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  1. shazzybird

    Michael Lee Charged With Rape

    Well that didn't worry certain ones that had an opinion on the last court case did it
  2. shazzybird

    Michael Lee Charged With Rape

    I'd like to think we all live in a perfect world where none of us have ever done anything wrong, I'm still a great believer of innocent until proven guilty but as for not being able to discuss on the forum is wrong everyone is entitled to an opinion. If you don't like comments which are being made quite simply stay away from the thread. I've not been on here regularly for quite a while every now and then I pop in have a read and quietly close the door on the way out. The Darcy case last year I followed it on twitter rather than on here due to comments from certain ones that I knew I would bite on and either lose friends or get myself a ban hopefully Michaels case will return the same verdict and we can all live happily ever after in our perfect little bubbles. I will just add Michael Lee was and still is one of my all time speedway heroes even when he was banned and sent to prison for things, I didn't condone what he had done and thought he deserved all he got but that didn't take away the fact on track he was still my hero. Like I say everyone is entitled to their opinions, just remember when all of this is over you still have a forum with friends so just don't fall out over each other's comments
  3. shazzybird

    Sky Speedway

    Have a look at Rosco's twitter he's the one that said it
  4. shazzybird

    Market Research

    There's one word that keeps cropping up in posts above and that's ''LOCAL' ..... I lost my local track in 1987 since then I've been a Poole fan even though Eastbourne and Arena are my closest tracks reason being these were our rivals at Canterbury so for me it would really go against the grain to support them. Sittingbourne have started up this season as Kent Kings but having been spoilt with Elite League racing for the best part of 26 years and now running a pub it's more time that prevents me from attending ..... So a survey at tracks would possibly work when asking people how far they travelled as Poole is a 4hr trip and an overnight stay not that I'm complaining hahaha but when I do get away Eastbourne is closer and therefore I attend as a neutral fan unless Poole are there .... Does that make sense?
  5. shazzybird

    Sky Speedway

    From what I can gather Swindon won't be on SKY as they're reverting back to Thursday nights due to the fact they need people through the gates to watch the meeting rather than in their armchairs a home
  6. shazzybird

    Celebration Of Speedway 2012

    Unfortunately I couldn't make the day out to Paradise ... but my little bro had some bikes on show with HUBBARDS MOBILE SPEEDWAY MUSEUM said it was a fantastic day out as always and Uncle Ted and Auntie Jeannette enjoyed themselves as well !! Am looking forward to watching my copy of the Canterbury DVD my bro says it's definately worth watching he was only halfway through and text me to tell me to hav a box of tissues ready as I would need them ..... it must be good as he's not really old enough to remember Canterbury at it's best so if he thinks it's emotional I most definately will!!!! Many thanks TMC for taking the time to put all of my memories of Canterbury on DVD x
  7. shazzybird

    Alun Rossiter

    Had a very interesting conversation with Rosco yesterday who would like to thank Coventry and Swindon fans for all the nice things they have said about him on his departure from Coventry and arrival back at Swindon .... unfortunately there are a few blinkered people out there that think Speedway is his main source of income ... just to put the record straight he was actually out in his lorry working on his full time job ... I run a pub so can appreciate how hard it is to get away luckily for him he has a fantastic wife Julie who held the fort for him whilst he was at speedway meetings up and down the country!!!!!
  8. BUT ..... thats not what you said!!!!!! you may have corrected my grammar but you changed your mind with what you replied with from your original post .................... please note no punctuation spelling or grammar has been checked in this reply as you obviously have far too much times on your hands i thought you'd enjoy picking the chuffing bones out of it! oh and his name his Harris not Harrison (not nice being picked up on things is it ;-) )
  9. I don't ......... IF Bomber had fallen off then Scott would of almost definately been excluded BUT he never fell he stayed on the race carried on and Scott won
  10. shazzybird

    Middlo Back

    Hey Middlo ya can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter .............................. Glad to see you back at the helm although me thinks your number one fan wont be too chuffed
  11. Watching Children in Need last night they haven't done it yet!
  12. shazzybird

    R.i.p. Bernard

    Very sad news thinking of his family and friends love from all the Hubbard family xxxx
  13. shazzybird

    Gary Patchett And Mick Bratley

    He sounds like Rosco!
  14. shazzybird

    Riders Laying It Down To Get A Rerun.

    blimey did you mean that to sound how I've just read it?
  15. shazzybird

    Riders Laying It Down To Get A Rerun.

    He's not the first and he wont be the last to do so ........ he did it, everyone saw it and if my team had done it got away with it I would of been chuffed to bits and so would you Steve. Talking of cheating ..... sorry to drag up and oldy but goody anyone else remember being at the Eastbourne meeting when both riders from the opposition pulled out of a race and there were chants of CHEATS and almost a punch up in the pits due to this hmmmmm can't think who the opposing team was though

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