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  1. Pirates Of Poole

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Be very surprised to see Rory at Poole in 202, would require 3 changes to allow this to happen.
  2. Pirates Of Poole

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Now Chris Holder would be a massive signing and statement - But unsure of his converted average.
  3. Pirates Of Poole

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    So Championship average would be 5.56 - I would say that's a risk worth taking.
  4. Pirates Of Poole

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Also wonder if Bridger would also want to do the championship along with top flight if he decides to return
  5. Pirates Of Poole

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Does that mean Chris Harris will be released?
  6. Pirates Of Poole

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Anything said regarding the league in 2021?
  7. Pirates Of Poole

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Maybe in the top flight? as I'm sure Adam will look to move top flight team if not.
  8. Pirates Of Poole

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I wonder now, with all the major changes with rider availability and the likely hood of a weaker product, will the Poole managing choose to return to the top flight for 2021 to boost the numbers? Cost wise and points limit wise, in the top flight (just an example) we could track the same 6 as we know Ellis isn’t available and replace him with someone like Chris Holder? We know Chris would cost more than Adam, but with the additional tv money on the table surely this would make it a level playing field on budgets? Last year, it was down to the losses of 2019 (N1CC - as reported in the echo this week £21,000) and breaking even, surely a much weaker top flight would be more viable for Poole?
  9. Pirates Of Poole


    Clearly we don’t have enough riders available to cover the 19 teams. With restrictions on Polish rules etc just seen an article from CVS - surely he is right and we shall move to 6 man teams in 2021 so we can cover rider availability? With that the team average will reduce accordingly. Be then interesting to see if any top flight clubs or even Champ owners may wish to move leagues as unable to track a competitive side. Wonder if we will see any teams coming down and others going up?
  10. Pirates Of Poole

    AGM 2020?

    Sorry if I missed it! Is or has there been an AGM for 2020? Do we have the same rules as last year? will all teams line up? maybe 1 league? Surely with the good news of vaccine's for early 2020 we should be making plans to return to the track in the spring?
  11. Do you know how much each club will get per year from Eurosport?
  12. Pity that wasn’t the money offered for the 5 year British Speedway TV deal as that would bring the top riders back!
  13. Think it’s good news for the sport and opens up potential new viewers. Eurosport are certainly putting money into the sport, the Premiership starts it’s 5 year deal in 2021. No knowing how much each club gets from the deal, I’m sure it’s more than BT but less than Sky offered.
  14. Pirates Of Poole

    Poole Pirates 2020

    The site can only be used for sporting events ONLY. As said before it was given to the council under these strict guidelines by lord and lady Wimborne many years ago. The stadium could well be re-developed but a stadium must still remain on the site.
  15. Pirates Of Poole

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I now wonder if Gino is an option, he has confirmed he has a visa and can come over this season now - would arrive on a 4.00

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