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  1. Cracking view in the back straight stand but wrap up it'll be freezing , left my coat in the car once. What a mistake and that was later on in the season
  2. Same here with Monmore, I'm clinging on trying to keep interested in the sport but not renewed BSN and not interested in going to Ben Fund or PCMM and thinking of not bothering with Discovery + this year for the gps
  3. bruno

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Anyone know if highlights are on itvx again
  4. bruno

    Kent Speedway

    Same here with Monmore closing, cancelled star a while back. Keep having a gander on here but not sure how much longer. May do a few away days next year. I've not took out BSN and may not bother with the gps
  5. bruno

    Winter Meetings

    I went to that but left before the end absolutely freezing
  6. bruno

    Workington 2024

    Spot on, to sign a rider with this attitude is madness
  7. Would Brits pay UK tax on earnings in Poland
  8. bruno

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    Andy Pandy , getting silly now
  9. bruno

    Winter Meetings

    Went to one at Sunny it was that cold I left before the end
  10. bruno

    BSN Streaming

    BSN is great value but I can't justify paying out for the product they are covering especially with losing Monmore. I may visit Perry Barr but may just accept my speedway days have finished. I've already cancelled speedway star, I won't take out the championship stream on BSN and won't be taking out Discovery + this year for 7 months. I may take the premiership streaming on BSN and justify it as being my Xmas prezzie from the mother in law. Disposable income is a lot less these days for everyone and I have to justify paying out for stuff. As a side note car insurance gone from £235 to £716. The World's gone mad. If I can't find cheaper the car may go and motorbiking days might be a thing of the past
  11. bruno

    Belle Vue 2024

    I know someone who was doing security work and Vanessa Feltz was there, he wouldn't let her back in because she'd forgot her i.d badge and she came out with don't you know who I am . You can guess his reply lol they had to get the manager to let her back in. The security did know her really but was worth saying no just to see the look on her face. Horrible woman apparently
  12. bruno


    Thanks for that, doesn't help getting fans there I'd imagine
  13. Love Doyle's humour/sarcasm ever since in an interview he did after winning a gp he said it was good to have 3 Aussie's on the podium. One was Woffy lol
  14. bruno


    Is it right you can't park on the one stop anymore

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