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    Brilliant. Where do you start with this?! "Control of our own destiny?" You have been able to be in control, by having the freedom of movement to live in France and trade freely across the world's largest trading area. You've contributed to denying that right to younger generations, in an increasingly international economic environment. Pull the ladder up Jack eh? On Churchill, no one doubts he was a great war-time leader. Beyond that, forget it. Had every political leader followed the Churchill mantra, women would be denied the vote, the NHS would not exist, housing and state education would be chronically under funded and there would be a massive (even bigger!) income inequality. Or perhaps is that what you would like? You want a leader who helped create the social infrastructure you and generations since have really benefitted from...look up Clement Atlee. As for having a say on every treaty that the UK enters into...what new nonsense is this? We elect representatives to make decisions in our best interests...it's their job to be informed and act in the national interest. Something that Brexit is and will patently not do. So, well done, you've expressed your EU prejudice, been unable to rationally explain how the UK is better off and denied the opportunities for future generations that you have enjoyed.
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    Then both you and he may be a little mixed up ?! Since vaccination can’t provide herd immunity, his words, as it does not affect transmissibility, but might reduce severity of illness, by a little, it is not possible to prevent spread through the population. This will inevitably lead to some needing hospital contact and treatment. Just as influenza does every Winter, unless we stop counting it. We cannot stop this by any means, lockdowns, vaccines, quarantine etc, maybe best just to let it rip? However treatments and less chaotic focused protection for those that may wish it , for short periods might be a less damaging plan, since we have no “ toys” to stop this virus doing what viruses do, and spread and infect humans. Glad we cleared that up . Now how about Zero Covid, and vaccine passports, to show you have been jabbed against a virus you can still get and still spread…makes a whole lot of sense. Pity Pollards comments were not seen as critical of that nonsense. He just trips himself up by thinking we can stop hospitalisations.
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    I find it pretty disgusting that the BSI mouthpiece website speedwaygp.com has had absolutely nothing to say about the passing of Mr Rising. The omission should be seen as as disrespectful enough just because of the man's stature in the sport. But when one considers that he has been one of the strongest public advocates of the SGP system and that without his personal support at the helm of the sports premier journal it is doubtful that the whole circus would have seen the success it has. Add in the dark days of BSI cock-ups at Gelsenkirchen, Gothenburg, Warsaw and the Cardiff shale fiasco where Philip refused to sharpen his journalistic knife and stab at the culprits. Instead he chose to play the long game, hold back on public criticism and allow the series to regroup for the greater good of the sport. On top of that he played a great part as Olsen's assistant in the pits at just about every GP for years and years. To not even acknowledge his passing on the public website is utterly disgraceful . Shame on you BSI.
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    Yet again people jumping on this because its Poole.
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    Iris’ best new pal, Prof Pollard does offer some wisdom, no really. He reports that everyone vaccinated or not will meet the virus. Therefore we should stop testing and just concentrate on those who are ill. Bl00dy good idea, let’s just practice medicine and treat those who need it, with treatments. Now jabbing the young who are at less risk than getting knocked down on the road, or struck by lightning, I think we have the advice clear as day……BONKERS! Just don’t expect politicians to be swayed…they only listen to the fear porn, or Randy Neil.
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    Well the injectable experimental cocktail on offer at the moment won’t stop you catching it…..honest, even Iris and Prof Pollard say so .
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    Can we assume she wore a proper mask whilst at work ?? Which i’m sure that at some time in the past you have said are totally useless !!
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    Blumpet has posted the same graph at least 3 times and been informed exactly why it's moronic at least 3 times so he's either a troll, a complete half-wit or both.
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    Which is of course true. But on the basis that infected people don't just keel over and die the instant they get infected, the lower total was as a result of the lockdown that ended a few days previously and the full effects of the end of that lockdown had yet to kick in.
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    No, we weren’t in lockdown last August. We were being encouraged to “eat out to help out”, without masks, and to return to work in offices. Not very good at this, are you!
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    And the beauty is you can both book a table for one...
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    But APART from ALL that Barry..... What promoting are you doing???
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    In other words you dont know as suspected ..
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    You're obviously too polite but what you mean is 'Iris you're a Bellend'.
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    Sorry Bob, but I disagree entirely with you. The meeting should be restaged to allow riders to earn money and the club to earn revenue. The sport is in trouble with dwindling crowds add in the delayed start to this season and at Poole Stadium because of Covid restrictions the club lost money with only being allowed 1300 spectators at the first two meetings. Without supporters and meetings, clubs will not survive. Tomorrow's meeting being cancelled is beyond the control of Poole Speedway. Stadium staff being pinged by the NHS Covid App to self isolate. Therefore the club has no access to the stadium tomorrow evening . I will also take you to task on the fact you stated Redcar fans won't trust the Poole management to honour tickets for any restaging date. That remark is not only inappropriate its borderline slanderous. You are entitled to your opinion but its not constructive and I don't consider your post is a fair reflection at all.
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    I often disagreed with him on here ... In a very enjoyable way. His view was to be respected and I greatly appreciated the numerous times he instigated one to one discussions via personal messenger that greatly enlightened my understanding of the 'real story' that would not be possible to print. My respect for him was greatest just because he did have the balls to come on here and engage in real debate with us. He did so with the passion of someone still in love with the sport but with the deep knowledge of his lifetime of covering it so magnificently in print. A wonderful combination. His biggest legacy is of course Speedway Star, which PR curated for so long, offering Michelin Star coverage of what is often a transport cafe sport. I trust the team will carry his torch well. Farewell Philip.
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    Not sure where the 1300 attendance came from. Both restricted meetings had well under 800 at a time when stadium rental was increased to cover the costs of all the extra Covid things eg 21 extra stewards etc. Lets not forget that wages from away meetings also had to be paid. Poole only get income from admissions/programmes/sponsors and advertising.
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    The rent is not as much as some clubs are paying that's a fact. Riders wages probably the same as lots of clubs, as for car park most times the money goes to the owner. So I would say 1300 you would be making money or at least brake even.
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    I hate having anyone in my home, especially for dinner & drinks, so "celeb's" have no chance.
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    This time last year we were in a heavy lockdown, at present we are not and haven't been for the best part of a month. Join the dots...
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    By "protecting" the RS the danger is you will build "flat track bullies" who get used to beating their peer group only, and also some teams will end up with riders well in advance of the average RS rider, so getting all the advantages of having him ride in protected heats.. Wasnt that why the last "system" tried failed? Jordan Palin the other night showed a simple fact.. If you are good enough then you will compete, if you are not good enough then you wont... That is sport.. The perfect obvious stepping stone scenario would be to only run the RS system in the 2nd Division, but as 90% of all 1st Division riders ride in it, many will be found just as wanting in that league too if not of the required capability.. However, again, that is sport.. And the aim of the RS scheme isn't dont forget to make "World Class Superstars", but it is in place to make "decent riders" who can hold down team places in the top two leagues, thus meaning less reliance on "journeymen foreign" riders, especially post Brexit..
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    Any tweak to these rules would have a minor impact in practice, but would add a few more paragraphs to the rulebook, but create further opportunities for confusion. The key is to consider how the rules are structured to ensure an exit strategy which allows riders continued progression. This was the major failing of past schemes and is a notable absentee from the current regulations.
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    No gentleman George Barclay WK ? you have probably missed endless others that you admired.For me i admire any rider of any ability that has the guts to ride a speedway bike.
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    And I bet his equipment was 'gleaming' as well... Something my lad said on Monday was "how good do his bikes look?" He rode on Sunday at Newcastle too... A true professional...
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    No , no need, Willie is usually socially distanced and well tailed off out the back.

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