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  1. 25yearfan

    YOUR Ipswich

    John "Tiger" Louis getting better almost lap to lap in his formative years 1969 - 1972!
  2. 25yearfan

    John "Tiger" Louis R.I.P.

    One of Englands finest, and without doubt Ipswich Witches greatest ever rider. In fact theirs no doubt whatsoever that the emergence of the at the time 28 year old John Louis as a Foxhall 2nd half speedway rider near the end of the 1969 season who before had never sat astride a speedway machine before, then almost unbelievable rise up to 4th in the 1972 Wembley World Final 3 years later and top level service for the Witches until his 1981 departure to Halifax moulded Ipswich into one of the hotbeds of speedway. Johns swansong as a rider was as King's Lynn number one in 1983-84 when despite being in his 40's, well past his best and in an era when the top flight of British speedway was the strongest League in the planet he topped the teams averages in both seasons. R.I.P John Louis.
  3. 100% which goes back to what I said in my earlier post, speedway racing has been open to both males and females since 1988 so quite simply if a girl is the best option then she will get the ride! Unfortunately I feel Celina Liebmanns inclusion in the Comets team is a PC stunt rather than her being the best option!
  4. Great to see Workington speedway back at their natural level although I suspect the team may need strengthening at some point to avoid attendance levels dropping. I've never seen Celina Liebmann live in a meeting but from what I can make out from following her results over the last few years is I'd gauge her level at about a 7-8 point NL standard but a bit short of being competitive at Championship level. She needs 10 meetings to try and give herself a chance to get better but I'll be surprised if she lasts the season, though I hope she proves me wrong! I don't get all this recent clamour over females racing in speedway because the sport along with its cousins grasstrack and longtrack were made multi sex sports way back in 1988. Back then a handful of girls briefly rode for junior teams and Simon Cross' sister Julie Cross rode at Telford before many years of no girls until Jessica Lamb rode a few meetings in the 3rd Division in the early 00's.
  5. 25yearfan

    Swindon Stadium

    If the laws of the land are applied Osbourne and Co will be severely reprimanded for the planning breaches and the current application for change of use will be thrown out. A question for those who may know - With the stadium carpark now built on would it be possible for speedway to restart at Blunsdon stadium without such a facility? - Where would supporters park?
  6. 25yearfan

    Speedway Star

    Just noticed this! At my age computer basics get the better of me sometimes! Can I move my post into the Swindon stadium thread?
  7. 25yearfan

    Speedway Star

    If the laws of the land are applied then the planning breaches will be brought up and the changes of use proposed will be thrown out. A question to those who may know - With the old stadium car park now built on would it still be possible to stage speedway racing in front of four figures at Blunsdon Stadium without the car park? - Where would supporters park?
  8. 25yearfan

    Hans Andersen retires

    100%! Right decision to call it a day.
  9. 25yearfan

    Graham Drury RIP

    Not an easy man to get on with at times with his draconian, old style headmaster like management/ people skills but together with his wife he was a very good speedway administrator and manager. The fact the highly efficient Tony Mole employed the husband and wife team over a number of years at quite a few tracks speaks volumes. The indoor ice speedway meetings he promoted with Ian Thomas over many years and at many venues and different Countries were a big success and became a regular part of the speedway calender. Graham also had a decent racing career but like others have rightly stated, his riding abilities went under the radar somewhat mainly I think cause he rode in the 70's/80's golden period for British speedway when Britain had 3/4 times as many riders as they do now and spent many years at Hull Vikings when he was team mates with legends like Ivan Mauger, Barry Briggs, Kelly Moran and Dennis Sigalos. Presently British speedway could do with more riders and Managers as good as Graham Drury was.
  10. 25yearfan

    Brummies 2024...

    Most fans of closed tracks stop going to speedway, its proven. If even half of the defunct tracks fans went to other tracks then in theory Birmingham would be getting at least 2000 a week watching them already with Perry Bar being inbetween two of the best attended tracks in the Country of years gone by in Cradley and Coventry! In speedway terms Wolves were one of best attended tracks in the Country but I bet that no more than 2-300 of them at the most will go to Birmingham this coming season and that is even for odd visits. Fairplay to Tolley for putting his money where his mouth is but he is clutching at straws with weak teams and the only way he'll reduce his losses would be to have a team challenging for the title.
  11. 25yearfan

    Mike Parker - Saint or sinner?

    Mike Parker was everything you say he was! Speedway certainly would of been in a much worse state if the Provincial League of the early 60's and the new Second Division which started in 1968 hadn't actually occurred! In terms of being a ruthless Businessman closing down tracks, its easy to judge when its not your own money being lost. You can be the biggest speedway enthusiast in the World but continually losing money loses its appeal after a while. Mike Parker obviously got out of running loss making tracks as soon as he could and sold on the profitable ones eventually as well. You've only got to look at the publicised huge losses currently being incurred by Nigel Tolley in keeping speedway going at Birmingham to see that investors looking to make money out of speedway tracks in this Country wouldn't touch the vast majority of tracks with a bargepole. In years to come he won't be getting many plaudits for it as most would of forgotten it or are not around anymore to give them. I take it Mr Tolley must have a very successful Business away from speedway to subsidise the huge losses?
  12. 25yearfan

    Dream League

    My dream League set up in the UK would be 3 Divisions, British League, National League and Conference League of 20 teams each!
  13. 25yearfan

    Workington 2024

    I'll be surprised if she attains her 4pt assessed average but she is no dud, I reckon she'd be a 7-8pt averaged rider in the NDL. Good luck to her!
  14. 25yearfan

    Brummies 2024...

    Fair play to Tolley for putting huge amounts into bankroll speedway in Birmingham and also provide the few other tracks who make money another team to ride against thus helping to keep the League going. But one day he will tire of losing money at such an alarming rate so will get out and then who else would be prepared to take on the reins? Trouble is with speedway is the ageing fanbase, its an over 60's club and kids aren't interested or/and have no idea it exists. I suspect if you went into Ipswich Town Centre today with a clipboard and asked people who look like they are under 20 years old what is speedway a large percentage would have no idea and Ipswich is one of British speedways hotbeds and still get decent crowds. Birmingham is like London in that much of the population are ethnics who don't have any interest and likely don't know speedway exists while many of the original White British population have moved away from the City. London had speedway 5 nights a week in the immediate post war years which was before the ethnic migrations to this Country and as late as 1971 London had four speedway teams. Smaller Cities and Towns seem to fare better as knowledge of speedways existence is much more visible and is seen as part of the "fabric" of the area. - I think nowadays London could maybe support one speedway team but it would need a brave person prepared to sp*nk money at a level similar to Nigel Tolley in order to make it happen. The outside viewlines at Perry Bar aren't great but I suspect that more fans would put up with this if a successful promotion was in charge. And going with my instincts I'll be surprised if the Brummies 2024 are challenging to even get into the play off's. Many speedway fans have also been under the impression that the One stop shopping Centre wasn't available anymore for people going to speedway but its been mentioned on here in recent posts that is not technically the case if one knows the parking rules there. Surely the speedway promotion could make this clearer?

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