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  1. Why do you believe what SpportoweFakty writes. They are nothing more than tabloid publication interested in whipping up atmosphere around given event. What exactly was wrong with Wroclaw track? Can you supply any evidence of incorrerectess. Why Kolodziej, Sayfutdinov and Drabik were able to score handsomely and world champion and Grand Prix winners could not. And yet they all rode on the same track.
  2. ""very" seems to be understatement...on top of that Magic cannot win a race...disaster!"
  3. I also agree with what you've said.
  4. I have never sugested of anyone being "completely stupid" :-)
  5. This topic gets on my nerve...because people on here do not seem to realise what Polish people earn on average. According to statistics average wage in PL is $13'079 and in the UK $55'054. Having this in mind now you can compare speedway entry prices in PL and UK. Will you still say "no wonder they get such a big crows", or will you think again.
  6. That's a good question...most of Polish fans thinks so...and would like to crucify him for this. I' wondering, the same way as they think it was as you, whether it was such ofense
  7. In Polish speedway there are no "reserves". Instead at nr. 6 & 7 there are riders U-21...and Kubera + Smektala fit that bill.
  8. All that you've said above... I agree with...but I would add one more thing. People in Poland flock to the stands not so much because they are concerned about speedway as much as they're concerned about themselves and their image among their own countrymen. They want to portray themselves as being superior to those in other speedway towns. If they would love speedway they would attend in thousands any speedway event. As it is they do it only for the League competition.
  9. If you believe in Polish press then Rybnik hve nothing to do with Bewley appearance . According to Rybnik manager, Mr. Zyto, Bewley needs to change his behaviour. He did not appear on Friday's official practice. He had not been seen on Rybnik's track neither on Saturday. He was suppose to practice together with Troy Batchelor, but the Australian admitted that he felt tired after an intense week in the UK and gace up practicing in Rybnik, the track he got to know very well. Bewley was not even present at the Rybnik fixture with Lodz, he flew from Wroclaw to the UK where he rides on Monday Premiership meeting.
  10. If you have super fast engine there is no need to rely on gating
  11. Polish daily sport newspaper "Sports Review" published today the story presented here below: I was wondering what you think of it - right or wrong? Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Polish PGE Ekstraliga Andrzej Witkowski wants the age limit in the best speedway league in the world. According to the idea of the former president of thye Polish Federation (PZM), from the new season at PGE Ekstralidze, there would be no riders over 45 years of age. This would mean the automatic end of the career of Greg Hancock, Runa Holta and problems for Piotr Protasiewicz (he will be 45 years old next year). The activist's proposal was taken very seriously and will be discussed during the General Meeting of Shareholders of PGE Ekstraliga, which will take place on 18 June. The idea was presented on Friday in Częstochowa, where the official meeting of the Supervisory Board of PGE Ekstraliga took place during the inauguration of the competition. - Admitting such riders to ride is an anti-advertising for speedway - says Witkowski. - When I told the IOC that Greg Hancock had recently won the speedway world championship after 19 years of his first triumph, most activists grabbed their heads. Such things do not even meet in a bridge or shooting! This testifies very badly to our sport. After all, this sport should be associated with youth and courage, not with older men who have been winning most of the competition for over a dozen years - explains Witkowski.
  12. Friday's matches turned out to be as popular as the traditional Sunday fixtures The two meeting held last Friday : Zielona Gora against Torun, and Czestochowa against Gorzow last Friday, were attended by 15 thousand fans each. It was even better yesterday (Sunday) in Leszno, where the current Polish champions met with Wroclaw. That meeting was attended by 16 thousand.Lublin stadium, the newcomers to the ExtraLeague (after 26 years) if it could accommodate twice as many fans as it did yesterday, then there would be probably about 20,000 fans, As it happened, with a limited capacity, the match against Grudziądz was watched by 9812 spectators. A year ago, the opening round of PGE Ekstraliga gathered 38’974 spectators at four stadiums . Two years ago, 35’469 .
  13. 1. Greg Hancock - 580 000 PLN = £120 000- 2. Grzegorz Zengota - 427 000 PLN = £88 000- 3. Niels K Iversen - 188 000 PLN = £38 000- 4. Linus Sundstroem - 124 000 PLN = £25 000-
  14. From what I've heard, the great advantage of the offer from Lodz is not only very good financial rewards, but also certain place in the team's line up . It has been said that Lambert would be the top heat leader in the Lodz team.They are expected to ride in the play offs and that's additional 4 matches, whilst Lublin will likely finish competing next season after 14 matches. A slightly different role was planned for him in Lublin. Where they see him as no.8, i.e as reserve, which during the matches would/could replace the weakest link. No doubt young Briton heard a lot from his mates how tough the Polish EkstraLiga is. It appears that he is afraid to take up such a big challenge at this stage of his career, and at top of that he cannot not a sure of team place in every Ekstraleague match .

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