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  1. It is included for Season Pass holders and is a replacement for the stream we had originally scheduled from Berwick today (the date of that fixture was changed).
  2. jduffill

    BSN Streaming

    It wouldn’t work unfortunately. It’s impossible to predict how many streams a team will feature in, due to progression in the KO Cup, BSN Series and Play-Offs, as well as changes in schedule resulting from postponements. Therefore pricing would be impossible as we couldn’t promise a fixed number of fixtures. It would also get very messy offering 19 different packages for sale. The only feasible way to follow one particular team is to purchase Single Match Passes whenever that team features.
  3. jduffill

    BSN Streaming

    Hi Ian, Your comparisons are not taking the number of streams included in those packages into account. To make an accurate comparison you would need to compare on a price per stream basis, which shows the true change in price each season. It’s also very important to highlight that BSN was not VAT registered in 2022 when packages were first offered to the public, so we are actually taking less per stream in 2024 than we were back in 2022, as we’ve essentially absorbed some of the VAT we now charge (a legal obligation) so that we can continue to offer the best value we can to our subscribers. We are streaming more year on year for the simple reason that it’s the one request we receive most from our subscribers - people have asked for more, so we are offering more. For anybody reading, I’ve listed a comparison taking the above into account. The total prices listed below are the lowest prices a subscriber could buy the packages for: 2022: £152 | 41 streams = £3.71 per stream (£3.71 + No VAT) 2023: £208 | 54 streams = £3.85 per stream (£3.21 + VAT) 2024: £250 | 58 streams = £4.31 per stream (£3.59 + VAT) Although the price per stream has increased to our customers, it has actually decreased to us as we are taking £3.59 for each stream after VAT in 2024, as opposed to £3.71 in 2022. Our costs have risen significantly too over that time period. Hopefully that adds some context as to why we have had to increase prices. It is always our aim to offer the best value we can and we believe that £3.59 + VAT per stream does that. Unfortunately, lowering prices further would simply make the business model unviable. Ben Duffill (BSN)
  4. Our coverage last night won’t have showed you how many were in attendance very well as our cameras are on the 1st and 4th bends, looking away from the grandstand and the home straight where the majority of supporters sit/stand.
  5. jduffill

    BSN Streaming

    Yea that’s me and your first question was correctly answered by another post. As for your second question, you don’t really notice anything when you are focusing on a race haha! Thanks!
  6. jduffill

    BSN Streaming

    Hi, The reason is because our resources are stretched to the limit at the moment. We are a small team - away from race days it is only myself and Martin Hunter that run the business, including all admin, video editing, customer support, promotion, graphic design and stream preparation. Although a stream is only 3 hours long to the customer/viewer, the reality for us is that it’s a day’s prep for the stream itself, an 18-24 hour shift on the day of the event (travel, setup, stream, pack down and travel) and then half a days admin for reporting, customer support, paying staff etc. This week we are streaming 4 days (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) in locations stretching from Plymouth to Glasgow, so we are working around the clock every day just for the streaming of the events alone. Nobody has ever put out as much live British Speedway in the timescale we have - it’s a huge undertaking. So we simply don’t have the time to add video editing to that when our schedule is so demanding - the streams obviously have to take priority. Ideally we would have somebody assigned to video edit for us, but we stream to a niche audience when compared to sports such as football for example, so the finances are simply not there to allow that to happen. A huge proportion of our profits are given to British Speedway, as BSN was created to support it. A big problem we have is that we are suffering massively from piracy. We are a small company (basically 2 speedway fans who are trying to do something positive to support British Speedway), yet we have been targeted by a small number of criminals who are selling our stream via IPTV for massively reduced rates to profit from us. It’s the biggest threat to BSN’s survival! Some even have the audacity to boast about this here on the forum and on social media. That said, we have some very good news on this front and will be making a public statement in the near future. I can’t say much more on this, but anyone using these illegal services are committing a crime and should be very careful. Watch this space! It’s also important to remember that we are a very new company (just over a year old). Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we are committed to progressing quickly and have made rapid progress since we created BSN. Improvements such as more consistency on the video editing side are in the pipeline as we expand our team, who are all speedway enthusiasts such as ourselves and have been incredible to us. Please give us some more time and we will get to where we want and where our viewers want us to be. Onwards and upwards! Hopefully that gives some explanation and thanks for your support. Ben Duffill (BSN co-director)
  7. jduffill

    Premiership pairs 2023

    You’re welcome SJA. I’m regards to the gate picks, that was offered to us by the COTC. Leicester’s staff are always great when it comes to working with us, and we did the gate picks as quickly as possible. Thanks very much for the kind comments - I’m pleased to hear you’ve been happy with the service!
  8. jduffill

    Premiership pairs 2023

    Hi SJA, This is not true. We at BSN work around the club and their own grading schedules. We don’t and never have dictated anything in regards to the running of a meeting - we are simply there to document it. We interview to fill time because there is a track grade or interval, not the opposite. Regards, Ben Duffill (BSN)
  9. jduffill

    Kings Lynn 2023

    Yes. We will visit every Premiership track twice during the season, so everything that was detailed at the time of a Season Pass purchase will still be delivered over the course of the season.
  10. jduffill

    Kings Lynn 2023

    The reasons are genuine and have nothing to do with the weather or King’s Lynn, who were always happy for us to come and stream their meeting.
  11. jduffill


    Hi Jaizer, As Monarchs 2468 has kindly pointed out, the monthly payment options are available and can be found by cycling through the Season Pass options on the ‘SIGN UP’ or ‘PASSES’ page. There are 3 monthly payment options available; for Premiership, Championship and Total Season Passes. Thanks.
  12. jduffill


    Hi Ragdoll, If this is the first time you have accessed our website since it changed at the end of Feb, then yes the upgrade and new password would be requested. Thanks for bringing the State and Zip request to my attention. I’ve checked and it seems our website has defaulted to an American form for the Peter Craven Memorial. We will get that amended ASAP, but you can rest assured that your purchase has been made legitimately. Thanks!
  13. jduffill


    Hi Marky_Mark, This meeting is not a part of the Season Passes. We are streaming this on behalf on Belle Vue Speedway - this meeting was not part of our plans when we released Season Passes in December. BSN Season Passes cover the Premiership and Championship meetings that are agreed with the BSPL - essentially the official League, KO Cup, BSN Series and Major Events that are detailed when we release them. All of those meetings will be delivered to Season Pass holders over the season. When a club approaches us to stream a meeting that is not part of our packages, usually individual meetings from clubs that don’t have an in-house streaming service, we offer those as optional additional content. Thanks!
  14. jduffill


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ve checked and it appears to be an issue with the way the video has uploaded to our new platform, so it’s not an issue your end. We will fix this ASAP.
  15. jduffill

    B S N Premiership Pass

    Hi Bruno. It should work with your TV now. You can test it quite easily by playing our test stream which is on the home page, or by logging in to your account and using our free content which now includes all of 2022’s BSN streams. Our new website went live last week, so you will need to log in if you haven’t already done so, and the website will prompt you to create a new password first (I’d advise a phone, table or laptop to do that as it will be quicker). Again, drop us an email if you have any issues. Thanks!

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