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  1. semion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    John Tudor was a busy boy. Finding the onion bag at the Gallowgate end and running a crisps factory.
  2. Buster wrote the book. Don’t forget the suspected heart attack at Edinburgh when Topinka was stuck in traffic. Thankfully a full recovery made.
  3. semion

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    To wash down ya Tudor Crisps.? Canny bag them.
  4. And people pay 20 quid for this. There was Hawkeye targeting taking all the points. Shame he didn’t devote more attention to putting 7 riders out.
  5. semion


    Or Julia Bradbury was good. Though must be a worry she would be late arriving as she seems to walk everywhere these days
  6. semion


    What happened to Sophie Blake. She was always good in the pits.
  7. Says the person moaning about people moaning. See Tel it’s very infectious
  8. In fairness Ivan Toney would be better coming to Carrot Road if he has Premier League ambitions
  9. Surely it makes sense for people to bring their own food and drink in ? Would help offset the admission increase
  10. With only 1500 tickets ( less riders, mechs staff etc) must be close to a sell out by now.
  11. It’s on the website. As is the £3 for a programme. I guess both can be purchased using cash
  12. Tried to order mine. Just Eat have delivered a Chinese takeaway
  13. With Lynn admission at £20 and P’Boro under the same umbrella will their admission be £20 or will the supporters there have to pay more as there is rent on the stadium to pay ?
  14. For me if it was entertaining I’d pay £20 plus. On the flip side the way Speedway is at the moment if it was run in my back garden I’d drawer the curtains. In other words you couldn’t make it cheap enough. As someone who started watching when the Lynn team consisted of Betts, Simmons, Cole, Crump, Crowson,Humphreys ( who was the other one ?). I would never have missed a Saturday night. Including all the fill in meetings. oh to feel that way again
  15. I cant really comment at my time of life my programme has quite a few E/F listed At least it keeps my average down for the following season

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