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  1. Is the weather ok for this before I buy the live stream?
  2. I work in new build construction and that is not foundations or setting out for housing..
  3. M.D

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Broken 5 ribs and multiple fractures to his arm, no time frame for his return..
  4. Watching this on the live stream, good as always from Plymouth
  5. No worries, I was just interested as I know a rider who started the season on Godden and switched back to GM and his results improved overnight. Thanks for the reply
  6. Do you know what type engines he's on, is it GM's or Godden?
  7. M.D

    Plymouth v Scunthorpe

    Eddie needs an operation and if he goes NHS it could be the next 2-3 years if not more..
  8. Echo that, its far exceeded my expectations, real quality service
  9. Glad youve not given up but the promotion should listen to fans gripes/concerns and act if needed
  10. Maybe a roving mike man in the pits for the odd 2 min interview after a race or incident
  11. M.D

    Oxford v Poole 20/4/22

    Did you get banned on your previous user profile 'Pirateship'?
  12. M.D

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Im in shock, such sad news, RIP Nigel..
  13. M.D

    Poole v Oxford 15/4/22

    Confirmed by the BSPL now, RIP Nigel

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