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  1. gjcone44

    Aces v Lions

    got to be carful of internal combustion doing that.
  2. not cierniak then just remembered he's already had one.
  3. good practice for all of the Lublin gp riders, all 4 of them whos got the wild card?
  4. well we are getting some team riding not seen that for a while.
  5. the kid who hit him ok klindt of in ambulance
  6. https://ok.ru/video/7245174087328?fromTime=5254 heat 8
  7. klindt just involved in crash in Poland taken out by his team mate, nasty fall
  8. they would call it foolish these days, but i think the word you should be saying is adventurous.
  9. looked a decent crowed in there, meeting was a bit processional, but score going up and down kept it interesting, Sam did keep pushing his luck in that last race, and i think was lucky to get away with a broken tooth, and would of been shook up with smiths bike hitting him full on. tough decision for ref , but it is tight going into that bend, that move did unsettle drew going into that bend. does remind me a bit of the old Workington track.
  10. victor lampart riding to premiership standard
  11. yes where was he at Sheffield Thursday night.
  12. gonna be close i would think dare i say away win...
  13. gjcone44

    Redcar 45-45 Oxford

    this moving stuff is getting out of hand. you could be talking millimetres its mental.

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