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  1. Very sad indeed to see this, but unfortunately not surprised good luck to all involved especially Rob, as a lot of people at the club know I only support Newcastle speedway so this would be a travesty for me to see my club go under. Sadly due to my physical limitations I don't see me returning to Brough anytime soon if ever, but rest assured I am still as passionate towards the club as I ever was. Best of luck Come on Newcastle speedway
  2. Well in that case why did we risk him in heat 15?
  3. Why do we take out Tero out of heat 13 and put him in heat 15?
  4. mike7164

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Well sadly you did as it was all the way back in 2005 not 2011 as you stated, I even have the dvd from the now defunct and reborn GRT Media!
  5. mike7164

    Hilton Valentine

    I was friends with Hilton personally for about 30 years, had a lot of good times with him, thanks for all the laughs mate I will never forget you RIP mate! My tribute to Hilton Valentine
  6. mike7164

    Stuart Robson

    Hi Dave, as you have rightly added it was David Ruud and the season was 2003 with bjannre pedrson on the job share
  7. mike7164

    Stuart Robson

    What is the lineup as I've not seen it? Also is there an address etc for people to send donations 4 people who can't attend the meeting and Stuart if you're reading this I would rather get someone to give it to you personally if not myself!!
  8. mike7164

    Newcastle 2020

    Thanks for your well wish I can confirm now that I am out of isolation and clear of a flu, although still very ill in hospital due to complications but sadly Stewart Robson meeting was the only meeting I was guaranteeimg looking to attend in 2020!
  9. mike7164

    Newcastle 2020

    Imo that shouldn't make any difference as he has not ridden for a long time now and there were far to many blank weeks in2019
  10. mike7164

    Newcastle 2020

    Sadly due to health reasons currently in hospital after having an operation and also developing the flu afterwards which was slow down the recovery I'm currently in isolation so sadly will not make Stuart Robson meatimg, which I am devastated as it would be probably one of the only meatings that I would have attended all year so I hope all goes well for him. Good luck Stuy! As for Newcastle not running the meeting I think it is shocking he finished his career with Newcastle so that is a shame on the diamonds, but not necessarily shame on Rob because he's just taken over at the club but shame on others that could of and should of done it earlier.
  11. mike7164

    Newcastle 2020

    Thanks Steve, off topic I know (well sort of) as the bspa website is in correct in these matters is the start time for stuy robson correct?
  12. mike7164

    Newcastle 2020

    29/03/20 1830 90th Anniversary Celebration, Newcastle has this time been amended as I am sure I red it was a 5pm start with the gates opening at 3pm? but the above details are taken from the bspa website!
  13. mike7164

    RIP Derek Fowlds

    Great thanks for the tip off!
  14. mike7164

    RIP Derek Fowlds

    Wow never heard those were they done at the time the show went out or after the sad and untimely death of Paul? or Nigel?

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