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  1. Deano

    How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    Found this on You Tube after a search.
  2. Deano

    How Do Bspa Make Their Money?

    There is the bond each club have to pay. I don't know if it's seasonal, or one off, but either way that lump sum must be earning interest or invested somewhere.
  3. Deano

    Best Track Raker Ever

    Shouldn't it be the top 5 ?
  4. Since 2002. Norwegian by birth though.
  5. Have the wounds healed at Craven Park?
  6. What is the dispute mate? Other tracks don't seem to have the same issues or do they? Shame really speedway needs training facilities.
  7. Deano

    Monthly Boycott?

    There's already a boycott. Thousands every week just don't go anymore. I wish I could muster the interest to go, but if it weren't for this forum, I'd have absolutely no contact or communication with the sport. Probably to render it forgotten about.
  8. Deano

    What Went Wrong?

    The sport has just never managed to re-invent itself. A bit like dog racing, it's stuck firmly to its working class roots, which most people don't aspire to or wish to link themselves to anymore. On top of that, there's no money to be made, so investment is literally none existent.
  9. I like the idea, but making it pay as Steve suggests, is the hurdle (as with everything). Going all over the country just wouldn't be viable, but perhaps rotating around the midlands, using maybe Birmingham, Stoke, Peterborough, Wolverhampton just might have been. Entry fees would have to apply too, no freebies. Even then, track availability could be another hurdle....
  10. Deano

    Two Perry Barr Stadiums

    That's interesting thank you, I'm hoping Mr Buck passes this by as I'm sure he struggled to get any evidence. I'm sure I recall discussing the 1929 fiasco with him, but never new of 1930's match.
  11. Deano

    Two Perry Barr Stadiums

    Even more confusing is there was evidence of two speedway teams running at the same time in Birmingham. One Hall Green and one at Perry Barr, but no evidence that they both contested a local derby together.
  12. Feel so privileged to have known Dennis, I was first introduced by bluejam. I also feel very sad to read this, it seems such a long time since I last bumped into him at Armadale. Such a lovely, friendly and exceptionally pleasant person, he always had time to have a chat. RIP friend.
  13. Deano

    Rip Bryn

    Awful news, RIP fella. I think we have lost Mr Speedway.
  14. Deano

    Rip Bryn

    Get well soon fella.
  15. It's interesting as it is possibly the only way you'd get British based immigrant Polish speedway fans going through the turnstiles here. Our own domestic league doesn't bring them out.

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