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  1. Did sedgeman gate in front? 90% of his wins are from the gate at PB. If he doesn’t gate he’ll follow the reserve that outgated him. Frustrating to watch and exciting to watch sometimes.
  2. Those were the days when you saw the leagues top riders once maybe twice a season in the league or cup. Then your individual brought them together under one meeting. Now we see them guesting for either the home team or the away team quite frequently so the experience gets diluted.
  3. Deano

    Birmingham Are Running In 2023

    I liked Graham even though he had some strange ways. He didn't like collections during the meetings for example and it took a few attempts to get the 50/50 draw going. The early days was a big learning curve around behaviours. But also many people wanted him out after a spell of lost meetings.
  4. Deano

    Birmingham Are Running In 2023

    I agree... four of those new kids I've introduced
  5. As I guess it’s aimed at a Brummie, you could call them a Yam Yam. It’s probably as offensive as calling someone from the Black Country a Brummie.
  6. Deano

    workington ..

    Could be an illusion, but is there more camber on turns three and four?
  7. I understand it’s all been done. Everytime I’ve suggested something it costs money to set up.
  8. That’s one of speedway great failings, club inconsistency. Clubs closing reduces your overall fan base. If Birmingham were to close again I’ll have no interest going to any other speedway club. speedway will lose me again.
  9. Yes there are some young people, not that many though. viewing is awful, to make it worse the stadium owner put a bus shelter right in the line of sight of the track….. idiots! I’m not sure where all the sponsors have gone Joe McLaughlin seemed to get some biggies. The new commercial manager has yet to get successful. Most heats now are sponsored by supporters. very few people in Birmingham know of speedway, let alone heard of the Brummies
  10. Deano

    workington ..

    Might need some thermals from the wind chill in October
  11. Deano

    workington ..

    Workington’s revival is what makes Speedway special. The people behind this venture need to understand because of them, speedway has a future. Kids and adults for years to come can enjoy this sport in Workington because of them.
  12. Deano

    Guest riders

    Perhaps the home team could race in white suits and the away team in black suits. They could all be named “Stig”, no one would care who’s who and one rider could cover for several team mates on both sides. Rider shortage resolved over night!
  13. Deano

    Killing the sport

    I took my lads friend to Perry Barr for the first time this week, he 13 and a keen motorsport fan. My lad wanted to go and I said why not take some of your school mates. Anyway, He really enjoyed it and wants to go next week. Fingers crossed none of the guests for Plymouth this week ride for the Brummies next week or vice versa and ride for Redcar as I’m going to struggle to explain that one away .
  14. Any company at risk of not being able to fill it's skills gaps through retirement or labour attrition generally takes a look at itself and trains people up and retains them. Speedway should be doing the same thing, but lots of BSPL new rules you read about such as no nomad teams etc goes against that very philosophy. So to be honest, the only way, is to let clubs fold to release riders, then we end up with no speedway. So perhaps that is the ultimate goal.

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