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  1. To award the race riders have to be on the last (fourth) lap, not third as was the case in Torun It's NOT scandalous, neither is pathetic. If you choose to watch Polish speedway you need to know the Polish rules to understand it. Isn't that simple ?
  2. Yes they can...but only if the riders are on the last lap, not third as was the case in Torun
  3. Here is another short video from Zenon Plech Anniversary Meeting
  4. Speedway promotors in the Eastern Europe seems to be following steps of the BSI by establishing pairs competition for young and coming up riders under 21.They have called it the 2018 Baltic Speedway League The main goals and tasks of the Baltic Speedway League are the development of speedway traditions around the Baltic Sea, as well as providing opportunities to train riders so that they become high-class riders, both for national and professional clubs. However, the rules will be flexible and we just want to give young riders the opportunity to compete to improve their skills in competition with each other. As for the cast selection criteria, they will also be flexible - says one of the organizers in the Baltic Speedway League. In exceptional circumstances, two over-21 non-professional riders may participate in the meetings, but they can not substitute for the young (third player) in the tournament. In a situation where the junior will not be able to continue the race or will be disqualified until the end of the meeting, over-21 will exceptionally be able to finish the competition. In a special case it is allowed to complete the team with the participation of a "guest". The purpose of this rule is to guarantee four competitors in each race in each event. Teams can therefore "borrow" someone who is not nominated to participate in a given race from another team - added the activist of one of the centres that will compete in the Baltic Speedway League 2018. The Baltic League is to be made up of clubs from Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine.In fact Finland and Latvia are entering two teams each. The draw has already been made for numbers of the riders representing each club. The riders from the first team coming from Varkaus I – Finland will carry numbers: 1, 2 & (15), Varkaus II – Finland: 9,10 (19), St. Petersburg, Russia : 11, 12 (20), Kohtla-Nomme – Estonia : 5, 6 (17), Riga, Latvia : 7, 8 (18), Daugavpils, Latvia : 13, 14 (21), Rovne, Ukraine : 3, 4 (16) The fixture list looks like this. 1st round - Riga, 30 April; 2nd round - Daugavpils, 15 July; 3rd round - Kohtla-Nomme, August 19; 4th round - Riga, August 25; 5th round - Varkaus, September 15; 6th round - Varkaus, 16 September; Any initiative that promotes speedway in - for most people - exotic corners of Europe is something that should be applauded. Let us hope that the organizers will have enough enthusiasm and resources to develop this competition so that it will bring the desired effect in the long term. Source: speedwaynews.pl
  5. Umbrella girls

    There is no need to " scouring the world"...ask Ipswich fans...they you could tell you a word or two about.... Magda Zimny-Louis
  6. Where did you get "a Warsaw based league team" from, Gustix? You're right that it was Polish League team called "Sparta", but "Sparta" is, and always has been, based in WROCLAW, not Warsaw.
  7. Belle Vue Abroad

  8. Henryk ZYTO, one of the legendary Polish speedway riders of late 50's and early 60's died last Wednesday at the age of 81 in Gdansk. He was one of the first Polish riders competing for the British club (Coventry Bees in 1960). A year later together with his team mates he won for Poland first gold medal in World Team Championships. His funeral will take place this Saturday 10.03.2018 in Gdansk. (...)Henryk won the hearts of the British fans during his first performance for Coventry on Friday 8th April, 1960, against Leicester at Blackbird Road. Fans were fascinated by his riding style but cheered the most when after a fall two hundred yards from the finish line he pushed his bike till the end for one point. Henryk was a conscientious young man who took speedway very seriously. Maybe sometimes too seriously. Charles Ochiltree soon gave him encouragement. He told him through the interpreter, "Do not worry, I'm happy with you, the track is very slippery today.(...)
  9. It was also predicatble in the 70's when England were winning in 1971-72-73-75- 77, or Denmark for that matter in the 80's Why nobody objected then that one country was winning year after year
  10. Henryk's funeral will take place this Saturday, 10.03.2018 in Gdansk
  11. Today (07.03.2018), at the age of 81, Henryk ZYTO died in Gdansk . One of the most outstanding Polish former speedway riders who together with his colleagues won for Poland in 1961 the first gold medal in the Team World Cup . He was also one of the first Polish riders competing for the British (Coventry Bees) speedway club. The sad news on Henryk's passing was given by his son, Piotr to sportowefakty.pl website. May he Rest in Peace.