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  1. Gigs are the same I think I worked it out for a top band it should be about £15 now but you can easily pay close on 3 figures for some of them. The world's gone barmy
  2. Must admit turning 60 so paying £16 has kept me going this season at Monmore
  3. Every morning and evening I go a walk over the park and the mess left on a night for the park keepers to clear up next day is unbelievable
  4. I think Kelvin and Chris have been excellent but surely they should know what's going on points wise
  5. Did they say if it's being shown on bt tomorrow
  6. Not the best of meetings but not bad. Thought Charlie was much better in the studio than when she did the pits bit
  7. Just phoned bt to add the monthly sport package for 3 months even at £25 a month I thought I'd treat myself. Utterly useless from start to finish. Tried to sell me the TV deal on a 24 month contract and said no monthly fees were available
  8. Hopefully going to this , never been to grass track before. Thinking of the Saturday with it being the British Final I think
  9. Driving down a bus lane lane 4 times in 20 minutes
  10. bruno

    Brummies Season Halted |

    Just read the Birmingham article in speedway star about fans over 60 not being computer minded, not sure about that. I'm 60 and was online 1 second after the Wolves tickets went on sale for the next meeting. Not a problem , took minutes on the phone to order
  11. bruno


    Must be a local problem I'd have thought, I've not had one miss Thursday delivery yet. All but one before 8 and the other by 10. Annoying for you tho
  12. bruno

    berwick bandits 2021

    Any ideas what a number 1 would be on in the premiership

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