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1 hour ago, Sings4Speedway said:

Usually once or twice a year Stoke comes in for a hammering due to an iffy track and the occasional comedy generator failure but things have now gone far beyond a joke. Its just one disastrous meeting after another. Multiple fallers and second halves abandoned consistently. Its difficult to work out who i feel most sorry for the loyal paying supporters, the riders who fear their seasons may be over if they ride there or the Development league lads who turn up every week, watch a terrible meeting then load up and go home out of pocket time and time again.

23 hours ago, Racin Jason 72 said:

When was the last time stoke ran a meeting which ran without any track, generater or curfew problems.  

No one wants to see a track close but the safety of the riders must be the prime concern. I think the time has come for the promotion to be suspended until the SCB are happy for it to resume or it’s sold or leased out to a fit and proper promotion. 

Two good posts. Surely enough is enough.

No one really wants to see a track close but neither do we want to hear of injuries or farcical circumstances further damaging speedways fragile reputation.

A suspension or closure may be a blessing.

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Id be surprised if a well respected Speedway man like Vasey  puts his name to the shambles that is Stoke Speedway

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It's a shame how the place has turned out, it's being run into the ground and it would be a sad state if it did shut but that is all that looms in the future for Stoke.

Needs a new promoter but the current promoter wants ridiculous money for the sale.

It has potential to be a great stadium but not with this current shower running it!


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