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  1. DSC67

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Live coverage on ITV of the final races of the season
  2. DSC67

    Promoters Conference

    A long term plan is only any good if they actually stick to it and don't scrap it after two seasons
  3. DSC67

    Richie Worrall statement

    I thought that money from fines went to the Ben Fund
  4. DSC67

    World Superbikes

    Yeah , I was a bit disappointed to see that, Alex Lowes had a very lucky escape I the sprint race , I don't think I've ever seen an incident like that before
  5. DSC67

    World Superbikes

    What a superb WSBK race to end the season, these guys are amazing
  6. Jeezo that was some move from Freddie
  7. I know that rules are rules, but surely they could have fined Bartock and warned him
  8. DSC67

    Richie Worrall statement

    Depending on what shows up in the test , it's not illegal to drive if you have taken a lemsip or cough mixture
  9. I guess that's one less happy meal that's been sold tonight
  10. DSC67

    Berwick 2023.

    Personally I felt Steve Boxall going straight into the pits without finishing the heat was far more disrespectful than a showman celebrating in front of his own supporters but I guess you're probably one of those people who doesn't like football players who celebrate scoring goals against their old clubs
  11. DSC67

    Berwick Vs Glasgow 19/8/23

    Col and his band of trolls are best ignored
  12. DSC67

    Berwick 2023.

    You deserve an award for that comment
  13. DSC67

    Berwick 2023.

    Yup , I traveled through to Glasgow last Sunday on the train to watch the cycling and it cost me less than the admission price for last weekends double header and that was before you take into account the cost of fuel to get to Berwick and back , money is tight for a lot of people these days and I'm sure Bandit fans aren't the only ones feeling the pinch
  14. DSC67

    Berwick 2023.

    I'd say that the majority of people aren't really that fussy about what happens away from home as these days not that many will travel to those matches, but they do want to see Berwick win at home or at least be competitive, turning up most weeks to see your team lose meekly is pretty demoralising no matter what sport you're watching. I have at times this season seriously debated weather or not to buy a ticket for meetings . I've bought one for tonight's meeting because I've nothing else on and tonight's TV ilooks poor , but I'd imagine this will probably be my last match this year

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