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  1. Coventry Promotion

    That's you out of the running then.
  2. For or against team suits

    I thought the question was for or against race suits. I went for race suits and gave my reasons why so I don't understand what you find to argue about !
  3. For or against team suits

    In any walk of life where teams are involved its a must that they ALL have the team suit / uniform on. Its part of having pride in the team you are representing. It also makes it easier for members of the public to differentiate between the teams. A long time ago Brian Clough evicted one of his players from the team coach whilst on the way to the airport because he did not have his club uniform on. Its a backward step to do away with team suits.
  4. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Well said Dave. Keep up the good work, you`re doing a great job.
  5. Coventry 2017

    Just watched the trailer to the DVD and must admit it brought tears to my eyes... Its criminal whats happened and they should all be strung up.
  6. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    It`ll last as long as it takes for Horton to achieve his goal.
  7. Coventry 2017

    I don`t think its a good idea. Its all or nowt for me.
  8. Ivan Mauger Bikes

    I wasn`t making any assumptions where the money was going, merely pointing out that it had made a good amount for the Mauger family. What they do with it is for them to decide but if its as you say then its well done to them its going to a good cause.
  9. Ivan Mauger Bikes

    Where on earth did he store all that stuff. A nice little earner for his family.
  10. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    The free meeting is actually the fine ! He would be getting away with it scott free otherwise.
  11. Woffinden Or Harris

    Its unfortunate that Wolves chose the wrong guest BUT no way should Woffenden have been allowed to ride. In hindsight Nicholls would have been a better bet maybe. We`ll never know.
  12. Coventry 2017

    Think Hortons just piped up to keep band in`t nick.
  13. Holder Sacked

    Hes had his chance to put his side of events over and didn`t turn up.
  14. Peterborough Panthers 2017

    That might be the case in the short term but in the long term its a different kettle of fish, the fans will vote with their feet. Plus its not fair on the teams Panthers are visiting its more than likely that attendances will be down at these tracks, after all who wants to see a team that has already given up the ghost before a wheel is turned. That's my opinion.