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  1. Indeed......."Ladies and gentlemen, let's meet the opponents.....In the Red corner....................."
  2. You're the one making things up.........now you're saying the marshall waved his flag AS the riders were pushed off.....make up your mind. Anyhow, you carry on doing what you do....I've seen enough to be happy to continue to support Craig and Glasgow Tigers....Over and Out
  3. Yes Father?.....................touché
  4. "Once upon a time..........." lol
  5. Scuse ME....you intimated that the riders were pushed off whilst the marshall was waving his flag??? The whole crux of what was being alleged here was that Craig Cook deliberately ran his bike into a marshall and that he then head butted him. This caused numerous people to maliciously verbally attack and accuse Craig on this forum and those two allegations have just been proven to be totally wrong. That is the point I was making......
  6. So the Marshall was waving his flag before they pushed off?.......give it up for God's sake. The video proves that the whole thing has been exaggerated well out of proportion by a crowd of Craig Cook and/or Glasgow haters with others of the same ilk then jumping on the band wagon. Disgraceful and harmful piece of fiction......
  7. OH DEAR GOD..........
  8. If people are saying Glasgow were wrong in initially complaining about the track, then why was there work carried out on the track after the complaint and before the start? Just curious.....
  9. Can all be stunning riders on their day.........but inconsistency, in my opinion, is the problem with a lineup like this.
  10. Definitely a tough one this. Bears will be fired up after their last performance here and we're going to miss Starkey big time I would think. Riss, Wright, Pam Toft and Stewart can all ride Ashfield well when they're on their game and Greaves is a danger man at reserve. Our reserves and Vissings' performances are crucial and we will just have to see what we get from Andersen.
  11. With all the doom and gloomers on here complaining about the quality of the line up, I would like to know what they would suggest to solve what THEY see as a problem?.....
  12. Don't see any available direct replacement for Sargeant on his 4.61 average and I can't see them dropping anyone else to allow changes. He should be able to get back to grasping a few points here and there.......soon, I hope. (.......oh, and I wish he'd stop revving his bike like a boy racer before approaching the tapes.....lol)
  13. Looking forward to this one.........get the starting gate ripped up at the beginning and not late on like last week. Harris has had some mares of late, but I wouldn't count on him doing badly tonight. Leicester have a fairly good top three and a strong reserve in Mountain so we need to be on it. Can someone please tell Lawlor he can vape on the second bend......lol
  14. In my opinion the've made the starting procedure unnecessarily complicated......should be IMO.....if they're sitting still when the starting marshal walks away then that's fine.....if they move and or get a flier after that, who cares.....sometimes fliers can make the race more exciting. BUT, first to touch or break the tapes....automatic exclusion. All this "at the referee's discretion" is what is causing the gross inconsistency.

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