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  1. Probably take at least a year to get planning. I can't see the speedway being the sole tenant. The cost of running the stadium would need to be born by whoever was running it. Add those to the speedway rent and that's a guaranteed loss maker. You'd need a stock car operator definetly on board
  2. The beyond Lakeside project is Arena Essex
  3. noaksey

    Wolves vs Belle Vue . 23/07/18

    If you stopped replying he'd soon get bored surely you can see that?
  4. noaksey

    Wolves vs Belle Vue . 23/07/18

    Exactly this. Spoiling it for everyone else
  5. I'd imagine the Police will ensure there's no clash
  6. noaksey

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    But the Star must either know or want to know surely?
  7. Plus Cardiff isn't quite as nice on a bluebirds match day in my experience
  8. noaksey

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Nobody got the attendance figure? Doesn't Mr Rising normally tell us?
  9. Hope Cardiff City aren't at home that day.
  10. noaksey

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Any idea on the attendance?
  11. noaksey

    Parking at Wolverhampton

    With the lower crowds now you should be able to get on the car park if you are there by 7
  12. noaksey


    Any suggestion that involves payment being made to "an independent body" a marketing expert or market research company is a non starter. There's no money to pay them. This week's speedway star had a suggestion that an expert in sports marketing and pr who has held some of the most senior positions in sport and is a speedway fan should be asked "to join the quartet tasked with recommending where the sport goes in the future" I wonder if he were so minded that the BSPA would be offering a consultancy fee commensurate with his ability and experience?

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