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  1. The simple soloution to this problem is dont sign riders who ride in Poland .
  2. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    Any more news on Robbos return and replacement for Rose
  3. How will this one go after Sheffield thumping the bears last night ?
  4. Great result for the diamonds didn't see that coming roll on tomorrow.
  5. Looking forward to reading the excuses , bike problems ,not racefit .unlucky ,the ref etc .
  6. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    Fingers crossed the final rider comes with that average
  7. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    I think its time for Newcastle to have a think about having a race day change
  8. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    where did they start in the uk ? Newcastle one thinks so is that home grown ?
  9. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    How about bjerre or and b pedersen would they fit or one of them ?
  10. highside

    Redcar handed fours

    Ive said for years it should change every season
  11. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    I've said for years we should run the day after Cardiff think of all the travelling supporter's heading north , Brough perfect stop bumper crowd bumper money .
  12. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    Another signing to be announced who will it be ?
  13. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    Great news , hope the club is in stable hands and we carry on for many years to come .
  14. highside

    Newcastle 2018

    Whats wrong with the website ?

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