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  1. Goldhawk


  2. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    I went there as a kid in 1970 & 1971. Nice to have stadium to yourself ; )
  3. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    Hackney Hawks - Pride of London ! : )
  4. Goldhawk


    Brando back is great though . Like the old days !!
  5. Goldhawk

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    Agreed . fight tooth and nail for the iconic Showground !
  6. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    i do remember standing on bend 1 at Plough Lane with I believe the famous "Pit Loonie" home fans. Garry Middlelton was just in a class of his own for the Hawks there that night. One of them bawled out " MIDDLETON ! " .... MAY YOUR EARHOLES TURN TO ARS-H-L-S AND SH-T RIGHT DOWN OUR NECK !! " : D Nice LOL Season 1980 - Just ran out of steam a bit in the end - What a season !!! - Bo Bo had an incredible season that year too !! Near on Unbeatable - UNFORGETABLE
  7. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    Agreed entertainers they were. The fateful crash with Vic just horrific. it happened right in front of me too. Worst ever, Len was in tears. You could have heard pin drop. I think the match referred on AG to was at Long Eaton with Andy Galvin and the last race. i was there. He took one Long Eaton rider out. Amazingly fallen rider excluded. in the re-run he did it again and fallen rider Long Eaton excluded !! There were riots afterwards from home fans. not happy !! ; )
  8. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    .... And who can forget Zuper Zenon with a last to first missile surge at Waterden Road down the back straight taking current W.C. Ole Olsen from the back in the process with other two riders AND smashing the Hackney track record at same time !! ( i stand corrected, was it in time of 62.0 seconds ?? ) i think it was in the 1979 season. i went to World Final at Chorzow that year to cheer him on with the 100,000 + Polish fans. He finished 2nd but should have won. Even Briggo said it. August 9th 1980 : Halifax v Hackney Oh boy the meeting of a lifetime if your a fan of the Hackney Hawks. i had the amazing pleasure to be there ! Hackney 11 ? points down at heat 7 they came back, and back , and back.. winning 39 - 38 in the last race. Zenon was in class of his own with 14 paid 15 maximum despite Kenny Carter there in his prime ! The track was incredible i have to say. What a spectacle seeing riders going round at high speed on huge banked track. Leaping Len was in meltdown with happiness ! i hope he reads this forum and pages for his beloved Hawks - Len Silver IS HACKNEY ! My other half had a mini around this time with a .... ZUPER ZENON !! STICKER in the back window. She was toddling down M11 in it one day. A car pulled up along side her and the driver waved ! Who was it - The man himself !!!!!
  9. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    Peanuts ! 20p a bag !! another
  10. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    Lambretta GT 200 . : )
  11. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    On the subject of break downs to and from meetings I rode back to Essex c 1972 from Wimbledon on a scooter with a broken throttle cable ! I wedged s stick in carburettor to keep revs up and carried on riding. It worked up to a point but coming through slowing of stationery traffic the only solution was to pull in clutch. It didn’t half startle people !! : )
  12. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    Absolutely . Got it in One ! Wasn’t it just great to also to Whoop those Dons too, especially at Plough Lane . Garry Middleton was KING there . Hackney Speedway 1969 to 1996
  13. Goldhawk

    YOUR Hackney

    The Magnificent Seven and Skipper Barry Thomas leading out The HACKNEY HAWKS ! The excitement was incredible !! Zuper ZENON was The Goldest Hawk of them All !!! The years roll on but the memories never fade of my youth and Friday at 8 at Hackney Speedway. Leaping Len = LEGEND ! GO HACKNEY !! ( Len should be Sir Len for services to Speedway ) Maybe Speedway Star can start the ball rolling ? Hackney will always be my club and hold very special place in my heart. The racing was just brilliant !! A thrill a minute. Len Silver on the mic geeing up the Hackney crowd after another another brush with officialdom on centre green telephone !!!
  14. Goldhawk

    John "Tiger" Louis R.I.P.

    My first memory was of seeing Tiger at Romford in 1970. A GREAT rider and he is Ipswich Speedway ! RIP Tiger Louis a modern day Speedway Legend.
  15. Goldhawk


    Great News - People investing in British Speedway - Lets hope some Whopper Sponsor/s are encouraged to come on board now for Premiership League and for clubs. This is in my view is how the sport can thrive again. Its about the money. If Premiership continues to be rebuilt and we have 10 + teams in it doing well then success can follow on its coat tails for lower league/s too and snowball from there. This is the Polish model and Ekstraliga. Where was that 30 years ago ? They built that to a super league and rest history. Speedway now a top sport in Poland with massive sponsorship. Phil Morris is making a difference and steering in right direction.

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