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  1. PolskiZuzel

    Polish eWinner 1st League news

    The presidents of the eWinner clubs of the 1st Speedway League in Poland, in agreement with the Main Speedway Sport Commission, agreed today on the date to start the 2020 competition. They confirmed the date the July 11, as it was thought of at the beginning of May. Club leaders decided that they would enter the season with the intention of staging play-offs, but on condition that by the time of the play-off, there would be agreement to organize mass events without limiting the audience. Otherwise, the season will end after the main round and the clubs will have to reckon with the fact that television funding will be cut proportionally. Detailed regulations and the schedule of games will be presented in the coming days. Immediately after, the clubs will receive a week to sign annexes with riders regarding new, lower rates per point. Riders who do not sign annexes will not be able to compete in Poland and will have to return the money they received for preparation for the season. In connection with the pandemic, new sanitary regulations will also apply, modeled on the one introduced in PGE Ekstraliga. At the end of June, coronavirus tests will be carried out among the eWinner 1st Liga speedway riders.
  2. it was announced yesterday (May 13) in Poland that teleconference took place between the chairmen of the Speedway Main Commission and the presidents of eight eWinner I League clubs. Everyone declared their will to compete in the upcoming season, including Latvian Lokomotiv Daugavpils - . However, in a case of the Latvian team we have to wait a little longer until we receive information on the opening of all borders, so that they can move from Poland to Latvia and vice versa - emphasised Mr Fiałkowski., the deputy chairman of the Speedway Main Commission . Just a few weeks ago the idea appeared that Lokomotiv would perhaps compete on one of the Polish tracks throughout the season, but the club officials from Daugavpils categorically excluded this option. It is also known that the matches will take place without the participation of the public. The league will start on July 11. The fixtures calendar is also arranged for play-offs. - If sanitary rules are abolished and there is a possibility that the League will go ahead with supporters. Competition calendar is very tight. Suffice it to say that the last round of the regular season is scheduled for October 10. eWinner 1st League will be broadcast on the Canal + platform. Two matches of each round will be broadcast on Saturdays (Fridays and Sundays are reserved for PGE Ekstraliga), The hours of these transmissions are to be confirmed but it is thought of 4:30 and 7:00 pm local time . The 1st division clubs will have time from June 6 to 11 to sign with their riders financial annexes .
  3. The Bydgoszcz daily newspaper Gazeta Pomorska writes today: PLN 60,000 (£12K) for signing the contract and PLN 1,000 (£200) per point - these are the official rates for the 2020 season in the Polish eWinner Ist league. On the last day of April, the Polish Motor Association published new Club Membership Regulations. The regulations have been adapted to the new circumstances, in particular the coronavirus pandemic. We already knew the level of contracts in PGE ExtraLeague: 200,000 PLN (£40K) for signature and 2500 PLN (£500) for a point. Now we know the rates in the first league The regulations read: the maximum remuneration rate paid to a rider riding in eWinner 1st League matches may not be higher than PLN 60,000 (£12K) net, the maximum remuneration rate for a single point gained or bonus in competitions cannot be higher than PLN 1,000 (£200) This means that top eWinner league riders can earn around 250,000 PLN (£50K) in the 2020 season. The top ones will probably get extra apart from the official contract. The new regulations also introduced a ban on riders in the Danish, English and Swedish leagues. Each of the representatives of these countries must sign the statement: "I hereby declare that I do not have a signed contract with the club in Denmark / Sweden / Great Britain to take part in my national league games." Without it, he will not be approved for competition in Poland. (...) The regulations regarding the guest rider have been significantly expanded. Teams will be able to contract any number of them, and even two such riders will be able to ride in the match (this also applies to seniors and foreign riders). PGE Ekstraliga clubs can take advantage of the eWinner 1st League and 2nd Speedway League speedway riders, and I-league riders can reach for II-league riders.
  4. So this proves that money is not the only objection. Commentators seem not taking into account that anybody crossing Polish border is obliged to spend 14 days in quarantine. So to avoid this any foreign rider riding in any of the Polish League is forced (more or less) to stay in Poland for the whole season. Not riding in any other League. And what about GP rounds outside Poland? I don't have the answer for that, but logically thinking if anyone participate in this, on return to Poland for ExtraLeague duties has to go through 14 days quarantine.
  5. They are already being showered with hate messages
  6. PolskiZuzel

    Polish clubs tours on British tracks

    Your reply to my inquiry is much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. PolskiZuzel

    Polish clubs tours on British tracks

    Thank you iris 123 for directing me on the right path. Was Rybnik the first Polish club that toured British tracks ?
  8. PolskiZuzel

    1965 - Stal Gorzow tour on the British tracks

    Thank you BL65. I've checked Speedway Researcher website, and Yes, you are correct. My thanks also goes to Iris 123, and Robbie B. I was aware about Stal Gorzow tour of 1977. I saw them at Hackney, expecting to see Zenon Plech. Unfortunately he was not in their line-up, although Jerzy Rembas did quite well. Once again, many thanks.
  9. I would be very grateful for any information concerning tours of Polish clubs on British tracks in the 60's. I know that ROW Rybnik and Stal Gorzow did ride then in the UK, but have no details. Can you please help me ?
  10. Is there anyone who could help me in finding results of the Stal Gorzow team visiting British tracks in 1965 ?
  11. PolskiZuzel

    Polish Speedway Postponed until May 22nd

    Polish speedway club finances are based on four legs. - writes sportowefakty.pl - 30 percent are receipts from tickets, 20% comes from the local government, 25% from TV broadcasters and another 25 % from sponsors. At the moment, it looks like each of these legs is in a bad way. Many speedway sponsors are transport companies that are already in trouble. In a moment they will be looking how to save their businesses, and not dealing with sponsorships. Local governments will also have more important problems than sport. The Speedway Extraleague, which pays each club an average of 2.5 million PLN (£500 000.00) from the television and sponsorship deals, can not be sure that it will be able to do so. Television has paid for all matches, the sponsor has expectations for exposure. If the conditions will not be fullfiled, renegotiation and reduction of funds will occur - says Mr Kryjom, former speedway manager, on sportowefakty.pl If it would be possible to start in May or June (according to the forecasts of health experts this second scenario is possible), then there will be no big tragedy. - As a last resort, we can extend the season and go in October or even November - says Mr Jerzy Kanclarz, president of Polonia Bydgoszcz . Worse, if it ends as Robert Dowhan, a shareholder of Zielona Góra predicts, who believes that we can slowly get ready for a year without speedway. - It could be the death for our sport - assesses Mr Kanclerz, on sportowefakty.pl because then the domino effect will work. Clubs will suddenly lose almost all influence. Sponsors and local governments can even ask for a refund of money already paid. If clubs lose, players will lose. In this situation, many of them will pray that they do not have to return part of the amount already paid as part of signed contracts.
  12. PolskiZuzel

    Who is financing speedway in Poland ?

    To be honest with you, I am getting bored with all these investigations into corruption. My answer to your question (whether things are better now) is - I don't know. And when it comes to corruption in speedway... I have not heard of any.
  13. PolskiZuzel

    Who is financing speedway in Poland ?

    With all due respect... What the reports on corruption at large, and perhaps more than 10 years ago in football , have to do with speedway in Poland?? Where do you see connection?
  14. PolskiZuzel

    Who is financing speedway in Poland ?

    You are giving report that is eight years old. We are talking about now, the presence.
  15. PolskiZuzel

    Who is financing speedway in Poland ?

    It is interesting to see attendence figures compared with stadium capacity. Here they are compiled by sportowefakty.pl. Club Stadium capacity Home matches Total attendance in numbers Average attendance Average attendance in % LUBLIN 9’812 7 68’684 9’812 100 WROCLAW 14’000 9 115’499 12’833 91.67 GRUDZIADZ 8’000 7 48’000 6’857 85.71 CZESTOCHOWA 16’850 9 124’500 13’833 82.10 ZIELONA GORA 15’000 9 110’000 12’222 81.48 GORZOW 15’000 7 70’750 10’107 67.27 LESZNO 16’700 9 100’760 11’196 67.04 TORUN 15’500 7 53’936 7’705 49.71 The undisputed winner of this ranking is Lublin. All home matches in Lublin were sold to the last place. Some said - half jokingly, half seriously - that if Lublin’s stadium had 20,000 seats, fans, even then would buy all available tickets. In the case of Częstochowa there is an interesting situation, because in the attendance ranking they came first with an average of 13,833 fans per meeting. However, after taking into account the total capacity of their stadium Częstochowa are no longer the leader. Finally, the lack of supporters at Torun’s Motoarena illustrates well the relationship between sports results and attendance at the stands.

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