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    Why is all this guff about league structures being discussed on the Newcastle thread, at a time the very future of the Diamonds is in real doubt, and the concentration of minds and offered opinions should be about the club's survival?
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    Everyone looks at things differently . For me at least we have speedway . The club was up for sale and nobody came in , as a sponsor for a few years now I could not see a way of making it work and I completely understand why Matt decided to open up a new business opportunity, however he could have just closed it down but didn’t giving us fans a chance to watch the sport we love. Now it’s up to us to support it or if we don’t then accept it could be the last we see of it. the sad thing is that the sport as a whole needs a revamp or the closure of clubs will continue. whoever you support just keep it up Save our Speedway
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    It baffles me when people make judgements when no one has been announced! Plus staying away on a permanent basis only means the club would be lost. Surely if the racing is good does it matter who the riders are? I think the standard in the CL is more level than in the PL, so should be close.
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    It's still open so Mr Shovlar can pretend that Poole are still at the top table and that all those years of telling us that Poole is the shining example of how to run a professional top flight club and Matt Ford's vision of what the top flight should be hasn't all been proven wrong.
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    You're dead right, mate. In the 'eighties, the Fearman regime had ground the (big league) club into the ground, the track was awful and entertainment nil. They folded, in came Stewkesbury & Ansell with their National League (as was) competition, racing was close and going to Wimborne Road became a pleasure, not a chore. And the Pirates are still sailing!
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    Middlo to continue as Team Manager for 2020 but will share responsibilities for the northern away meetings due to the health of his dad Ken and his weekend business commitments. ( BBC RADIO SOLENT today).
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    On the first point, you are absolutely right. But there are so many on here who think they have all the ideas, only they don't. And as I said, the crucial point is that while they are very happy to speculate with others money they won't risk a penny of their own. On the second point, I can't be certain of how much money riders make or don't make although be very surprised if any rider doubling up between the Premiership and the Championship 'barely makes a profit'. Very surprised indeed. I consider that uncontrolled doubling up is a blight on the sport in this country and we only have it so that riders can double their earnings. Because of that we have fixed race nights, and that has closed one club (Rye House) put another up for sale (Sheffield) and meant that a third (Poole) has had to drop out of a league which they have pretty much dominated. Riders demand that tracks are prepared how they want them, not what is best for the spectator and thus the sport itself. Its little wonder that in a facebook post recently Gordon Pairman said that while fans point fingers at promoters for the sports financial difficulties, riders are to blame. I don't totally agree, but he has a point.
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    I know it's unusual for anyone involved in speedway to actually talk about money but it would be nice if the promoters told us how much money they need to run next year and then possiblly the true fans migt be able to help.
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    Really nice to have the same team, obviously depending on the last rider to be named. Last year was my first going to and supporting Eastbourne (and taking in a couple of away meetings, especially the Leicester/Eddie heat 15 "awesome" to quote my grandson, ride) after other clubs I've followed closed, although only been there regularly for 2019 it really feels like the fans are included and wanted and made to feel part of the club, I'll definitely be back next season and some silverware at the end of it would be nice but as long as Eastie have a team that feels like they are happy riding together and try their best and a club that continues to include the fans I'll be happy.
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    100% committed for all home meetings and the southern away derbies!!
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    Very similar traits I would think - in fact almost identical I would imagine!!!
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    I don't think we are more fickle than any other team and Middlo is loved by everyone at Poole and we all want him to stay.
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    Big fan of Kyle and think he was badly treated at Brum as was Ullrich and both did very well end of season in proper roles (2nd strings) at new Clubs with pressure off. Brennan was excellent at Perry Barr just before his injury. Have to agree Kyle and Brennan are solid looking and who did Eastie start with at second string last year ??. was it Morley and Bowtell? Wish Kyle all the best for 2020 top lad!
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    Not surprised at the speed some want to get away from Ipswich!! Going that fast we'd have done better with SS than Jack Holder!!
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    REALLY There is a clue in the name Speedway Promoters !! Of course its self interest these people are sinking Thousands of pounds into the promotion Would you not be SELF Interested !! i bloody would I for one dont blame Keith Chapman for packing it in If i were him i would
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    CL racing is just as determined as Premiership
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    I certainly believe that more could be done to make the racing better, but once again it seems to me rider interests are put above those of fans. I once complained about the dust at a track and asked for watering, only to be told that the riders don't like it so it wasn't going to happen. If the sport continually puts the needs of paid employees above paying spectators attendances will go down - that's pretty obvious, and it has to change. I have always believed that trying to get people back is a waste of time and speedway should concentrate more on new fans. Those who used to go tend to complain about matters that have been in force for decades, trying to give the impression that they only came in two or three seasons ago. They are overwhelmingly - and occasionally bizarrely - negative in an attempt to justify why they don't go, and make unreasonable demands as conditions to return. Why on earth chuck money at such people ?
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    I am far from convinced that fans do either. They suggest that points limits, tactical rides, rider replacement and guests cause people to walk away, ignoring the fact that all have been in existence in the sport for half a century. Cut the prices they say, ignoring the fact that when that has been done clubs have usually sustained heavy financial losses. Its too expensive. Belle Vue costs £18 and I see at least one world class rider (usually two) every week. Halifax Town costs £20, and they aren't even in the Football League. By that comparison, speedway is cheap. They criticise the play off system, disregarding the fact that it is a huge success in terms of revenue and that it is now common practice elsewhere. They compare speedway to other sports, ridiculing its rules, its practices, its procedures. Speedway is about as similar to football as an elephant is to a haddock and any comparison is just as valid. I am sure I have even read that speedway should be marketed as a sport for those aged 40 or over, a bit like crown green bowling. Total nonsense. Speedway is for all ages, and should be promoted that way. As to the ageing attendance, I think that's a myth. Barry Bishop told me that less than 15% of his crowds are of pensionable age. But the most telling fact is that while some claim to have all the answers, ask them to put their money where their mouth is and they are running for the hills. Quite willing to gamble others funds, they won't stake a single penny on their - occasionally hare brained - schemes, which shows just how confident they are about their success. While I deplore the utter contempt that most - but not all - members of the BSPA have for this forum, they can justifiably point to that in describing us as 'keyboard commandos'. All I know is that speedway has to start treating its paying customers as paying customers and not run the sport for the benefit of the riders, because that's how it is at the moment. Even with things as desperate as they are, clubs still find time to treat its fanbase like dirt. Sheffield's Damian Bates, faced with huge criticism over an underperforming team and a dreadful track, found time to slag off the clubs fans last season. Faced with similar criticism over an equally dreadful track, instead of listening Plymouth's Mark Phillips chose to ban those who were being critical. When you choose to treat the lifeblood of the sport that way, you get all you deserve.
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    Just have to correct the statement slightly We knew there were a host of teams looking to sign him, so we had to act fast offer a shed load of money to get him on board.
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    Not to worry - we'll possibly get the next best thing!!?
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    Going to Wimborne Road is always a pleasure. Its not called the Four Point Arena for nothing!
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    While the racing is the most important part for me by far given that I've never really supported a team it'll be interesting to see what happens at Swindon next year if they aren't as successful. Time and again it has been proved that while fans all say the quality of racing is the most important factor the fact is that a winning team is what brings people through the gate these days.
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    Congratulations to max clegg on winning the National League rider of the year yesterday at the SGB awards evening.Well deserved.
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    Scott nicholls confirmed
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    Happy environment interesting. I’d say more high pressure.

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