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  1. Totally agree, An area that's being worked on along with machinery.
  2. Georgie Wood has just got back his engines from the tuners, interesting to see how the Eagles go...
  3. M.D

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Big meeting for Eastbourne tonight and Georgie Wood, could be a season defining moment for both..Eastbourne need to bounce back with some good performances needed from a few riders and Georgie has got 3 engines back from having work done (Which has showed with his IOW results this week) Points needed from both club and a few riders..
  4. M.D

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    Fair point MD, its going to take Eastbourne a while to build again and the loss of Tom is a massive blow. I don't think we are a bad side, slightly unbalanced but the club is trying to move forward on and off the track so time will tell if we will get it right long term...
  5. M.D

    Eastbourne 2019

    Awful news about Tom, I wish him well like we all do, a fantastic prospect for British speedway.. With regards to Eastbourne, Georgie Wood with a full 15 pointer for the IOW tonight and Ben Morley with a paid 15 pointer will give them both a confidence boost to take forward..
  6. Eastbourne really remind me of 1985 when they entered the second tier of British speedway, It took us half a year to build and from then on we dominated the league until we moved up to the top flight again. The team is built to win and entertain at home with the hope that the top three can carry the side away from home with the hope of picking up the odd point here and there. It's very much a club that's building for a very bright future, give us a season and we will be both winning and even more entertaining on the road..
  7. M.D

    Eastbourne 2019

    Its good to see Cookie and the club so upbeat again, its like a phoenix rising from the ashes...
  8. Rain all day, attack the track time..
  9. Old Bob.. I remember you well from your views on the Lakeside Hammers forum, your negativity about the sport and Jon Cook in particular was renowned. Im glad to see you bring that to Eastbourne threads on this site now, please keep posting though, all views are valid..
  10. Ron had it all. from the gate, from behind, inside and outside.. In the one season at Eastbourne he outshone both Gordon Kennett and Kelly Moran, that took some doing around Arlington in those days..
  11. Ron Preston.. 1979..Poole..32..139..277..21..8.58..4F..2P1980..Poole..23..101..214..16..9.11..1F..1P1981..Poole..12..62..110..9..7.68..1F1982..Eastbourne..38..162..354..18..9.18..5F..3P World U21 champion in 1979, quit the sport half injured aged about 24
  12. M.D

    Play off contenders

    I think we are just about to mirror 1985 onwards.. It could take us half a season to get going, the experienced top end is there and the youth is certainly coming through, we will be the stand out team second half of this season and then dominate thereafter..
  13. M.D

    Eastbourne 2019

    I would think that's a given..
  14. M.D

    Eastbourne 2019

    The Eagles have added to their asset base with Daniel and Ethan Spiller

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