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  1. Haywood

    Is anyone losing interest

    When they looking at TV deals there were concerns at protecting revenue from streaming. Gave me the impression it contributed to the coffers. I appreciate streaming comes with costs and I myself made some the calculations with the Poole stream a few weeks back. Surprised if they made money although they seem to be giving it another go so most of have been somewhere near break even at least?
  2. Haywood

    Is anyone losing interest

    I would have that question the other way round. Why by a stream if you can attend in person? Streams should be aimed at away fans or those who can't attend in person, either because of covid restrictions or personal commitments. Yes, the market is small although from what I can gather streaming income does make a valuable income for some Ice Hockey clubs. Given the prices are broadly similar, then does that suggest they have lower costs or a bigger take up? How Basketball managed to offer £20 a month to watch all home games for 9 different clubs I don't know. That seems cheap compared to elsewhere. Would pooling resources and putting everything on a shared platform lead to significant cost reductions? Seems unlikely although it does make it easier for the end user.
  3. Haywood


    Got mine this morning. Although two weeks back it arrived on Friday.
  4. Haywood

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    See it is Gerloff replacing Morbidelli this weekend
  5. Haywood

    Whats actually going on?

    Interesting to read Len Silver's comments in the Speedway Star today. In particular the comments that the drop in points limits impacts the likes of Oxford and Bradford returning. The league should be about helping new or returning venues develop as well as developing riders.
  6. Haywood

    When will it end?

    Yes, I was being serious. Here are some of the nuances. According to the link I posted the Met Police are intending to pursue Positive Action which is legal and not Positive Discrimation which is not legal. Now, I have no way of knowing for sure whether that link has reported the situation or the law in a fair and balanced way. Equally we don't know the Police are being honest about what they intend to do. We don't know the full facts and probably never will, even if we spend all day researching it. And even if it is legal, that doesn't necessarily mean it is right to do it. I have no issue with protest in sport. It is not a new issue. The Black Power salute was way back in 1968. Whether players take a knee or don't or even raise their arms in the air at the same time, I am not fussed I will still watch and enjoy the sport. You take a different view but that is up to you. Sport is now big business and that has opened it up to more corruption issues. I do agree that tearing down statutes is divisive and I also believe it diverts attention away from the real issues. But life is complex and whilst it would be nice if everything was nice and simple, I don't see it that way.
  7. Haywood

    When will it end?

    Thanks for your response. This is quite a sensitive debate and full of subtle nuances. For example, looking at the below the Met Police are only looking at a particular perceived class or category as a 'tie breaker'. They still need to be equal qualified to do the job : https://www.personneltoday.com/hr/met-police-wants-clarity-on-using-positive-action-to-boost-diversity/ Is that the right? I guess I have an open mind on that. It is one approach. It needs to be managed sensitively. Is this one way to take 'unconscious bias' out of recruiting decisions? Or do you have other examples to share? Personally, I don't have an issue with mixing sport and politics. Society is complex and made up of many interlocking parts and they can't be neatly compartmentalised. However, I am not a Football fan so I am not sure I am qualified to have an opinion on that specific sport. Maybe taking the knee away but away from a sporting event, as Tao Geoghan Hart appears to have done is a potential compromise? Falcace should not having called Steve Hone a failed speedway rider and he appears to have apologised. We don't always get things right, we are not perfect but I do respect apologies. It can be brave to admit you said something inappropriate or that was open to be being misconstrued. It is a fair point to state it was not relevant to the debate. I don't personally think Falcace's most recent post was abusive although you obviously have a different view. I do think he has a valid point - people can be easily offended about others being easily offended. In terms of point 3 you do appear to have said 'woke lunatics' so I can only assume Falcace perceives woke as a minority but you don't.
  8. Haywood

    When will it end?

    I believe in standing up for minority groups because I genuinely believe it is the right thing to do. I don't want to close down debate even if E I Addio seems to think I do for some reason I can't comprehend. There needs to be an open and honest discussion but it is sensitive and emotions can run high. It shouldn't be polarised into woke v anti-woke, in my view. I don't want to disclose what minority group I am a part of because I am concerned I would be ridiculed and belittled if I did, just as Falcace states. But it is related to neither gender identification or sexual orientation. None the less, some posts have belittled the challenges my particular minority group faces. 22 years ago, my employers gave me a chance to prove myself. They gave me a proper job with genuine career prospects. When no one else was willing to do so. I am incredibly grateful they gave me that chance. I would not be where I am now either career wise or as a person if I hadn't been given me that chance. The way I perceive it, they are not following some 'woke agenda'. It is mainly a cold business decision. If certain groups of people are marginalised elsewhere, that is a chance to gain a competitive advantage by employing talented people not getting chances elsewhere. To use a sporting analogy they are looking for the 6th round draft choice who becomes a GOAT. As a big athletics fan, I did also find the comments about non-binaries and the Olympics quite upsetting given the Caster Semenya situation. It is a complex issue, there are no easy answers and both sides have compelling arguments.
  9. Haywood

    Pride Month

    I do have an interest in Speedway and I apologise if this was not clear. The last meeting I went to was Kent in June 2019. Unfortunately, living in Guildford there are no tracks nearby. But I have previously held season tickets at both Reading and Wimbledon (obviously quite some years ago in both cases). I do watch all the TV meetings but don't have Eurosport so will have to make do with highlights on Quest for the league meetings. I have subscribed to Speedway Star since 1995. Hopefully I can make a meeting later in the year but I don't know right now. I know I don't have many posts on here but I do regular come on here and sometimes just browse, catch up on the gossip etc. I am quite a shy person so don't always 'take the plunge' and post stuff.
  10. Haywood

    Pride Month

    Thanks for your responses. Very considered and thoughtful and highlighting some of the nuances. Hopefully with this improved weather you'll have better luck next time.
  11. Haywood

    Pride Month

    That's OK. You are making quite serious points. So how does Speedway promote itself? To me part of sports is engaging in the local community and that is part of promoting. It is difficult to know where to draw the line. Should they not get involved in local charities in case they are deemed to be controversial? It is a genuine question.
  12. Haywood

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Thought Lecouna rode for Tech 3 and Oliveira had moved up to the full factory team. No surprise to hear Gardner moving up though.
  13. Haywood

    Pride Month

    Thanks for your response. And thanks for taking the time and trouble to read the link. Maybe it is an assumption but the way some posts were framed gives me the impression there was something disliked about 'minorities' in general. Maybe I am misinterpreting them? I wouldn't say it is my 'chosen minority' - I have had no involvement whatsoever with Pride events or movements other than attending a single Ice Hockey match.
  14. Haywood

    Pride Month

    I can understand where you are coming from. Other sports like Cycling and Ice Hockey are having challenging constructive debates about diversity and inclusion. Maybe Speedway (or at least this forum anyway) is not ready for that debate. But what does that say about Speedway's future? I do find it puzzling that fans of a minority support show so little empathy to minority groups.
  15. Haywood

    When will it end?

    Our company has been giving us advice on how to deal with non-binary people in a sensitive way. Apparently, they reckon they will make up 12% of the workforce in the future. Adding pronouns to email headers is being suggested but it is purely voluntary.

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