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    er.... speedway. Rode for 7 years between Canterbury, Reading and Exeter

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  1. only got 10 minutes down the road so not too bad
  2. have to ask about the weather down in dorset, looking good, yay or nay?
  3. in this competition the teams are only allowed 1 GP rider. strength in depth is not what GB have at the moment
  4. looks like a bit of rain very early morning then dry rest of the day ....
  5. stevehone

    Aces v Sheffield 01/04/24

    he has Poland
  6. stevehone

    Track records

    I think people used to look at Wimbledon as being the only track that had races OVER 4 laps because of the finish line being further along than the tapes
  7. stevehone

    Track records

    i mean when the gate was on the home straight and the finish post was a bit further on .. were league meeting times taken from the finish post, but FIM meetings at the tapes?
  8. stevehone

    Track records

    was there a change in start line/finish post locations?
  9. stevehone

    Witches v Aces Thursday March 21st

    wonder if we'll see any change in Doyle's riding now he's a dad .. so often we see riders change
  10. stevehone


    i just hope they learn from the past
  11. stevehone

    Premiership Media Day

    only one bike required per team
  12. stevehone

    Premiership Media Day

    no, i'm on the list, but i'm looking at the itinerary it may not be worth it for me
  13. stevehone

    Premiership Media Day

    not sure whether to go or not, keeping an eye on the weather
  14. The World Speedway Riders Association are hosting their annual Celebration of Speedway at Hertfordshire Zoo (formerly Paradise Wildlife Park) on 17.03.24. Entry is £15 and this includes the celebration stalls/events, entry to the Speedway Museum, and entry to the zoo. We are trying to make this event advance ticket only as we are advised that the zoo will not be taking cash. To purchase tickets go to the Hertfordshire Zoo website https://www.hertfordshirezoo.com/events/celebration-of-speedway-2/
  15. stevehone

    Pits crew attire

    one of the annoying parts is seeing a rider with 2 bikes sitting in the pits, but if they have an issue with their first bike they are quick to jump on someone elses. if the 2nd bike is there, use it, have it ready to go.

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