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  1. jduffill

    Where Are They Now?

    Milik, Gomolski and Fajfer all race in the Polish 1st division. They are all very good riders, but don’t quite cut it at the very high level needed to race in the Extraliga. Tarasienko also in the Polish 1st division and in the form of his career. I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t in the Ekstraliga full time next year and I expect to see him in the GPs in the next couple of years. He would make an excellent addition to the series.
  2. Hi Archie21, I’m very sorry to hear that you are having issues booking tickets. There were a few people having issues making payment with Event Genius but I had been told by them it had been resolved. If you wouldn’t mind sending me a private message with your name, I’ll get our ticket partner to look into this ASAP. Alternatively, you can provide your name and telephone number and we can add your name to the list that is able to pay on the gate - that allows us to satisfy our agreement with our council by taking track and trace details. I understand your frustrations, but please reach out to us if you need to as we are always here to help and I certainly wouldn’t want you to give this a miss. Feel free to email me at duffill.redcarbears@gmail.com if you don’t want to PM and I’ll get you sorted. Regards, Jitendra Duffill
  3. As things stand, about 130 will be turning up which will certainly be a loss to the club, something we expected would be the case. However, we are very happy to do our bit for British Speedway - that is important to us, but we obviously couldn’t do this regularly, which is part of the reason we opt not to run NDL. Very much looking forward to this event and we are proud to be hosting. It should be a fantastic meeting! Jitendra Duffill
  4. jduffill

    Ipswich V Belle Vue 20th May

    Before you berate Redcar again due to a lack of information, I think it’s time we make some facts clear. Jordan Stewart applied for his visa in December 2020. It’s taken UKVI almost 6 months to process his visa, entirely due to Covid 19 and not because of any lack of urgency by rider or promotion. His visa arrived for Redcar last Saturday! As clubs that pride ourselves on a professional approach, both Redcar and Ipswich have done everything as early as we possibly could, but have been in the hands of the people and organisations that process these applications. Covid has caused an endless number of problems for all of us, visas being one of them. I hope that clear things up. Regards, Jitendra Duffill
  5. jduffill

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Fair enough, I respect your point of view. Hope to see you at the MPA tonight for the Cup Final. Jitendra
  6. jduffill

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    It’s been done with supporters in mind who may want to keep the day free to travel. We were thinking of our fans, not ourselves and we have stated ‘should’ we progress.
  7. jduffill

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    Morning all, The weather is no concern at all today. It’s stopped raining already and the forecast for the rest of the day is good! The track was bone dry yesterday and could take last nights rain, so no problem there. We have the back straight open for you all and plenty of car parking so please don’t worry about travelling over for this one, we have it covered! This is a momentous occasion for both clubs and one that we hope will be enjoyed by a healthy crowd for both legs. Plan to get here earlier than normal as we will be starting bang on 7.30pm with the British 125cc Final to follow the KO Cup Final. Jitendra Duffill
  8. jduffill

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Morning all, I’m happy to report that the track is absolutely fine after last night. We had no rain on Wednesday which left the track dry yesterday. The track was packed hard yesterday afternoon so it would take the rain forecast overnight. We have some rain forecast this afternoon, but this evening should be dry and we don’t anticipate any problems with our meeting going ahead. Racing conditions should be excellent and will make for a superb Semi-Final. We have opened up the back straight for additional viewing facilities and we have a 2nd paramedic booked, so the meeting should run smoothly. Hope to see plenty of you there this evening! Jitendra Duffill
  9. Link to the full line up and a chance to win 2 tickets to the event below: https://www.facebook.com/redcarbears.speedway/photos/a.391971057617727/1407016449446511/?type=3&theater Hope to see plenty of you there on Thursday.
  10. jduffill

    British Semi Final

    Track conditions are superb here at the Media Prima Arena. Check out our Facebook page for a meeting preview and pics of today’s surface. Weather fine, in fact we’ve been watering the track since this morning. Hope to see plenty of you here later for the only fixture taking place in the UK today.
  11. Hi all, Meeting details here.... http://www.redcar-speedway.com/2019/05/18/julie-lewis-meeting-details/ New race format, 23 heats plus £2 off & a free programme when buying tickets online with promo code JULIE2
  12. Tonight’s meeting is definitely on. It’s been dry all day here so no threat of a rain off. Apologies for the message you were given by our hotline. We’ve had a bit of a technical problem with it which is being resolved at present. Jitendra Duffill
  13. jduffill

    False Starts

    So where do you draw the line between good reactions and a gamble? The tapes are there for this reason, the reason being that as soon as they rise you are allowed to move. Its as simple as that, if you don't move before the tapes go up it should be a perfectly legal start. Its essentially penalising a rider for being too good
  14. jduffill

    Speedway Gating Game

    thanks everybody for your help. Ah yeah, maybe that should have said defunct!!

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