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5 hours ago, HGould said:

Time for some people to stop living in a parallel universe.

There is not going to be any Sport in UK and probably most of Europe in 2020 with any substantial Crowd allowed to attend.

The only scope GP currently has would be "behind closed doors in Poland" where most of the riders are based until at least September.

It will be many months before any Crowd of more than a few hundred is allowed (indoor or outdoor) and most likely that Countries much farther along the wave 1 recovery curve will lead the way. New Zealand, no deaths and no infections for over a week as an example is talking about crowds of up to 100 by SEPTEMBER if those trends continue.


How on earth can you be so certain, and....why?  Who knows what the situation will be in like in days, let alone weeks or months?


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I agree with HGould. Sorry Rob, if you cant see that the situation is real and this lockdown will only be released very slowly and in stages. Just banging hundreds and thousands of people together at sports events and similar is just looking trouble straight in the face, the hospitals will be full, front line staff will be back into danger, so events with spectators are just not going to happen this year I reckon.  I have my concern about professional football taken place, even behind locked doors. Its a contact sport.  Speedway seems ok, because the riders are naturally pretty well protected, pit crew will just have to stay apart and be fewer in number.

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1 hour ago, PHILIPRISING said:

ANNOUNCEMENT about the 2020 British SGP expected from the FIM and BSI early next week...

So ticket sales suspended ? 

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