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  1. speedwayekstraliga.pl has just announced the draw for the Polish Speedway Ekstraliga Riders Championship on Sunday 5yj August in Gdansk Below is the list of riders according to their CMA (2nd column indicates rider's draw no) Bartosz Smektala is the wild card No Rider surname Rider name Club Country CMA 1 1 PEDERSEN Nicki Tarnow Denmark 10.34 2 8 ZMARZLIK Bartosz Gorzow Poland 10.26 3 3 LINDGREN Fredrik Czestochowa Sweden 9.54 4 10 PAWLICKI Piotr Leszno Poland 9.48 5 2 WOFFINDEN Tai Wroclaw England 9.38 6 15 MADSEN Leon Czestochowa Denmark 9.21 7 11 LAGUTA Artem Grudziadz Russia 9.02 8 14 DRABIK Maksym Wroclaw Poland 8.92 9 5 DUDEK Patryk Zielona Gora Poland 8.83 10 13 KASPRZAK Krzysztof Gorzow Poland 8.69 11 12 SAYFUTDINOV Emil Leszno Russia 8.57 12 4 JANOWSKI Maciej Wroclaw Poland 8.47 13 16 KOLODZIEJ Janusz Leszno Poland 8.37 14 9 DOYLE Jason Torun Australia 8.25 15 7 JEPSEN JENSEN Michael Zelona Gora Denmark 7.92 16 6 SMEKTALA Bartosz Leszno Poland 6.83 The winner will get a cheque for 25 000 PLN / around £5 100 -
  2. PolskiZuzel

    Swedish GP 2018 Hallstavik

    I see only one woman with wart on her chin :-)
  3. Your question was : were you on a Eleven sport small river(Phil doesn`t want the other word used ) So my answer was: No. ( I was not) :-)
  4. No, I don't have Eleven Sport channel on my TV I was watching it on this link https://ssl.ustreamix.com/embed.php?id=eleven-sports-polska&referer=&host=ssl.ustreamix.com
  5. Thanks for the link, but...The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
  6. Today it was Drabik... tomorrow ? it could be Lambert or Smektala. There is not much between them
  7. I did not know that there were two (or more) of Maksym Drabik :-)
  8. What basis do you have for saying this?
  9. PolskiZuzel

    European U21 championship (IMEJ)

    The incident occurred on the second lap while entering the second bend. Chugunov, leading the race, made an error and as a result of a skid fell on the track. Daniel Bewley, who chased him, managed to avoid him. Unfortunately, Arsłan Fajzulin was less attentive. The Russian rider at the last moment released the bike, but it did not protect his compatriot from a serious accident. At first, almost all fans were convinced that the Chugunov damaged his spinal cord. His scream was so loud that all the fans must have heard him. It lasted several seconds and was so harrowing that those who heard it turned their heads. The ambulance arrived immediately. Witnesses who saw Chugunov's leg told us that the broken bone of the right leg pierced the skin. The first diagnoses speak of an open fracture of the right leg at the height of the ankle. When we saw the rider in the ambulance he was conscious and could move his arms. He was talking on a mobile phone, but it was obvious that he could hardly say full sentence because of the pain. After a moment, he was transferred to the second ambulance and immediately transported to the hospital. The Slovak Martin Vaculik experienced a very similar injury this season. He had to undergo two operations and did not return to health for more than two months. His ankle will never be fully functional again. source: Robert Borowy (sports.pl)
  10. The Rusko family were the organiser... of what ? SWC ?
  11. I can confirm that !
  12. Your source is simply wrong. There was no CONCERTED campaign...and if you still believe that it was - prove it... and don't spread lies.

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