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  1. Excuse my ignorance - is the Eurosport App different from Eurosport? I Have Eurosport 1 & 2 via BT and was unable to watch the SEC Round 1 on those channels. I was looking forward to watching Round 1 but that pleasure was denied to me. Is it now on You Tube ( I would watch it as I do not know the result - please don't tell me! ) But do tell me how I can watch future rounds, if you know. I would prefer to watch it on my Tv or or my computer but the link R&R put up would not enlarge from the much too small picture I got. Blessings,
  2. waytogo28

    Swindon Stadium

    And then there is my beloved Norwich and the promised new tracks...
  3. waytogo28

    Wolves Closure

    Speedway - Plans, cunning or otherwise? Baldrick a True Genius compared to ...but ........
  4. Various kinds of speedway "swindles" are always being added to the British domesic racing scene. One swindle is that now we are at the £1:50 p per race ( almost certainly when inc parking and the raceday magazine ). And that is without any of the "special" food and drink deals. I am amazed to see that early season / first night crowds have returned with a decent bang, so it's a matter of will they keep up to that level which appears to be the previous real average gare in many cases.
  5. waytogo28

    Craig Cook Sacked!

    Uninspiring from my perspective.
  6. I'm pleased to hear that and genuinely hope that, with the right attitude, he could still realise some of his potential.
  7. waytogo28


    So was I and just did, however if it is designed to be a "magazine" it failed dismally as it showed merely the highlights of the BV match that was shown live on Monday. And not a milisecond of KL V Ipswich . Why? And as for the Live overage it was exactly 30 mins of speedway racing ( including each race replayed ) 30 mins of so-so interviews and 90 mins of advertising. Will record it and watch it later in future to FF the copious ads.
  8. One more match like that aand we wiill likely hear Bridger say "That's it I can't make a living doing this". Should they be paying him a £3 - £5k guarantee per match?
  9. Yeah! A Norfolk Rocker and we saw off those namby pamby mods at Yarmouth, that's for sure! I remember the enormous great cheer as a scooter was thrown into the sea, best place for it - some say.
  10. Are they not, Remain in the Past Candidates?
  11. waytogo28


    Commentary & presentation "out of the top drawer" then. I hope that they have added 3 or 4 ( or even half a dozen!) new phrases to go into the new era?
  12. waytogo28


    That kind of shouting is never heard ( nor listened to ) and is viewed by Those Who Know Better as subversive and detrimental to the continued existence of the sport.
  13. My prediction for that is - mid September. "If you want to see top class speedway racing at Saddlebow Rd in 2022, start turning up in your droves " will be the cry.
  14. waytogo28

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Triples are for Snowlflakes, I genuinely remember the one day in my speedway supporting careeer when I fitted in - just - a Quadruple. Oxford in the morning and a double header at Rye House in the afternoon and Coventry in the evening! Back home to Northampton, Happy but cream crackered. It was over an Easter Weekend ( trying to find the diary that I recorded the matches in ).
  15. I wonder quite often if anyone with compassion or concern for what is happening to the sport, is "in charge".....

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