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  1. shazzybird

    Michael Lee Charged With Rape

    Well that didn't worry certain ones that had an opinion on the last court case did it
  2. shazzybird

    Michael Lee Charged With Rape

    I'd like to think we all live in a perfect world where none of us have ever done anything wrong, I'm still a great believer of innocent until proven guilty but as for not being able to discuss on the forum is wrong everyone is entitled to an opinion. If you don't like comments which are being made quite simply stay away from the thread. I've not been on here regularly for quite a while every now and then I pop in have a read and quietly close the door on the way out. The Darcy case last year I followed it on twitter rather than on here due to comments from certain ones that I knew I would bite on and either lose friends or get myself a ban hopefully Michaels case will return the same verdict and we can all live happily ever after in our perfect little bubbles. I will just add Michael Lee was and still is one of my all time speedway heroes even when he was banned and sent to prison for things, I didn't condone what he had done and thought he deserved all he got but that didn't take away the fact on track he was still my hero. Like I say everyone is entitled to their opinions, just remember when all of this is over you still have a forum with friends so just don't fall out over each other's comments
  3. shazzybird

    Sky Speedway

    Have a look at Rosco's twitter he's the one that said it
  4. shazzybird

    Sky Speedway

    From what I can gather Swindon won't be on SKY as they're reverting back to Thursday nights due to the fact they need people through the gates to watch the meeting rather than in their armchairs a home
  5. shazzybird

    Celebration Of Speedway 2012

    Unfortunately I couldn't make the day out to Paradise ... but my little bro had some bikes on show with HUBBARDS MOBILE SPEEDWAY MUSEUM said it was a fantastic day out as always and Uncle Ted and Auntie Jeannette enjoyed themselves as well !! Am looking forward to watching my copy of the Canterbury DVD my bro says it's definately worth watching he was only halfway through and text me to tell me to hav a box of tissues ready as I would need them ..... it must be good as he's not really old enough to remember Canterbury at it's best so if he thinks it's emotional I most definately will!!!! Many thanks TMC for taking the time to put all of my memories of Canterbury on DVD x
  6. BUT ..... thats not what you said!!!!!! you may have corrected my grammar but you changed your mind with what you replied with from your original post .................... please note no punctuation spelling or grammar has been checked in this reply as you obviously have far too much times on your hands i thought you'd enjoy picking the chuffing bones out of it! oh and his name his Harris not Harrison (not nice being picked up on things is it ;-) )
  7. I don't ......... IF Bomber had fallen off then Scott would of almost definately been excluded BUT he never fell he stayed on the race carried on and Scott won
  8. Watching Children in Need last night they haven't done it yet!
  9. shazzybird

    American Touring Team 2010 October Tour!

    Cheers for the reply Steve .... spoke to Gino yesterday was telling me about this weekends racing that he has coming up and trying to find a link for the meetings to watch online if anyone has one can they message it for me please, that is unles of course I have it on the many saved on this laptop now for all over the world meetings in all different languages ..... can only ever understand the names
  10. shazzybird

    American Touring Team 2010 October Tour!

    I know he's gone home can he not come back for the tour? Looking forward to seeing him in 2011 (Laurence someone nicked my phone can you send me your number again via facebook inbox please or give it a week and text me as still got the same number cheers hun x)
  11. shazzybird

    American Touring Team 2010 October Tour!

    Yeah is he?????????? Please say Rye House Please say Rye House Please say Rye House No Gino?????
  12. shazzybird

    Cardiff 2011

    That's a bit unfair Chris if you buy tickets for the meeting online it then gives you the option of booking a hotel at discounted prices ...... IMG don't make anything from the hotels the Hotelliers do, surely the pricing is down to them they were asked to discount it and they have from their normal prices when there is an event on at the stadium.
  13. You're right Colin and everyone else I apologise for bringing this to the forum ..... I'll save it for my visit to Coventry
  14. Oh how sweet SCB has someone to back him bless Was I the only person to say something to you on Monday night SCB hmmmmm no I wasn't was I Steve genuinly sorry to hear about your nan although inheritence is the only way you would of got any money in your pocket so am not gonna be made to feel guilty for saying it else you wouldn't of replied with it! Ivan Maugers book!!! has he got one out??? I must of missed the plugs for it ....... nah not got it Ivan was never one of my heros (although he was my Mums!) so wont be wasting my hard earnt money on a copy and you probably blagged a freebie that's the only reason you've read it! Oh and SCB I go a long long way back with Mr Hone believe it or not at one point we were actually friends ...... I know things about him that are not actually common knowledge, so his replying to my comment about inheritence was tongue in cheek by me even if I didn't put a smilie there. I will pick and choose what I reply to reason being will treat some of it with the contempt it deserves.
  15. No one is really threatened by me being here on the forum well maybe you as you been a bit quiet of late Why you inherited money

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