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  1. Link to the full line up and a chance to win 2 tickets to the event below: https://www.facebook.com/redcarbears.speedway/photos/a.391971057617727/1407016449446511/?type=3&theater Hope to see plenty of you there on Thursday.
  2. jduffill

    British Semi Final

    Track conditions are superb here at the Media Prima Arena. Check out our Facebook page for a meeting preview and pics of today’s surface. Weather fine, in fact we’ve been watering the track since this morning. Hope to see plenty of you here later for the only fixture taking place in the UK today.
  3. Hi all, Meeting details here.... http://www.redcar-speedway.com/2019/05/18/julie-lewis-meeting-details/ New race format, 23 heats plus £2 off & a free programme when buying tickets online with promo code JULIE2
  4. Tonight’s meeting is definitely on. It’s been dry all day here so no threat of a rain off. Apologies for the message you were given by our hotline. We’ve had a bit of a technical problem with it which is being resolved at present. Jitendra Duffill
  5. jduffill

    False Starts

    So where do you draw the line between good reactions and a gamble? The tapes are there for this reason, the reason being that as soon as they rise you are allowed to move. Its as simple as that, if you don't move before the tapes go up it should be a perfectly legal start. Its essentially penalising a rider for being too good
  6. jduffill

    Speedway Gating Game

    thanks everybody for your help. Ah yeah, maybe that should have said defunct!!
  7. Hi, i was wondering if anyone knows where I can find/download a speedway gating simulation. I know there was one on oxfords old website but this is now defuct. any ideas? Thanks

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