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    er.... speedway. Rode for 7 years between Canterbury, Reading and Exeter

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  1. even the flu vaccine wasn't pushed onto people in such a way as they are now, and there are thousands of deaths from that each year (although not any more for 'some reason')
  2. stevehone

    Well Done Sadiq Khan

    nothing will be done, it suits his narrative
  3. stevehone

    2021 GP Series Dates

    still hoping Warsaw gets the go ahead
  4. this is my biggest issue at the moment, they won't let people out but they are happy for everyone to come in! do what others have done, close the borders, including the dinghy divers in the channel, get em back to where they came from and let France deal with them. it's like Pritti Patel has lost control of what's actually happening
  5. stevehone

    Well Done Sadiq Khan

    W⚓️ https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/sadiq-khan-s-ulez-expansion-hit-thousands-london-drivers-b935139.html
  6. stevehone

    When will it end?

  7. stevehone

    When will it end?

    as with the church, advised to remove anything in their presence that might tigger one of the tiny minority
  8. stevehone

    Well Done Sadiq Khan

    absolutely, he's certainly looking after the people that voted for him
  9. stevehone

    Well Done Sadiq Khan

    and the people he protects aren't likely to vote for anyone else. it was a foregone conclusion
  10. stevehone

    Well Done Sadiq Khan

    but is now a poor imitation of what it once was

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