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  1. Anyone know when the results from the B sample test will be known?
  2. That’s the reason certain painkillers and the like are banned in cycling, don’t want someone nodding off in the middle of the peloton
  3. The racing may not have started but the meeting started when the riders sign in , sports like football and athletics usually do the testing after the match or race has finished and they are suspended from the next match or whatever
  4. Isn’t it normal practice to suspend a rider or any other sportsperson until the outcome of the second test only then can any punishment be applied ?
  5. Is that the sound of a reversing alarm I hear, with a u-turn like that you should be a politician, or maybe it was just a fishing trip looking for a few bites , if it was looks like you were successful
  6. Innocent or not, like I've said already it's sheer stupidity,
  7. It was Flint who wanted to move on
  8. If it's something like a Lemsip or Night Nurse that causes a rider to provide a non-negative sample I still find it strange that this would happen especially after all the publicity from recent events . These types of medications are can cause drowsiness, that's one of the reasons they are banned . Surely by now riders know what's on the banned list and I'm sure team bosses will have stressed to their riders to be careful about what they are taking . If it's something stronger the I've no sympathy for any rider who fall foul of the testing regime. They're bound to know that there's always a chance that they might get tested. In both scenarios it's sheer stupidity if you get caught,.
  9. DSC67

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow 5/4/24

    Looking at my weather app , it's showing 94% chance of rain on Friday for Armadale
  10. DSC67

    Berwick 2024

    Always good to start the season with a couple of wins
  11. DSC67

    World Superbikes

    Fantastic Superbike race today
  12. DSC67

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    ITV4 Monday night 8 pm
  13. DSC67

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Live coverage on ITV of the final races of the season
  14. DSC67

    Promoters Conference

    A long term plan is only any good if they actually stick to it and don't scrap it after two seasons

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