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    I think the better way would have been that in the event of a 3-3, the top scoring side are the winners. Not just because GB were top scorers, but to make more value of those 40-odd races beforehand. So the second top scoring side would need a 4-2 to win. Talking of that final, I was disappointed at the end, and commented on here that we might have won if Tai had slowed the race, but when you see Tai's comments, they make sense. Basically, we went into that race with a winning mentality - to go and win the heat and, thus, go in and attack the race. Race positively. I can see the validity in that, even though it never worked (mainly because the Russians had a very strong pair and it was unlikely either of them would finish last). In the end, Robert Lambert was very close to passing Emil at the end of the race, but never, so the tactic never worked. But they went into the race with the mindset to go out and take the race, and the main reason they never was because Russia were on a 5-1 on the first lap so GB became every man for himself.
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    If the final race is a 3-3 then the rider who wins the final he's team are champions, simple really. Races should always be about winning regardless if it's a pairs meeting. Trying to slow races down is dangerous and makes no sense
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    If he was 'recalled at the last minute' why was he listed in the Holsted team line-up for tonight before the weekend?!
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    I am very sorry to hear the news. When I wrote my history of Rye House, I spoke to many people involved with the club from promoters and managers to riders and fans. All of them had nothing but praise for Kelvin. He was an absolute hero to many and was undoubtedly Mr Rye House to them. This is a passage from my book that summed up his contribution to Rye House: "On 16 September [1990], in the home match against Glasgow, Mullarkey fell and never again returned to the track. It was a sad end for the Rockets’ most loyal servant. Nevertheless his fifteen year career as a Rye House rider had been a wonderful example to other riders. His exuberant never-say-die attitude had been an outstanding feature of the team for ten years. He had been a heat leader for seven years, captain of the team that won the cup in 1979 and the league in 1980 and was responsible for holding the team together in the potentially disastrous 1981 season. His commitment to the team was second to none as his massive tally of bonus points in 1979 and 1980 in particular showed. From September 1975 until he left for Canterbury on loan at the start of the 1983 season, he did not miss a single match for Rye House, racking up a total of 295 consecutive league appearances. In 1989, at the age of 38, he made himself available to answer the call of the club when they were in desperate trouble and did the same again in 1990. There is no doubt that Mullarkey has written himself in to the Rye House record books as the most popular rider ever to wear the Rockets’ colours." Because of this I featured him on the front cover of the book and everyone I spoke to afterwards agreed he was definitely the right choice for the cover. R.I.P. Kelvin and sincere condolences to family and friends.
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    Thanks for that splendid accolade! Losing Kennett has probably seen off Rye’s season now especially at home. Roll on next season when we hopefully will be back in the Championship.
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    I have changed my mind over the last few weeks. I do see that a decisive final is required, now. Not just for a TV climax but also because it also keeps the later heats alive and hotly contested by many teams. Don't have a final And you'll get a lot of dead races. Just look at the British Final on Monday. It would have been dead after heat 16 as Robert had an unassailable lead at that point. I feel that both teams should go into the final capable of winning. Whichever side wins a heat advantage in the final wins the tournament . But if there is a 3-3 in the final then that is a tie and on 'countback' the team with the higher qualifying score is the winner. Same rules in the heat 43 race off between 2nd and 3rd scorers.
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    can't see the point in bringing any of those in , hardly be a improvement think panthers missed the boat not signing kus for bacon , might have got away with r/r for grondal then ,i'm not saying ellis perks is a bad signing tho
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    Only in front of Tv camera's IMO .
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    But Greg is Mr Nice Guy? Back in Sudden Sam's heyday Gino would have been riding a Blomfeldt tuned rocket ship before you knew it and Sam sitting behind him and nursing him home
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    Not long home from the incredible experience of the NSS . First tine i had been there and i was blown away by the place . The track is stunning and it produced speedway we all crave , but rarely get . A worthy winner , the sky is the limit for young Lambert . And watching young Bewley round there is a joy to behold . Beautiful weather , fantastic racing and the feel good factor returning to the future of British Speedway . Thanks to whoever suggested the Diamond Lodge to me . A good few fans in there and the craic and the beer fliowed into the wee small hours . Loved my whole day out there , cant wait to go back
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    Pulling out an old programme from your collection is like hearing that old tune on the wireless, seeing an old photograph from your prime. Can’t beat that feeling… glancing down the line-up, the blank racecard and remembering your youthful anticipation, the team line-ups, riders you’d never heard of… a blank programme as we entered the unknown for the next 90 minutes. I couldn’t get rid of my collection - 40 years of my life.
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    Still buy it 'cos not everything appears online - habit of a life time - then pass it on to my mother!!
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    Improved performance from IOW against Plymouth with a narrow victory,, and a sensational debut for Alfie Bowtell 17 points,this is just what the lad needs a great confidence boost.......,It has to be said that Plymouth were unfortunate to lose Roynon to injury in his 3rd ride or the result may have gone the other way,,,,wish him well for a speedy recovery
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    Maybe,but trying to slow down high powered motorbikes is an accident waiting to happen
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    Can't agree with that, it's about getting both team members over the finish line before the opponent's two riders, as it should be. If a rider dashes off into the distance every time with no regard for his teammate a la Milik that's not pairs/team speedway.
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    Looks like we will do http://www.poolepirates.co/news/2018-06-11_tough-finals-night-for-richie.html
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    I’d say Shanes is better than Grondal and also a point and a bit under him?
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    My guess would be OUT Bjerre Smith Gravesen IN Josh g Nicol Georgie wood
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    Similar to Manzares. Slowing is very dangerous when it goes wrong and riders are on the limit
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    I asked Ove and his mechanic, Les Mullins, about this story once. They said that it was a good story and laughed!
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    We obviously had a plan but it didn't survive the first two bends, after which the Russians were in front. Bit difficult to come up with plan B in the middle of a speedway race. Out of interest, how many times in the whole SoN did a rider in front successfully slow a race down to let his partner get through?
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    Hopefully this meeting signifies the start e new era in British Speedway at last we have a few who look like they could reach the top. Lambert was superb and Bewley pretty impressive. Had not liked Lambert up till this juncture but possibly a lot of previous perceptions of him were more down to his mother.
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    Morris will be in the 1-5 for the first time with Cameron dropping to reserve so that will be interesting. With the rebels unbeaten at home will be happy with a point from this one
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    Special mention for Scott Nicholls who rode bravely and with great determination.
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    It's sad (that was edited!) that a serious attempt to make a point about the relative state of speedway in response gets petty point-scoring drivel from the usual suspects. Tony mentioned that he couldn't comment on ice hockey. I don't have involvement with that sport these days but their league structure until recently has been similar to ours, with a small top division supported by a middle section of around a dozen clubs but then, unlike us, regionalised hockey in the third and fourth tiers. I noticed when taking a look at the structure during the winter that their second tier appeared to have self-destructed with the former members now picking up the pieces in the regionalised minor leagues. Yes, we're not the only sport with problems but we are the only one where it ios pressures from overseas that are damaging the sport domestically. I've said before the BSPA has its great limitations but I rather feel sorry for them trying to face up to the onslaught of Poland, BSI and One Sport and having to surrender weekends for the top tier in response. They weren't really equipped for the battle. Football is a sport apart, if only for the money. You only have to look at the success of Manchester City and Chelsea, backed up by virtually unlimited subsidy from private individuals and their businesses to see that the sport side is rapidly disappearing. Sadly football has been relentlessly hyped so far in the 25 years since it sold its soul to Murdoch that normal economic factors are long gone. Despite protests the clubs can practically charge what they like and run up debts with impunity that they can walk away from, just creating new phoenix clubs where necessary when it gets too bad. People though let them get away with it because football is simply too important to them, and they will put up with anything and pay anything for their 'fix'. I use that last word carefully. Yes, UK speedway's in a state, but it's far from being all the BSPA's fault. With skills which they sadly don't possess they might have been able to deflect some of the harm done by foreign pay-days but. in reality they were on a hiding to nothing. It might help if the 'supporters' who mouth off here might actually see the bigger picture than whingeing about 'watered down' leagues and accepted that structural change is sadly vital and on the whole we simply can't afford to pay the top talent, although some are somehow finding the cash. More fool them. It's time for the genuine speedway fans to stand by their sport, make allowances and for those who are simply in it for championships and the 'glamour' of names to let the rest of us try to enjoy what we still have and work to rebuild the sport rather than play pathetic 'whooshing' and 'fishing' games in this forum. The BSF should be a sounding board for ideas to rescue and rebuild UK speedway. Sadly it seems that's beyond the playground mentalities of too many 'heroes' hiding behind their hilarious false names.

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