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    Give over you killjoy, they guys enjoyingnhis racing, he's Mr entertainer. Nothing wrong with it. BTW Kemp is class
  2. 5 points
    Absolutely. That was how Speedway should be last night. A massive crowd, without doubt the biggest of the season so far - so much so I ventured to the back straight to view as my usual spot was packed. Meeting ran through perfectly without needless delays. Even with an interval after heat 12 the meeting was Finished by 9 o'clock. As I've also said previously, that is the best I've seen the track prepared this season too. Great stuff.
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    Couldn't agree more, CR. Every now and then I walk out of a meeting feeling that British speedway is still alive and kicking, and that was how I felt last night.
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    Think all tracks should do it if it improves the track and ultimately the racing. Just be a bit more discreet about it.
  5. 4 points
    Excellent meeting last night. Big crowd, well run, and chips at Burnham on sea. Perfect day out!
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    A couple of points. As DWP pointed out it is illegal to “dispose” of oil in an inappropriate manner. Disposing of oil on the track is inappropriate unless it was caused by machinery failure, in which case best efforts should be made to contain the spillage and then clean it up and properly dispose of the contaminated material. On the subject of the “Castrol R” smell, this was created because “old school” engines had total loss oil systems whereby oil was pressure fed into the engine and then burnt within the engine and emitted through the exhaust system. Today’s engines use a a recirculating system and so the oil is not burnt and thus does not cause the “Castrol R” effect in tha same way that it did. In the interests of speedway as a whole, I think it might be wise to stop all discussions relating to oil spillage and let the club carry out an internal investigation.
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    That’s uncalled for - but not unexpected now your team are winning - the cockiness has returned
  8. 4 points
    The sport needs more entertainers like him not less. Whoever he has rode for has loved seeing him celebrate like he does.Crowd reacts to it,which makes for a better atmosphere.The better the atmosphere,the more he does to celebrate.Hope he continues to do it. Great come back from the lads last night. There's a great spirit amongst them right now. Determined to keep that league record in place
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    Really good set up down there at The Oaktree. Once the track had dried out some good racing, far better than at the Abbey. 7 out of 15 race winners for Swindon, but 14 last places! Bellego flying for 3 races then burnt out 2 clutch plates in final 2. Muesli unbeatable in last 3, almost fencing Holder in heat 15! Batch strangely out of sorts, though he has been excellent all season. Luckily Doyle wasn't racing or they may have hit 60. Rebs deserve to be in playoffs. Never seen so many animals around a stadium, dogs, goats, peacocks, chickens, its a cross between a zoo and motor cycling arena! Friendly bunch of local yokels, apart from result an enjoyable evening. Great support from Wiltshire, bumper crowd. Meeting ran at fast pace, back indoors for 10.30, 70 miles, driving on the motorways.
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    Does this happenat other tracks? Hilarious how so many people spectacularly missed Robert Lambert's point on Twitter. Not sure if it was lack of brain cells or an inability to read properly.
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    Here is a link to the Echo, where there a load of photos (99) from last nights meeting, including the Harris crash. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/16392293.chris-harris-walks-away-from-horror-crash-as-in-form-pirates-thrash-kings-lynn/ Very disappointed with NKI and Roberts comments. They were beaten fair and square on a superbly prepared race surface. Some excellent racing, despite the score. Certainly more entertaining than last week! Nothing wrong with the oil, just maybe could have been more subtle about it. There is not a single track in the country that hasnt or still does it. Most tracks pour some oil into the water bowser and then it gets spread more evenly. Nothing to see here.
  12. 3 points
    You make it sound so easy ... So it must be true. I would love to watch Championship level Speedway for £10 to £12 in 2019. But returning to planet Earth ....
  13. 3 points
    IF there is any fine it is more likely to be from outside speedway via council/enviromental agencies There is no justification for a speedway fine or points deduction
  14. 3 points
    FFS Dock points - unbelievable for something that happened after a meeting. Fine them - well yes in this environmentally sensitive age I'd go along with that but only if the money went to the Ben Fund.
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    Lynn got stuffed - expected There was oil on the track - not expected Shovlar is gloating - expected Situation normal. If only speedway racing was this exciting BTW best wishes to all riders injured last night.
  16. 3 points
    I thought it was a very slick performance!
  17. 2 points
    Tarnow v Gorzow Sunday July 29th all heats short version https://www.cda.pl/video/2491914ba?wersja=720p Wroclaw v Czestochowa Sunday July 29th all heats short version https://www.cda.pl/video/2491959f5?wersja=720p
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    That really works. You Doctor a track after the meeting has taken place and there are no more meetings for over a week.
  19. 2 points
    C Harris must be made of rubber, some of the most awful crashes I've seen have involved Harris, and every time he's walked away.............thankfully.
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    Totally agree 35 points using Premiership averages is 45.5 at this years Championship level A 10% increase in rider quality yet there is an expected reduction in admission from around £16 to £10 Pie in the sky
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    Love them or hate them Poole are setting the benchmark at the moment and last night we fell an alarmingly long way short. Even with the first choice reserves back next week this team looks a signing or two short of the required standard due to the patchy form of key riders. One doubts whether the resources and will to change things is there unfortunately. As for the comments of Lambert and Puk, both are entitled to their say and neither we're anything to do with sour grapes or sore losing but it's another example of how most people on Twitter are thick and don't actually read and understand what is written but just pile in with stupid comments. Robert's comments weren't even about the quality of the racing surface. Anyway time to regroup for two tough matches against the Aces next week.
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    ONE LEAGUE CAN WORK AND IS THE ONLY ANSWER At present we have 18 tracks in the Premiership and Championship and with Lakeside closing, hopefully Rye House will be back plus hopefully two tracks can move up from the National League as teams would be built to Championship strength, not as was done in 96 when lower teams were made to get in star riders. With twenty tracks you have 19 home and 19 away plus being at Championship level it means tracks can rave on their chosen race night. It also means the only doubling up would be with NL riders who would be number sevens and protected. ENOUGH RIDERS - Yes there will as you will have twenty riders moving in from the NL plus you have new riders in from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, America and many more countries to cover for the spaces left by riders that were doubling up. Fixed race ace nights were only bought in to stop riders that were doubling up missing fixtures in the other league and not to encourage top riders to return to the country that can't afford them. By racing in one league tracks can use their chosen race night and have weekly meetings instead of gaps of weeks waiting for the next home meeting. IMPORTANT RULES REQUIRED PREMIERSHIP AVERAGES - Although teams will be competing at a level that is like the Championship is now, it has to be done using all riders on Premiership averages either set or assessed and done to one decimal, not two. Therefore a rider on 7.18 is actually 7.1 to avoid teams being 0.02 over the limit which is in effect one point in 50 races over. By using Premiership averages you will have riders like Rory Schlein, Craig Cook or Nick Morris on real averages instead of stupid 13.12 assessed averages that are not achievable and riders from the Championship that are on 6.22 in the CL being assessed at 4.7 (4.78) and teams will start with realistic figures. FOREIGN RIDERS - these are welcome to join or stay unless they decide riding in Europe is more beneficial however many will be happy to have 38 league meetings here and still able to ride abroad when they can. Riders can take priority in their home nation but otherwise commit to British Speedway. HOWEVER all foreign riders coming in or already here must have an assessed average if they are below that average at present. So so a rider like Erik Riss has an average of say 6.4 but his brother Mark has an average of 4.4. As German riders coming in would have an assessed average of 5.0. Mark Riss would have to use that assessed average until he reaches that standard so he will never drop below that 5.0 and if he was actually averaging 4.2 and misses a meeting, his team can only use a guest upto his real average of 4.2 and low and behold most of these would be British riders thus giving them more meetings. POINTS LIMIT would be set at 35 working out the common average of riders here and who could possibly come in as NL drafts would mostly be 2.0 riders but as all foreign riders will be at least 4.0 minimum, all reserves would mainly be young British riders and all teams must track at least THREE British riders which is easily obtainable. This his gives you weekly fixtures at home, a varied fixture list with no repeats, more spaces for British riders and all on the race night suited to each track. If you run this and then after a year you can get the top and bigger clubs to add a top level league in 2020 by using their top five riders in the one big league and add any TWO star riders from a choice of three signed to the club. These meetings would be run on a Monday (just as BT matches would be in the one big league in 2019) and if eight teams want to also run these meetings they would have seven home and seven away meetings over the season. Each track would be involved in one home and one away meeting each month meaning they cover 14 set Monday nights which is filmed by BT. However BT can also film a few other Monday's showing the one big league meetings making 20-22 live TV meetings. In the one big league, tracks would be encouraged to get admission prices down to £10 or £12 maximum as wage bills won't be as high as present for many and the tracks then also running the top level meetings can charge £20 as you get the chance to see Wolves with Woffinden, Lindgren (or Pawlicki) with Thorssell compete against Swindon with Doyle, Sayfutdinov (or Musielak) with Morris. ONE BIG LEAGUE VARIED FIXTURES MORE BRITISH RIDERS REDUCED ADMISSION (£10 hopefully) YOUR SEVEN RIDERS ARE JUST YOURS WEEKLY FIXTURES
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    Typical from you,so when Poole were losing at home it was ok for their riders to criticize the track.But when the away team lose and they criticize the track you want the book thrown at them.I seem to think you are a being a bit childish too.So Poole riders can say what they want about the track but no other riders from other clubs are allowed to criticize it.It again is all about Poole in your blue tinted spectacles.
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    Well, that's pretty poor thinking! You're based in Scotland, but don't fancy what is, by class of rider, one of the biggest meetings in Britain this year. Right on your doorstep. Where else will you see Tai or Chris H this year? As OveFundinFan said above, major sponsors are to be welcomed, not scorned - and if you don't want to pay a booking fee, just turn up with your cash in hand, and don't pay one.
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    After last night we might as well see if Bacon wants the gig once Nathan has recovered, at least he was putting in some effort. As others have said the horse has bolted, the 'we're waiting to see how the removal of the Rye House scores affects the averages' comment was a load of gollox to keep the easily pleased happy. As much as we laugh at Ford for chopping, changing and showing bugger all loyalty, at least he's trying to do more than win home matches & scrape into the playoffs. After doing a great job the last couple of years CVS has resorted to type, 'do sod all, the season will soon be over'.

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