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    er.... speedway. Rode for 7 years between Canterbury, Reading and Exeter

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  1. stevehone

    European U 23 team championship 2021

    Sun starting to make an appearance at track now, hope last of the showers has gone through
  2. those that watch the BBC and those that don't
  3. they must have gone at night
  4. stevehone

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    maybe one of the reasons NOT to sign up to the RS list?
  5. stevehone

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    wonder if Kenny Bjerre is avilable? what average?
  6. stevehone

    European U 23 team championship 2021

    yep, seen the forecast
  7. if the meeting had been earlier in the evening (it started at 9) at a 'normal' time i honestly think GB would have won, the track was perfect for them and there was certainly confidence around. and i still have no clue what the cause of a stoppage was other than GB being on a 5-1 in their first heat against the French
  8. stevehone

    European U 23 team championship 2021

    will you be there Doug?
  9. Not had much rain all afternoon, torrential this morning though
  10. Tractors going round and round make Buster look speedy
  11. answered the door naked when room service delivered

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