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    WITH all four GP qualifying rounds being held the same weekend, but only one on a Monday, anyone with any intelligence (pigs might fly) would have ensured that Belle Vue's two top riders weren't in the Abensberg meeting and could have been at the NSS fort the match against KL instead. And please don't tell me that it is an open draw...
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    He delivered the rotten tomatoes
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    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Another thread on the decline of Speedway
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    Taking that one (dangerous) stage further......too many EX speedway fans get accused of being negative, when they are only stating the facts.
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    Too many speedway fans get accused of being negative, when they are only stating the facts.
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    You're very lucky to not be a Stars fan as you would be hung, drawn and quartered for comments like that. They're getting a very touchy bunch if you talk negative.
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    I would actually laugh if the changes are made and it makes you loads stronger. Just can't wait to see Gav post about it!! I agree with Mr Hyabb though. I don't think the British League can attract anyone decent who isn't riding here already and if someone was tempted before then I'm sure the Vac incident at Swindon would have put paid to that.
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    I will be enjoying the racing this evening. The result on Monday means that progression to the KO Cup Semi Finals is very unlikely for Rye House but that does not mean we won't have a good evening of speedway.
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    I can't understand what all the problems are about. I get Credit Card offers sent to me every day. Does Chris have a bad credit rating?
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    Twas the best six man team British Speedway will ever see
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    It's how the bike looks as well, the other week, a NL rider and mechanic spent best part of 2 hours piddling about with those spoke straws, all nicely colour coordinated, ish, with rest of guards/covers, but in their quest for making bike look good, they failed to notice a broken spoke!! The one with the balancing weight, which was swinging more than the swinging footrest!!! Very nearly missed his first race....
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    you made a mistake starman not a big deal,just write" oops sorry my mistake" dont continue the argument with endless twists and meaningless comments
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    Spot on. .. And some will say "we have had guests for donkeys years"... And indeed we have, however... The days of turning up at a track, without any prior knowledge, and being peed off to find out PC wasn't there and that another teams' best rider replaced him have long, long gone... Sweden and Poland run fixed nights and don't use guests.... Their Championships therefore have credibility... We run the same system and still have guests... Meaning our Championships don't have credibilty.. It's interesting we didn't use one fixed night like Sweden. So as, I presume, to facilitate the use of guests... And then our version of 'two fixed nights' is actually three, and that all fixtures are arranged, it would appear, to again, facilitate guest replacements, unlike Poland, who with their three nights still don't use guests.. What you got away with in years gone by, doesn't mean in this age of 'instant news' you can still get away with it today... When we found out PC wasn't there after we had paid our hard earned to get in, we often moaned to each other, but it was to the 10 or so people around you.... Nowadays you know BV are missing riders days in advance and instead of moaning to ten people, literally thousands on various forums get to read it... And then make their decision to attend the fixture... With many, 100% understandably, deciding against it.. If you don't run any Sport with credibility and integrity, you simply cannot complain when you struggle to generate decent crowds every week. And when you add on that winning that Sports Championship's mean very little (by the very way they are won), and you have real problems I would suggest..
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    Brought home to me recently when someone asked me who was my favourite rider. Suddenly realised things had gone so far that I had not got one and probably had not for some time
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    Ok, so now the GTR is all but dead and buried, who were the winners and losers with this folly. Losers were definitely the Riders who got sucked in, and the BSPA. Not sure who the winners were.
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    HOW hard would that have been ... no other country races on a Monday.
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    Least I'll save a score + petrol now
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    Smederna's attendance tonight is 6011 people.
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    Matty drops to reserve from 26th May (GSA 4.00) and Ash moves into the main body (1-5).
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    If both Holder's ride for Poole not sure Chris can keep Jack in check! As for Kyle Newman i know he has had injuries and i do like him but i don't think he will ever be a 6-7point rider in the premiership.
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    All rides taken in a meeting are included in the GSA.
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    An exit plan.........
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    Actually mate I think there are a lot of people that are loving speedway at lynn at the moment. I talk to a few people on the stands. There are very few negative oppinions. Problem is people on forums like a moan. The only problem the other night was the excessive grading but you definitely can't moan about racing or the team! I hope other fans don't think lynn is a bad place to be because of the comments of a few depressants. Many of whom don't even go often or if at all. Your oppinion is only worth 1. Much like mine and the other people who go. The only difference is you guys use the forum daily or hourly even. It taints the club and the sport in general! That's just 1 oppinion though. My 1, your 1 would disagree and I guess it's a free world. But I hope people who read know you are in the minority.
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    Easy home win :- 1 We are not riding that well away 2 Poole is not a good track for us. Unlike jokers like Shovlar, I can be realistic.
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    I'm going to leave it there because with all due respect it's difficult to reason with somebody who is only interesed in running the club down at any opportunity.

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