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  1. Firstly, I sent my best wishes to Josh Auty, and hope any injury sustained isn't major.. Racing got better as the night went on... track prep in hot hot weather must be difficult, well done to the lions track staff... Scorpions did themselfs proud tonight, not many teams will get 40+ at the lions den oh, the chippy was quality too
  2. coming up for this all being well.... its a night out init... hope the chippys still good
  3. ScunnyDan

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    At this rate, (still early days tho) the rider we need to drop is Aarnio... would BWD fit in Aarnios place?
  4. Conspiracy Theories with ScunnyDan - Scunny are winning this in 2019, we win at Glasgow, the night after we lost at home to Leicester, and no one expected anything out of scunny at Ashfield basically the same but replace Glasgow/Ashfield with Shielfield/Berwick now, back to the lagers
  5. Regarding the Scoreboard, due to Covid restrictions, I believe there can only be 2 in the refs box, so the operator for the scoreboard can't be in there... i could be wrong tho
  6. think me and paul's going to the second leg... it's a night out as for tonight... the shower pre meeting didn't help matters, but thats no excuse. We were beaten by the better team on the night, and congratulations to the Lions
  7. Good all round team performance tonight.. was awesome to have an atmosphere there too! Pick for rider of the night - Jordie Palin, if he can carry on riding like that, he'll be a star for the Scorpions, also very impressed with Josh MacDonald!
  8. http://scunthorpe-speedway.com/?p=12214 Lovely touch by the club
  9. Taken from the website ADMISSION Admission to the stadium for members of the public is through the turnstiles. There are marked lines outside the stadium – please also make sure you are socially distanced as you queue to get into the stadium. Please try to avoid turning up at the last moment. For those who have ordered their tickets online (which we recommend), please bring your ticket with you – either a physical copy or on your phone. The QR code (the matrix barcode) will be scanned to allow you entry to the stadium – please present to the staff at the entry point at the Eddie Wright Raceway and please also collect your programme. Please note that cash admission is also available – we will have one of the turnstile booths open for cash transactions. But those opting for cash payment will have to write down their address and details when they pay, so the quicker and preferred option is online payment.
  10. Im not 100% sure but I'd imagine 12 noon on match day
  11. is this one any better?
  12. There will be an updated poster probably tomorrow now we have some p/p images in.. in honesty, I got bored and fancied making a new one

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