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  1. This link doesn't work... not for me...but (!) elsewhere I've found some interesting info. According to metropoliabydgoska.pl there are some changes in the line-up for the Gollob event . There will not be Szymon Woźniak, Piotr Protasiewicz and Patryk Dudek. Wozniak on one of the social networks reported that for very importan family matters he won't be able to compete. Piotr Protasiewicz , on October 7, will be riding for his club, Zielona Gora against Rybnik. Patryk Dudek is injured, he has broken his arm arm and the season is already over for him. During press conference at the club's headquarters, new participants names were announced for the October tournament. They are: Niels Kristian Iversen and Matej Zagar. In addition, the organiser of the tournament, Jerzy Kanclerz confirmed that Martin Vaculik and Antonio Lindback will also be riding in this charitable event. - So there are ten SGP riderds : Greg Hancock, Tai Woffinden, Bartosz Zmarzlik, Maciej Janowski, Przemysław Pawlicki, Matej Zagar, Martin Vaculik, Artem Łaguta, Emil Sajfutdinowa and Iversen. There are still two more places to be filled , and there are plenty of riders willing to perform . "I'm talking to a group of six-seven but it's too early for me to reveal their names," said Jerzy Kanclerz, the organiser of this event. Five former riders with whom Gollob raced in the Bydgoszcz body colours will also be present - Andy Smith from England, the Czech Roman Matousek, Dane Hans Nielsen and now also two Swedes Per Jonsson and Henrik Gustafsson - confirmed the arrival for the tournament - informs the organiser. He also announced a detailed plan for that special day . And so, the gates for fans will open at 11:30 am, and from 12:00 (noon) The Beatles cover band called Zuki will be performing live on stage. Competition at the stadium at Sportowa will start at 3:00 pm. Mr. Kanclerz also reveals that over 7.8 thousand vouchers have been sold to date..
  2. I totally agree with you.
  3. You're quite right in this one.
  4. Mind your language, will you...
  5. The top 16 Ekstraliga riders, 23 amazing races, the stars of the best speedway league in the world - all this can be seen today in Gdansk ( and on TV) during the 5th PGE Individual International Extraleague Championships. nSport + is covering this from from 6pm Polish time. Last year's title is defended by Czestochowa's Leon Madsen . Zenon Plech - individual runner-up in the world and one of the Gorzow's, Hackey's and Gdansk legends is convinced that competition will be interesting, because the line up consist of fifteen best of PGE Ekstraliga and one U-21 as a wild card, Bartosz Smektała, His favorite? All of them, but I think that Maciej Janowski, Patryk Dudek and Bartosz Zmarzlik will have a lot to say. They represent Poland in the Grand Prix and I bet on them. On Sunday, Zenon Plech will lwatch the EkstraLiga Riders Championship with a lot of sentiment There used to be the great splendor of the Elite League Riders' Championship in England, and the fantastic riders like Ivan Mauger, Barry Briggs or Ole Olsen won the competition. I am waiting impatiently for the Sunday competition - Zenon Plech concludes. Max Drabik will definitely come to Gdansk, although he did not take part in the Saturday final of the Polish Individual Final. Reason? Gastric flu. However, he must come to Gdańsk. If he would not, he would be prevented from competing in the next PGE Ekstraliga match. Drabik will come to Gdańsk, but he does not necessarily have to take part in the competition - reports sports.pl, The mere presence may save him from pausing a match in the EkstraLiga. He will most likely be replaced with the track reserve.
  6. My informant tells me that the winner takes 25 000 PLN, which at the current exchange rate makes around £ 5' 200.00
  7. So why do you call them "reserves"?
  8. Smektala and Kubera are not reservers, but two compulsory u-21 riders any Polish team has to have.
  9. As you might have guessed I am not a SGP fan...it's boring...too many rounds...the same riders year after year. The one off world final was a perfect provider of excitement lasting for a year. i wish it could be revived.
  10. SGP challenge is not A ONE OFF qualifiyng meeting. There were FOUR others before that.
  11. Worst result for years...that's questionable But I will go along with you...the top three deserved to be in next year SGP. They proved tonight on the track.
  12. ... but Lambert will ... (as the wild card)
  13. Is Lindabaeck 0 better than Cook's R ?
  14. Lambert wins heat 19. Fricke engine failure

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