been officially measured yet, but I estimate the track length to be 550-600 metres.
  13. Gates open 3.00pm Friday. Make a weekend of it, Swedish SGP on large screen TV in the beer tent Saturday British Masters Lineup SOLO Mark Baseby Scott Nicholls Steve Boxall Paul Cooper Daniel Winterton Andrew Whitaker Andrew Appleton Richard Hall Jamie Fenn Smith Chris Harris Calum Walker James Wright Paul Hurry Charlie Powell James Shanes Jason Newitt Gareth Hickmott Ben Millichap Rob Mear Hartland Cook Mark Taylor Edward Kennett Scott Creswell Reserves Matt Saul Paul Whitelam Jr Max Brown Sidecars Peter Lloyd Matt Fumerola Paul Johnson Miles Simmons Neil Owen Rob Wilson Colin Blackbourne Tom Cossar Mark Cossar Rod Winterburn Gareth Winterburn Gareth Tregilgas Will Offen Rob Bradley Paul Whitelam Joe Mogg Peter Colvin Trevor Heath Reserves Simon Heal Tom Marvell Sorry I do not have a list of passengers
  14. This Sunday, 14/8 the British Masters takes place at Stanton between Malmesbury and Chippenham, SN14 6HG. It is 56 years since the Nationals as they were called took place in the Malmesbury at a place called Long Newnton between Malmesbury and Tetbury. As well as all the top solos and sidecars in action many famous racers from the past will be at the Masters. They include special guest Peter Collins, plus Hereford legend Ron Taylor, Sidecar star Pete Robson, Steve Hartley, Ken Eyre and Neil Hudson the latter the 1981 250 World Motocross Champion. After practice we will be having a meet the riders session and I will be interviewing the riders in the MCS promotion area. A selection of riders will be available in this area for you to get autographs. Riders include reigning Champion James Shanes, Chris Harris, Scott Nicholls, Andrew Appleton, James Wright, Paul Hurry, Eddie Kennett, Steve Boxall, and all the top Sidecar crews. Start time 1pm. Full riders list will be posted when confirmed.

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