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  1. 25yearfan

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    A decent meeting I thought with quite a few overtaking manouevres, yes mainly up the inside. Peterborough look decent while Ipswich were virtually a 2 man team and very naive on their own track. Starke looks like it could be a struggle for him to get going and Kemp was backing of way too much. Cooks a class act who would have been alright at King's Lynn I suspect if they'd given him time to ride out a tricky start.
  2. 25yearfan

    Whats actually going on?

    I think its been said (not sure if its documented) that in a democratic Country an organisation like the ACU can't stop a motorcycle club not affiliated to them from staging events, hence why the Mablethorpe Sand racing club has been running continually up to the pandemic for 50 years since 1970. Similarly there is still a handful of flapper greyhound tracks that are not affiliated to the main greyhound racing organisation. Like I said take this matter to a court of law and the BSPL would likely lose and British speedway is also in no position to ban a load of NDL standard riders cause the League would cease to be competitive and viable.
  3. 25yearfan

    Whats actually going on?

    A similar situation used to happen years ago when ACU licensed riders raced sand track at Mablethorpe beach cause the club wasn't affiliated to the ACU. Some riders used to race under an assumed name but eventually riders stopped doing this cause it was proved that as long as proper rules, health and safety and insurance were provided then it was not illegal for the club to run outside the ACU. Essentially the BSPL is just one organisation, theirs nothing to stop a another organisation running events as long as things are done properly. Like Halifax tiger says, if 16 NL riders rode in an individual meeting on the IoW the BSPL couldn't ban them all cause there wouldn't be enough other up to standard riders about to replace them. At present you'd only need 10 NL riders get injured or quit racing and there'd be a major shortage of riders and teams would end up asking anyone with a bike to make up numbers. I'm sure if this matter went to court the BSPL wouldn't have a leg to stand on! The changes to the 3rd tier this season and the attempt to seriously hamper the existing successful Northern junior League/ Midland development Leagues really show Godfrey and Co in their true colours. - Rob Godfrey would look the part in a brown shirt!
  4. 25yearfan


    They look like they are holding the executive box up permanantly!
  5. 25yearfan


    OK thought I'd read somewhere that the track had been looked at and it was deemed good enough for speedway? Grandstand? - Do you mean the executive box on the 3rd or 4th bend or the actual grandstand on the home straight which was there when speedway was last staged in 1997 and hasn't got supports near the fence? I'm sure the stanchions holding up the executive box could have safety barriers covering them and wouldn't block any views of the crowd cause no spectators would be present underneath the executive box.
  6. 25yearfan


    Still looks like a wonderful stadium! I read somewhere that the track was inspected by some speedway authority and it was said that the track passed all safety obligations which included the stanchions. They look very close to the fence so I wonder how you could make them safe enough to prevent potential serious injuries if a rider was catapaulted into them?
  7. 25yearfan

    50 Years Ago Today, Brummies Return.

    Yes I've heard that story about Joe Thurleys stadium mix up which was understandable cause the old Perry Bar Greyhound stadium and the Alexander stadium (now the current Perry Bar speedway track) were virtually opposite each other. The one stop shopping centre sits where the Brummies used to race until 1983. Them 2nd Division days from 1971 - 75 were great years for the Brummies as they were the powerhouse team of the Division and were very well supported. The success meant that the clamour to move up was strong but when they did in 1976 the club struggled until the 1981 - 83 Hans Nielsen years. Looking back had Joe Thurley not got his stadiums mixed up and went on to reopen the Brummies at the Alexander stadium how different would the history of Birmingham speedway of been? - Would moving into the Alexander stadium in 1971 have meant that the Brummies would have continued in League speedway every year up to present instead of closing in 1984 apart from open meetings and the 1987 to 2006 era when speedway was absent from Birmingham? - They only closed in 1983 cause of the imminent redevelopment of the old Perry Bar. Continuous racing at the Alexander would have meant that the 1984-86 Bordesley Green struggling spell would never have happened. Frustratingly Tony Mole bought the promoting rights from Tom Evitts and his partner who ran at Bordesley Green around 1987 and planned to go in at the Alexander but the owner at the time wouldn't entertain speedway returning there.
  8. 25yearfan

    Ipswich V Belle Vue 20th May

    No different to all the other rising stars! Yes they were swapped around and that was cause Rowe was getting stuck in and producing the goods. Kemps had plenty of publicity but needs now to do his talking on the track. Rowes had little publicity but certainly looks the better bet.
  9. 25yearfan

    Ipswich V Belle Vue 20th May

    Great to get back to the Heath for live speedway although I struggle to see how wearing masks out in a vast open space is necessary and I'm in the veteran age category shall we say! Another complaint about the draconian covid restrictions - The toilet block behind the main stand next to the pits had both the gents and ladies toilets closed with only the one disabled toilet open which meant that everyone requiring needed to use the one toilet! - Surely everyone using the one toilet is decreasing good hygiene levels? - Madness of the times we live in! As for the match, there was a few decent races in between the usual gate and go ones and the last heat decider was exciting. As for the Witches - I think the lack of an out and number 1 is going to hamper them and again they are relying on someone like Rowe has so far scoring far above his average and expectations. Crump looks decent if he gates but isn't going to get double figures regularly enough for a number 1 and Kemp needs to improve or it could be long season for him.
  10. 25yearfan


    The bottom line is whether your a super speedway fan owner of a stadium or just a Business person earning money out of such a facility, if the moneys right you'll sell out! Lets say that you own a stadium which earns you £250,000 PA from the various activities taking place there after costs have been deducted. - Then you get offered £5 million from a housing developer to sell the land to them. - That amounts to 20 years (5 million divided by 250,000) income, working to keep the stadium running given to you in one hit which you can then invest and be financially secure for life without the hassle of running a stadium or having to do any sort of work. When you look it at like that it would be tempting for anyone I suspect. This scenario is probably close (different figures probably) to what happened when Cradley was sold in the 1990's and when the Ochiltrees sold Coventry to Sandhu who obviously had longer term plans to sell to developers. Indeed the GRA (alleged greyhound racing association!) made it their primary Business plan selling of their Stadiums to developers. Stuart Balmforth selling Belle Vue stadium in 1987 is another example like the previous poster states. No doubt his family are still very wealthy through this? This also happened in the 1960's to two of the biggest speedway clubs in the Country, Southampton and my beloved Norwich Stars. Combine this with Councils bending planning rules which are meant to protect sports facilities from being built on and thats where we are at now. - Apparently the Custom House home of West Ham speedway was meant to have such protection but it was gotten round by stating that people living in houses built on the land would have TV's which counted as leisure! I suppose that Odsal being in a bowl, an ex quarry which then became a landfill tip site wouldn't be good land for housing which could ensure its future as a stadium? - Just need a very brave person(s) to reopen speedway there! - Though in reality if it was viable speedway would be reopening there this season?
  11. 25yearfan


    Like I alluded to in an earlier post, the 1985 exit from the Shay Grounds was the beginning of the end for speedway in West Yorkshire though I do appreciate that financial issues (expense of moving floodlights to comply with new regulations and the Shay landlords hiking up the rent while Odsal was offered rent free) at the time were why the Halifax to Bradford move was made. I wonder had speedway continued at the Shay after 1985 whether the 1990's stadium redevelopments would have taken place or maybe stadium redevelopments would have included keeping the speedway track? I still maintain that had Halifax kept going at the Shay and stadium developments would of included speedway then Halifax speedway would still be running up to present times and more than likely would still be one of the best attended tracks in the Country. - I also say the same about Bristol (closed 1977), Cradley (lost Stadium in 1995) and Coventry which closed in 2016. - Now how much healthier would speedway look today if the sport was still staged in Bristol, Coventry, Cradley and Halifax?
  12. 25yearfan

    Jon Cook RIP

    A guy who was a decent promotor/general Manager in British speedway.
  13. 25yearfan


    I never knew this! Another massive error of judgement in the history of British speedway. Like I said before Halifax was well supported a hotbed on a par with the likes of Cradley and Coventry. - The 1986 - 1997 Bradford Dukes era was largely a story of bankrolling by the local Council and the Ham brothers to compensate for unviable crowd levels. - I'm sure that had speedway been reintroduced to a redeveloped Shay grounds in Halifax in the early 90's it would still be operating today and probably in the top flight. I wonder why the Ham brothers didn't take the opportunity to move back to a stadium in an area that undoubtedly would have supported speedway in greater numbers?
  14. 25yearfan


    Bradford Dukes won the first Elite League in 1997 with an awesome team featuring Havelock, Loram and Screen yet most of the crowds were below 1000 even some I believe were below 500. British speedway crowds in 1997 were bigger than crowd figures from 2019. Probably the biggest game changer in West Yorkshire speedway was when League speedway finished at the Shay Grounds, Halifax at the end of 1985. I know there was circumstances there with having to move floodlight pylons in order to comply with new regulations and then being offered Odsal rent free, but Halifax Dukes speedway were an institution in the Town and had a decent hardcore support, indeed the speedway was the Towns best supported sport. Apparently Halifax averaged 3000 in 85 at the Shay while Bradford averaged 1000 in 86 at Odsal. I'm sure if speedway could have stayed at the Shay after 1985 then maybe the ground changes that took place there in the 1990's wouldn't have happened and the sport would still be staged there up to present times. I'm sure that speedway in Halifax would likely still be attracting some of the best crowds in Britsh speedway. If only Odsal could be transported over to Halifax. To summarise staging League speedway at Odsal would almost certainly not attract viable crowds but certainly with the shale track in place it could be viable for one off events, while a track in Halifax is the best hope for League racing in that part of the World.
  15. 25yearfan

    Ernie Baker

    Ernie Baker was an exciting team member in the first year of the new era track inside the stock car track Ipswich Witches back in 1969!

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