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    The Who, The Stones, AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, Sabbath.. the list goes on
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    speedway/music: classic rock, prog, metal/history: Neolithic, Roman, Tudor, WW2/cricket
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  1. longlivefrankie

    " Line of duty " TV

    most climatic endings of serials that you have invested in will be underwhelming imo. same was said of game of thrones. its a bit of a holy grail thing. the actual quest or journey is the important bit. is that the answer to life & everything or is it 42? or or is it a tin cup in a cave somewhere.
  2. longlivefrankie

    Song Title Game

    holding out for a hero bonnie tyler
  3. longlivefrankie

    Song Title Game

    OK i was a little slow
  4. longlivefrankie

    Song Title Game

    Don't Believe a word - thin lizzy
  5. longlivefrankie

    Song Title Game

    town without pity - gene pitney
  6. longlivefrankie

    Song Title Game

    before you go - lewis calpaldi
  7. longlivefrankie

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    team selection for this & previous test leaves a lot to be desired. Not clear thinking to use a footy phrase - chasing the ball. We should be picking a even bowling attack to some extent. we playing arguably the best team in the world on their own patch - stick to our strengths. IMO take one game at at time and rest if needed not rotation.
  8. longlivefrankie

    Worldwide town and city game

  9. longlivefrankie

    What book are you reading and would recommend?

    Due to eyesight problems I use audible now, The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd - Agartha Christie very good so far The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry, I'm a sucker for this type of novel, loved it Recently also the Elton John & Roger Daltrey biographies, both very good. Laughed out loud several times during Elton's. Revolution In the Head by Ian Macdonald - 2nd time good Inside Out by Nick Mason, bit bland but ok
  10. longlivefrankie

    Three meetings in one day

    Inspired by another topic in general discussions. Have you any memories of those meetings? Mine... 1976 31st May 11am Reading v Hackney (KO Cup) 3pm ? White City v Hull (BL) 745pm Wimbledon: Internationale what great days
  11. longlivefrankie

    New Year Classic

    Hi all, Any memories of The New Classic partcurlarly at Newport, apart from freezing cold & damp. Brent Werner springs to mind for me for some reason and one year I got so cold I was off work for a few days! A Tim Stone triumph or folly?
  12. longlivefrankie

    Song Title Game

    Who are you - the who
  13. longlivefrankie

    Gigs 2018

    Tickets booked for Nick Mason's saucerful of secrets in April in Cardiff , can't wait
  14. longlivefrankie

    Song Title Game

    Bad attitude - deep purple
  15. longlivefrankie

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Strictly ******* come dancing

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