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  1. Peterborough need to get behind their team before its too late.. When its gone its gone and we don`t want to lose a great track like Peterborough one of the best in the country !!
  2. Dornier fixer

    One League - Matt Ford

    It needs to be one big league. It should have happened this year but it didn`t ! British speedway needs to be run on days that are best for each particular track and not to suit Poland. We need to get back to the British League era. Its a fallacy that we need the big names we don`t ! we need good racing. The big names are riding in Sweden and I`ve watched a few on telly and the racing is no better than we have here...Let the so called big names ride in Poland if they want to but I think you will find a lot of them will eventually come back home with their tail between their legs when they`re dropped in a squad system...
  3. Dornier fixer

    Leicester vs Berwick 14/07/19

    All is forgiven. Josh has made amends !
  4. If I remember rightly they carried Nigel out from the pits as if he was still sat in an armchair and placed him on his bike. I think it was a British semi final.
  5. Dornier fixer

    Howarth cleared to race

    How come you never spoke up for him before then if you thought so much about him ?
  6. Didn`t see him. I would have thought that if he had a clear conscience he would have been there supporting the team.
  7. Dornier fixer

    Leicester Vs Redcar 29/06/19

    He was sitting in Brocs pit space
  8. Dornier fixer

    Leicester Vs Redcar 29/06/19

    Josh was at Sheffield today. he looked quite jovial as he walked round the pits telling various riders of his exploits. His right arm around the elbow looked black and blue and swollen and some bad grazes/burns.
  9. Josh Bates was in attendance. His right arm looked pretty bruised and swollen around the elbow. but he looked happy enough telling various riders of his exploits.
  10. Statement on Tigers website
  11. Dornier fixer

    Poole 2019

    I see he`s back ! he didn`t stay away too long its been great without him !
  12. I travelled for an hour to reach the stadium but only because I had bought tickets online well in advance. If I hadn`t got the tickets I would not have gone because I would have expected it to be off. Petrol money comes into the equation as well. I thought the meeting was a very poor advert for the sport. It did go ahead but the track was sodden
  13. Its just started raining here where I am half hour from track.
  14. It all depends what Lofty does !
  15. Dornier fixer

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    I agree. Personally think Bomber would have gone on to win that race because you could tell he was in that mode to win at all costs. Fricke knew it would be Bombers tactic to sweep round the outside and therefore closed the door before he had passed him.

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