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  1. Gaz

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    I don’t see the problem.. yes the track was different but should Alfie Bowtell, Dan Thompson and Ashley Morris be getting paid 34 points absolutely not! Redcar are a decent side but we should not be losing by 20 points. One or two of our riders are off the boil and thank god for Howarth and Barker otherwise it would of been a lot more. Hopefully we should see an improvement on Sunday
  2. Can you do it before the meeting starts next time
  3. Both by looks of it funny thing is he actually cleaned his window and put the 2 mins straight on practically.
  4. Fair play for the statement and apology
  5. Shambles of a meeting!! Problems with the electrics, then ref couldn’t see because of the sun!! Crashes and delays due to waiting for ambulance (obvs not Redcar’s fault). People walking out while awaiting for heat 10 which was ran after the curfew as they had obviously had enough, or was sick of hearing Roy talk rubbish in cheering on his new favourite team! Delay after delay and any new fans unfortunately will not return.
  6. Match off according to BSPA website.
  7. Cracking win for the boys, well done to them all! Our team might not be as good as some other teams but you can never fault their effort. They are improving each week and a sterling performance from Steve was always going to help. Hopefully the stay away fans will return now we have proven we can win and will beat some teams at home over the course of the season. Bjarne being back at brough next week will also hopefully help get a few more back.
  8. 2+1 by Jack Parkinson-Blackburn each week is fine by me. I know one was gifted but did well with his other point and rode well all night. If he can get his gating boots on he can score a couple more points easily. Proctor was just pulling up at the back each race and strolling over the line. He was shocking and as you say shadow of what he was.
  9. So going by Johns comment about tickets sold, after all Robs efforts, some fans have only gave it one home match to decide they won’t be back!! Cheers to them people.. in a time of need when the diamonds needed them!
  10. Well done everyone let’s keep it going.. especially a massive thank you to fans and promoters of other teams who have kindly donated.
  11. Unfortunately I don’t think they would, many years ago when we had a brilliant gems team there was never a great crowd. On Sunday I know some people on here have said it took a little while in between matches but at least half if not more of the crowd started drifting away. It’s a shame as it was a decent match. Hopefully we can get to the end of the season and these restrictions will finally get removed so we can go back to normal. Unfortunately unless your a diehard I think people just tend to either go now and again or they will go and watch other sports. Some people will only go and watch successful / ambitious teams ie South Shields and hebburn in the football for about £7 per match. Now is the time Granty and the boys need us more than ever.. with Worrall in on Sunday , nice weather, Father’s Day.. have a night at the speedway and support the underdog!
  12. The problem is there has probably only been an average of about 600 diehards who will go each week before covid.. and now it seems to be even less if we can’t sell out for what looks like a cracking match. We can’t afford to lose our beloved Diamonds so it’s time to back the team of underdogs and enjoy the victories that come. We have thankfully finally got rid of the old promotion so it’s time to back the new one and after this season hopefully we will be able to bring in even better riders and as Granty has always said he wants success. It would be a shame for the gems as I think they had a chance of winning the league and have looked good this season.
  13. Gaz

    Newcastle 2020

    Absolutely amazing news. Thank you Rob and to everyone involved. It sounds like he is in it for the long haul and bringing more entertainment for families and people in general. Roll on the new season! Come on the Diamonds
  14. Totally agree about Roy Clarke. Some people like him, some don’t. I think he is hopeless and might as well of had a Redcar coat on tonight! How any true diamonds fan can go on like that is unbelievable! I thought the promotion for a change were a bit ruthless and tried to improve the team unlike other years and I have to give Martin credit for that. Ostergaard came in and did brilliantly and Max Clegg has been brilliant to watch all season.
  15. It was interesting to read some stuff in the programme last night, it seems Worrall has tried to improve things and spent a great deal of money on engine tuning but hasnt seemed to of work. You cant really fault a rider for trying to improve himself and get better scores for us. People have been disappointed with him as his scores have dropped off but for the first half of the season him, Matty and Max had carried us and recently only Clegg has continued that. Worrall was back to gating well and looking quick with paid 8 from his 3 rides and it was good to see. It was also great to see Matty back to his usual self and Jorgensen doing much better and you could see how much it meant to him after what looked like a puncture in heat 15. Ulrich and Danny were also gating well and only Bjerre looked to be a concern but looked a different rider when gated. In Worrall's 1st 19 matches to mid July he had double figures scores in 14 of then and his other scores included a paid 12, 9, 9, 8 and 6+1 so no one can complain at that and are the scores of a real number 1. Hopefully last night will give them a bit confidence even though it was only against Birmingham for the final.

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