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  1. Dickie Head

    Oxford Vs Plymouth BSN group 17/4/24

    No they don’t. The technology that the BSPL invested in isn’t robust and needs further work so not in use at present.
  2. Jim McGregor is responsible for allocating meeting referees on behalf of the SCB - that’s a fact.
  3. Dickie Head


    My understanding is that whilst the tracks have installed the equipment, there remains a technical difficulty whereby the individual transponders fitted to bikes are not yet able to fully communicate with the recording hub. Similarly the automated tape release system that was supposed to be introduced this year is not yet operational. A reliable source indicated that, rather than invest in the tried and tested GP system, the BSPL bought a cheaper alternative that has proved unreliable and negotiations between both parties to find a solution are ongoing.
  4. Dickie Head

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Any reason why all the Championship sides show their team declarations on the British Speedway website, but the Gladiators list is blank?
  5. https://poole-speedway.com/news/view/2024-03-26-previewing-poole-wessex-marine-pirates-v-oxford-monarch-cheetahs-friday-29th-march
  6. Dickie Head

    Witches v Aces Thursday March 21st

    I thought riders had to have had at least one official team meeting in the season to be entitled to a guest or R/R. Mr Doyle hasn’t. Please clarify for me. Thanks.
  7. Did Sam Hagon and Freddy Hodder do demonstration races and if so how did they look?
  8. Dickie Head


    Thought that was a BSN meeting, not Pirates TV stream. Might be wrong.
  9. Dickie Head

    Brummies 2024...

    Sorry if I’ve missed it, but will the Brummies have a team practice before taking on Oxford?
  10. Dickie Head

    Winter Meetings

    Looks like Isle of Wight ran a successful mixed discipline meeting last Saturday with the senior speedway part won by Chad Wirtzfeld. Taken from Facebook.
  11. Dickie Head

    Winter Meetings

    IOW Facebook showing another winter meeting set for 20 January. Similar format to that held last week. Good luck to them.
  12. Dickie Head

    Winter Meetings

    There was a multi-discipline meeting last Saturday on the Isle of Wight which, according to their website, looks to have been well received.
  13. Dickie Head

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Nice quick trip from the Midlands to Devon on a summer Saturday afternoon!
  14. Dickie Head

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    I refer you to my post of 19 November when I outlined the above. Add Covatti and now Newman for the starting seven.
  15. Dickie Head

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    How about Barker, Covatti, Thompson twins, Bowtell and Gilkes with 1 other.

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