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    Priti Patel is truly the worst of a terrible bunch though. You'd think by the law of averages that you'd get a slightly better one eventually, but they just seem to get worse and worse.
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    Didn't I read somewhere that a group of serial BSF doom and gloom merchants went for a drink together and spotted a sign saying "Happy Hour" so they all left ?.
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    I think to be fair to any of those who run the sport, they are not 'proper' sports' administrators... Just well meaning people who find themselves leading others of the same persuasion.. The top sports have a separate leadership team from the owners of the clubs, which means professionals can be brought in to strategically move the sport forwards. With their performance being measured by the owners.. Many of these people will get their positions through previous experience in similar roles and (possibly most importantly), a list of business and media contacts who can get the cut through needed to generate the right financial backing and publicity.. Speedway (in the UK), has never countenanced such a notion, preferring to keep everything 'in house', within the 'speedway bubble', therefore we have what we have.. I seem to remember, (maybe last year), a measure of success quoted was 'all clubs surviving'.. Maybe, even though appearing to be an incredibly low aspiration, that is indeed an achievement given where the sport currently sits in the UK within the wider sporting arena? Whoever is 'in charge', without all the wide and varied infrastructure needed, and a team of people around you with the required skill set to 'run a sport', leaving you to plan strategy, and be the figurehead, it must be a difficult, and maybe even a thankless task..
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    What about carers who visit multiple people each day? Who do they live with? What happens to the carers family, children etc.? Presumably under your plan the children would still be attending school and the spouses going to work.
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    Priti Patel proclaimed shoplifting is down too.. Who'd a thought it..
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    Governments really don't help themselves. It now transpires that a left glove is counted as 1 piece of PPE, the right is counted as another, inflating the numbers.
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    More Doctors are breaking ranks, expect a lot more in the coming weeks. DC2, ask Hancock how many healthy people have died from Covid when you get the chance. Willing to bet we will never get told, and i'm confident it will be very few. https://twitter.com/DarrenPlymouth/status/1254679768068472832?s=20
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    Would you be prepared to a) move in and care for an elderly relative who may for example have dementia, are doubly incontinent and very demanding (remember you will be alone so no breaks) b)leave your own family, assuming you have someone else to care for them in your absence. Just asking and a reply saying you don't work as a carer is not allowed. I'm interested because it's fine everyone coming up with ways to fight this thing but only if they are prepared to put in the hard yards.
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    Governments are printing trillions of dollars of imaginary money to enable people to stay at home, eat junk food, sit on the sofa and watch Netflix 24/7. This is apparently being done to keep the population healthy. What could possibly go wrong...
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    Individual incidents of shoplifting, but not the financial losses, will be down, it's all now targeted on the supermarkets, thieves no longer having to shop around for their 5 finger discount. I'm getting close to agreeing with those who've always believed Patel is a waste of space.
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    Add to that the picking up of boats full of people and ferrying them into Dover rather than turning them back to Europe and the lack of stopping of flights from certain parts of the world and just letting the people get off the planes and travel all over the country is reducing the backing of the governments actions and confidence in its advice. Then there is the continual waffle from the Health secretary and Home secretary who's claims and advice seem to change every week.
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    A wonder what they do about a pair of goggles?
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    As someone who was caring for an elderly relative as recently as last year, who needed daily care visits, complete "quarantine" is so difficult to achieve. I think nearly every country has struggled in this regard - including the quoted example of Sweden. There's a very simple reply which is: "Exactly how do you quarantine elderly / ill people with large care needs?". It's exceptionally difficult to do. There's a risk the more you quarantine them together, the more you could actually end up putting them at risk.
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    No, the best approach of all would have been to quarantine old people. Lockdown failed them.
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    Patel is about as out of touch with reality as the Beckhams are.
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    My Dad lost 2 cousins, one a rear-gunner in Lancaster, shot down over Germany, one on HMS Hood. My Aunt suffered losing both of her sonsAnd all todays youngsters have to do is sit on a couch to save lives!
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    Absolutely . Focus target on those most likely to succumb, makes sense, and test those who work there frequently, ban visitors and sort deliveries to the vulnerable, then let the rest of us carry on as normal. Remember if you are under 50 you are more likely to die as victim of an RTA than with covid, and we are still using transport and building cars......unless MSM want them banned and I missed it..... That way the economic damage could have been limited.
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    You can prove anything with numbers if you try hard enough..... The Swedes report care home deaths too, and admit nearly half fatalities from that source and that they did not stop visitors there early enough. We have not added care home and community deaths, so our real death toll is nearer 30k I suspect. The one thing we disagree on though, is that lockdown does not help, those European countries with largest death totals did that and it is doubtful it helped. The other Nordic countries are now opening up , so I think the Swedes policy was sound apart from neglecting the care homes, which are bigger there than their neighbours also. Their economy should suffer less, and the knock on health consequences also lessen, never mind that they may be in a better position for the second wave in November . Lets see
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    I cut my grass yesterday in readiness for this soggy spell. The joys of staying indoors!
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    I have to be honest, I'm a mere layman when it comes to everyone else's expertise and knowledge with Covid 19 on here, oh how I wish I had the analytical nowse and scientific qualifications to keep up with the rest of you wonkers.
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    Especially when she started off telling the public she would return all the illegal boat travellers but is now doing nothing about it, then there are the total differences in degrees of actions from the Police in different parts of the country.
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    Defo rain stopped play in Eagles land.
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    Some did, but most held. You sound like The Guardian. I can't believe anyone, with a straight face, can claim people made money in the last month.
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    My Uncle was 17 when he started bomber training, and flew 29 missions before the war ended. There was nearly a 50% fatality rate in Bomber Command, the average life expectancy was 5 or 6 sorties, and you had something like a 20% chance of completing the 30 missions on your 'tour' before you were stood down from operational duties and re-assigned (often in a training role). He was lucky in that he served towards the end of the war when the Allies had established air superiority and crews were slightly more experienced, but it was still a very dangerous profession. Against the odds, he survived to tell the tale and lived well into his 90s, but said he just saw it was doing a job and he was too young to really think about the danger at the time.
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    What are you basing that on? As a "critic", "armchair fan" and "keyboard warrior" all I see are the outputs, which are very little. It is also interesting to see that the BSPA had to engage outside help to secure the Eurosport deal. At least with GoSpeed the money stayed within speedway.

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