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  1. ruckerroo

    Oxford Spires 2024

    The riders are all out of position because magics been generally way below par , thats forced everything else .
  2. ruckerroo

    Ipswich v Birmingham KOC 2nd Leg 06/06

    Piotr needs the bullet
  3. they should be pulled up, its bad enough having no n1 but they arent trying a leg to get a permanent 1-7
  4. ruckerroo

    Leicester v Oxford 27th May

    A horrific boring dull spectacle
  5. ruckerroo

    Leicester v Oxford 27th May

    Slick as assholes
  6. Magic , just magic
  7. ruckerroo

    Brummies 2024...

    The worst thing brum did was sign ermolenko to manage, he couldnt teach pigs to be dirty. Alright being a great rider but management is a totally different game
  8. It was always a big risk signing starke who tbf had looked completely GATG for a couple of yrs, they very rarely do anything but dissapoint .
  9. Even shovlar will end up a Brennan fan as time goes by, he is by far the most progressive of the young brits.
  10. ruckerroo

    LIONS v BIRMINGHAM 25/4/24

    i think thats a bit unfair, admittedly his best tracks are the ones that are shut, smallmead and the abbey
  11. ruckerroo

    LIONS v BIRMINGHAM 25/4/24

    The only brummies worth their salt are Brennan and the temp signing now gone . That includes the shocking manager who you only have to listen too years of incoherent commentary to know he's not up to the task
  12. ruckerroo

    Birmingham v Leicester 15th April 2024

    Lampart is neigh good for a team that needs every rider performing
  13. You cant believe these 2 sides have team built too a limit such is the enormous gulf between them .
  14. There is a valid reason batchelor was one of the last riders signed up, no bugger wants anything to do with his stinking attitude .

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