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  2. MD

    Redcar v Birmingham

    Good of Proctor to show up.
  3. The others are club journey men because of moments exactly like this one. Lets not make the same mistake twice. Bewley and Lambert should be the main 2, with Kemp or the like at reserve. I’m not remotely interested in winning it. Im not remotely interested in what other nations do. I’m not remotely interested if it’s a world final. Dan Bewley and Robert Lambert are our future. With the greatest of respect, they will not learn much off Cook and Harris, 2 journeymen.
  4. Ulrich could be the signing of the season, out of form and struggling but def signs of recovery of late , def home win
  5. Bt through sky is still a seperate bill I can what you are saying is correct though
  6. I don’t think you are getting my point. Cook is another story. He will also never make it. Bewley and Lambert should be the main 2.
  7. It's a world final, you put your best team out regardless of age, every other country has, even Denmark and Sweden, it's over 2 days, it only takes an injury for any team and they're up against it. The answer for lack of test matches is to arrange some and not chance youngsters who are nowhere near international class, yet, and possibly set them back a few years. Who knows what the likes of Bewley or the rest are going to be, they may just turn out to be club journeymen like so many before...
  8. sidewinder

    Redcar v Birmingham

    I think mention should be made, about Ulrich's performance, in this match. He rode his guts out, 100 % effort and it was a real pro performance, (as was Proctors). For the benefit of the Brummie fans, he looks to have turned a corner. His departure could have been a bit hasty. I don't think it was ever the rider, just mechanical issues.
  9. Yep they do. We have BT sports through Sky. But we also have BT broadband so that might be why.
  10. 2ndbendbeerhut

    Poole v Ipswich. Prem. 18th July 2019

    But at least it's what new fans can expect when they pay to turn up. Any races that they then see for themselves will be an added bonus. Under promise and over achieve
  11. I'm surprised he isn't at the track now refusing to ride. After the shanangins atSheffield from Somerset and in particular their No1 recently I'm hoping our track team have laid on extra dirt for our visitors, they love a bit of dirt.
  12. Vissing had a good meeting last time at Brough, but Jensen was poor. Paul Starke should do ok if he puts a decent shift in, not like his lame effort last week (didn't even win a race)
  13. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Kings Lynn v Poole Prem. 8th July 2019 BT Sports.

    Even if you cant extend simply set the following programme to record as well. Any over run is then captured.If theres no over run its just a couple of button presses to delete
  14. In which case there is no point in taking him anyway as all he would be doing is sitting in the Pits watching Lambert & Cook ride.
  15. He will also be checking for dirt on the track to strengthen his case.
  16. crescent girl

    Berwick v Somerset, Saturday 20 July 7pm

    Led by the Roo-boy?
  17. Boothers

    Redcar v Birmingham

    Birmingham named their side using R/R for Ellis and Etheridge as a Guest for Ash Morris but as Etheridge's average is higher than Morris' this was not allowed, forcing a quick rethink of the Birmingham team.
  18. Tough one for the Tigers , the Diamonds have strenghtened considerable, hopefully we can get a point but Vissing is on his mid season slump and no Cook is also a big loss. On another note , well done to the Diamonds in knocking out the monarchs in the KO cup, hope it is a Diamonds v Bears final as both teams are due a bit of success. Still want the Tigers to win tomorrow though.
  19. Im on virgin we always just add an hour on the broadcast
  20. Did not think sky did bt on there platform ?
  21. Today
  22. Quite right George
  23. I think so - I’m with Sky and never seen that option so far - unless anyone else can tell me where to find it
  24. Richard Weston

    Eastbourne. Speedway Tavern

    I have said before, that any speedway fan who books an hotel in relation to attending a speedway match shows not an ounce of common sense if they do not book with a cancellation clause. No excuses. I think all this "I booked an hotel" is a load of poppycock from so-called fans trying to stir up trouble.
  25. An in form bewley thrown in against the best in the world would be pants. Its not the point. Experience in a pit bay is useless, he needs to be out on the race track. If he gets beat up, so what. He will take that away and learn, and if he’s being managed correctly it won’t be allowed to get in his head. Everything about it is positive.
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