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  1. M.D

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    I do hope so...
  2. Eastbourne have no assets now When the club dropped to NL racing, assets like Michelsen was transferred to Lakeside for 'safe keeping' Lakeside went bust so lost all those assets Any assets the club then built up, like Tom Brennan, went to the BSPL when the club folded in 2021 A new air fence is £20K or a foam fence £50K BSPL fees are a lot more than that but we are already in a good place for 2023..
  3. M.D

    Potential stadiums

    Hove Greyhound stadium is slap bang in the middle of a built up area, in fact its just behind the Dugard's Machine tool business. The late Charlie Dugard once tried to bring speedway there, absolutely zero chance of getting speedway on there especially as Brighton and Hove's council is run by the Green party!
  4. And if the bond has been used up in fines? Hypothetically of course
  5. I don't think its that no,
  6. The previous company is still active but all assets and bonds have reverted back to the BSPL, we've been trying to find out the name of the administers with no luck of yet Indeed it does, the good name of the club has been dragged through the mud but we are determined to get it back for 2023. Regards Mark Horsman
  7. M.D

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    I really hope Birmingham can come to tapes in 2022, the start up costs are large and that rent sounds pretty big too.. If they do manage it and we all hope they do, get out and support your club!
  8. To be fair, we all backed Jordan.. I thought he was the man who was taking the club forward and I liked what he was doing Trouble was, only he knew what a mess the club was in for whatever reason and it just fell apart like a pack of cards taking a lot of good people by suprise.
  9. I think you mean Paul Watson? If so Paul was the press officer and had no dealings with the management of the club itself, he has now retired from journalism.
  10. Understandably I cant really comment on a public forum of such matters.
  11. You would not believe the issues Ian Jordan has caused the club let alone the debts he has racked up, he's cost the rders, sponsors and fans a lot of money and cost the club a year of track action along with giving the club a bad name..
  12. M.D

    Kent 2022

    We will be back 2023..
  13. M.D

    Kent 2022

    Sad to say we won't be running NL in 2022
  14. Thats gone over a lot of people heads, like your work there...

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