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  1. 1. Greg Hancock - 580 000 PLN = £120 000- 2. Grzegorz Zengota - 427 000 PLN = £88 000- 3. Niels K Iversen - 188 000 PLN = £38 000- 4. Linus Sundstroem - 124 000 PLN = £25 000-
  2. From what I've heard, the great advantage of the offer from Lodz is not only very good financial rewards, but also certain place in the team's line up . It has been said that Lambert would be the top heat leader in the Lodz team.They are expected to ride in the play offs and that's additional 4 matches, whilst Lublin will likely finish competing next season after 14 matches. A slightly different role was planned for him in Lublin. Where they see him as no.8, i.e as reserve, which during the matches would/could replace the weakest link. No doubt young Briton heard a lot from his mates how tough the Polish EkstraLiga is. It appears that he is afraid to take up such a big challenge at this stage of his career, and at top of that he cannot not a sure of team place in every Ekstraleague match .
  3. Treble world speedway champion, Tai Woffinden, was interviewed recently by the Polish Media: daily sport newspaper "Przeglad Sportowy" and leading speedway website sportowefakty.pl Here are most interesting fragments of it in my translation. (…) You dedicated your third world title to Tomasz Jedrzejak, who tragically took his own life last August . Who was he for you? He was a friend. I rode with him for many years in the Wrocław team. He wasn't just a teammate. I knew him on the private level. When it turned out that we lost Tomek, it was a terribly sad day for me. In such moments, one does not understand how it all works, why one lose such a great guy. However, this is life, situations which we have to face. I wanted to point it out . (...) Former Poland's GP rider, Krzysztof Cegielski, said that speedway killed Jerzejak. Do you agree with this opinion? If Tomek, or someone from his family told him so, then perhapas that was the case. . However, if neither Tomek nor any of his relatives said anything like that, then people should not speculate what contributed to this tragedy. I think this is something bad. You won three championship titles. Is it possible to compare them in any way? Which one tasted best? Definitely the one from 2013 tatste best. It was my first championship. It was a very important moment for me and an amazing feeling. There is a very big difference when you talk about the title from 2013 and 2015, because I won the first championship in the last round. Two years later I enjoyed the championship during the penultimate round in Toruń. It was really strange to go to the last round to Australian Melbourne with the knowledge that I do not have to fight for anything anymore. My reaction to this championship was also strange. I thought to myself: "Ok, cool, but we must be thinking now about the next title." It was not such an amazing joy as the first time. Five years ago, you said: Absolutely no children for the next 10 years, because I want to get more championship titles. Things have changed a bit in this matter. Was your little daughter in the stands an additional inspiration? Definitely. I confirm it one hundred percent. My life has changed. Five years ago, I was just beginning to get acquainted with my present wife. There were no serious plans. We did not even talk about children. Things have changed when we got involved seriously. Then we decided to marry and we started thinking about a child. Now my life challenge is to make sure that my daughter have everything she needs. It is up to me to provide her with financial and mental support . That she would have the best chance of fulfilling her plans in life. When you won the gold in Toruń, Faye, your wife cried. What was her role in this success? We've been together since 2013. She helped me win three titles. 2014 and 2016 were difficult seasons for For various reasons. I had some successes there, but not at the level I would like to have. She helped me to survive these moments. When I come home after riding, sometimes I'm happy, sometimes pissed off. She endures it all patiently, although for her it is an emotional roller coaster. Thanks to her, I always have a safe haven at home. When I started dating her, she did not know what tspeedway was, and even now she is not particularly interested. The fact, however, that we love each other so much, makes her able to enjoy my sporting happiness. When I am successful, she is happy herself. Tears in Torun probably were tears of joy and happiness, that something I worked hard for the last three seasons, something good for both of us, I have managed to achieve again. Have you had any moment of doubt this season? I do not have moments of doubt. I believe in my skills, I believe that if the best version of myself gets on the track, thenI will be the best. Many experts say that to become a speedway world champion, you have to drive hard, sometimes even unfair. Do you agree with this opinion? I do not agree. Let anyone show me one race, that I rode hard and sent someone in the fence. If I overtake someone, I do it clean. I do not foul anyone, I do not push out anyone, because I can do it in a completely different style. We ask about it, because in Poland there is an opinion that Maciej Janowski does not win medals in the world championships precisely because he is too soft. Maciek is my friend and I think that he will prove to many people how wrong they are. Were you surprised that Nicki Pedersen - three times world champion did not get a permanent "wild card" for next year's Grand Prix? No. There is a new generation group of speedway riders who deserve having a chance. For example, Leon Madsen, who in the Polish league proved that he is world class rider. I am for the refreshment of the cycle. Young riders are able to add a bit of madness and excitement to the Grand Prix, because they are hungry for successes, hungry to get more out of every competition. Speaking of young people. In Great Britain, after years of drought, a young and talented "shotguns" appeared: Robert Lambert and Daniel Bewley. Are they able to break into the Grand Prix? How long will it take them to do that? They must ride in the Polish Ekstraliga and Swedish Elitserien. If they score good points there, in each event, then they will be ready for the Grand Prix. If they can not do it, they have nothing to think about the world championships. They will not be ready forit. Freddie Williams, Peter Craven. Are these names telling you anything? No. They're British double individual speedway champions of the world. Winning the gold medal for the third time, you have improved their achievement and became the most titled speedway rider in the history of Great Britain. It does not matter to me that I am the most titled British rider in history. What matters to me is that I achieve the goals I do set for myself. I set myself a task, I try to concentrate on it, to realize it. History, future, other things do not matter to me. What matters is the satisfaction that after completing my work I can achieve my goal. Does it mean that you do not think about catching up with Ivan Maugera and Tony Rickardsson and the six titles of the individual world champion? I’ll catch up with them. I'm sure of that. It will be difficult to do, considering that at the beginning of this year there was information that you intend to end your career in 5 years time. That's not true. Polish media made an error in interpreting my interview, which I gave in England. I was asked about the goals for the future. I replied that maybe I will ride for the next 5 years and then I will finish my career. Maybe I will ride for a year and then I finish. Perhaps I become the world championship and say that is it. And perhaps I will be like Greg Hancock and will compete for the next 15 years or even longer. The information you are talking about lacked the full context of what I said and one key word: maybe. So for how long will you ride speedway? For now, it is, as it is. I am enjoying my riding. I love what I do. If in the future I will still enjoy speedway then I will continue to ride. When the day comes, that this sport will not give me pleasure, then I will end my career. Some say it's easier to get a title than to defend it the following year. You failed to do it twice. Do you have any plans that for the third time it will not happen next year ? If I knew what mistakes I made, I would not commit them. To find out and understand... these are the keys to avoid disappointment. Now I will have a third chance to correct my mistakes and I will do everything to avoid them and defend the championsho title.
  4. PolskiZuzel

    Wild Cards 2019

    So what criteria do you take into account when selecting who should get the wild card. Nationality or quality? Surely the GP is for 16 best riders in the world... not "three" riders from this country, or "two" riders from another
  5. PolskiZuzel

    Torun 2018

    No he has not..it's his natural voice.
  6. PolskiZuzel

    Torun 2018

    Great respect for Tai, well deserved world champion, for the third time. But most of all for remembering his ex- Wroclaw team mate Tomasz Jędrzejak and dedicating his win to him. Tai, you,re great not only as a rider, but also as a human being. THANK YOU.
  7. How come, didn't they loose by two pints at Gorzow
  8. Ipswich fans call them "start tarts"
  9. He just replied to you - not true.
  10. Is that wrong? All riders should be in the same position at the tape
  11. according to the ref Walasek in heat five was not vertical to the starting line. His front wheel was at the angle... apparently!
  12. You,re right. Brady done nothing wrong
  13. start marshall is too pedantic
  14. Commentator said there are 20 thousand fans
  15. This link doesn't work... not for me...but (!) elsewhere I've found some interesting info. According to metropoliabydgoska.pl there are some changes in the line-up for the Gollob event . There will not be Szymon Woźniak, Piotr Protasiewicz and Patryk Dudek. Wozniak on one of the social networks reported that for very importan family matters he won't be able to compete. Piotr Protasiewicz , on October 7, will be riding for his club, Zielona Gora against Rybnik. Patryk Dudek is injured, he has broken his arm arm and the season is already over for him. During press conference at the club's headquarters, new participants names were announced for the October tournament. They are: Niels Kristian Iversen and Matej Zagar. In addition, the organiser of the tournament, Jerzy Kanclerz confirmed that Martin Vaculik and Antonio Lindback will also be riding in this charitable event. - So there are ten SGP riderds : Greg Hancock, Tai Woffinden, Bartosz Zmarzlik, Maciej Janowski, Przemysław Pawlicki, Matej Zagar, Martin Vaculik, Artem Łaguta, Emil Sajfutdinowa and Iversen. There are still two more places to be filled , and there are plenty of riders willing to perform . "I'm talking to a group of six-seven but it's too early for me to reveal their names," said Jerzy Kanclerz, the organiser of this event. Five former riders with whom Gollob raced in the Bydgoszcz body colours will also be present - Andy Smith from England, the Czech Roman Matousek, Dane Hans Nielsen and now also two Swedes Per Jonsson and Henrik Gustafsson - confirmed the arrival for the tournament - informs the organiser. He also announced a detailed plan for that special day . And so, the gates for fans will open at 11:30 am, and from 12:00 (noon) The Beatles cover band called Zuki will be performing live on stage. Competition at the stadium at Sportowa will start at 3:00 pm. Mr. Kanclerz also reveals that over 7.8 thousand vouchers have been sold to date..

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