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  1. M.D

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Keep the faith John and ignore the negatives, I've been in contact about my club, keep going please
  2. M.D

    No change next year?

    And the clerk of the course is supplied from the home club
  3. M.D

    No change next year?

    Sorry, I ment impartial
  4. M.D

    No change next year?

    Yeah but it's not working and the Clerk of the course is not independent.
  5. M.D

    No change next year?

    Something I think would be good for league meetings would be to have a guy to help with the running of a meeting out on track. Along the lines of what Phil Morris does at GP level Working with the ref, he would be responsible for the fast and smooth running of the meeting. Getting riders up to tapes in time, when a re run is needed stopping too much time from riders fiddling around and getting them back to tapes in quick time for the re start. Making sure that too much track doctoring is not going on from the home side between 4 heat breaks etc.. Just directing the meeting at track level to support the ref and making sure the meeting runs smoothly and quickly for the fans
  6. M.D

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    A 'Fans owned club' had been looked at with Eastbourne, it's not just the running costs to take into account but the start up costs. The BSPL bond + rider asset bond required. Rider signing on fees, insurance, does the air fence require upgrading/replacing? All this takes up most if not more of season ticket sales before you start and thats an income you don't get through the gate all year as this has been paid up front. So out of the 500 gate maybe 100/120 have paid in full via a season ticket so you have a gate of really only 380 paying each week to keep cash flow running in a healthy state..
  7. M.D

    No change next year?

    I agree with a lot of what you say here. Trouble is the sport is in an awful state with teams full of individuals that ride for multiple clubs each week, no idenity for the fans or riders. The only way I see this can change is to restructure the league system and stop a lot of the doubling up, I dont think it can stop fully, its always been with us to a lower extent. This will mean that the top league needs a few more clubs and a lower league that is yes, watered down but cost effective. Strip the league structure back to basics and start to put on more of a show and build from there..
  8. I agree and I think the only way the sport can do this is by having a 2 league structure. A top league of 8 or more clubs a second league made up of semi Pro riders with the rest of the teams who wish to join with some form of pay structure Any other teams can run amateur challange matches and open events The top riders now in the championship will have to ride in just the pro league but they wont like it so this could be the stumbling block along with finding at least 8 teams who want to go pro
  9. M.D

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    It would be better if you are funny but your not, thats from an Eastbourne fan too
  10. M.D

    No change next year?

    Almost, but its a little more complex than we both have said
  11. M.D

    No change next year?

    Well my contacts are telling me this.. It will be one league next season with a fluid rider system for all tracks, an example below Eastbourne will return so Tom Brennan will revert to Eastbourne on his CMA This is not fair on Glasgow so Tom can take his place in their line up too Tom can also ride for Belle Vue as a rising star as they had first dibs When Glasgow face Belle Vue, then Glasgow must use a guest for Tom up to his CMA as he is a rising star and that takes priority for Belle Vue When Glasgow face Eastbourne, then the home team has the use of Tom with R/R used by the away team in the interest of the sport And so forth.. Very simple and well thought out.
  12. M.D

    No change next year?

    I doubt anything is set in stone just yet but Plymouth may have jumped the gun on this one..
  13. M.D

    Ipswich 2020

    I was about 14 or so and didn't really know much about him. He was booked in as a guest at Arlington for either Kennett or Moran, I can't remember but at a guess Kelly Moran. I was really disappointed at this because I didn't know much if anything at all about Billy Sanders He absolutely dominated the meeting with I think 11 from 4, not just an 11 point return but you know the kind of performance that swung the meeting for us, pure class..
  14. Keep me informed Steve and I will get it put up on Eastbourne's social media pages

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