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  1. Well !!!..........what's happened? No input from any of the usual commentators...........and even worse than that, no Edinburgh thread for tonight's meeting. A bit worrying to say the least. Have people lost interest?
  2. OFF........according to SGB site
  3. OAP concessions, why?

    Names please?.............lol
  4. Ditch the Family Tag??

    It's always been the same in the 50 odd years I've been following speedway. I think MattK hit the nail on the head regarding the reason. Gladly, I'm not the norm, as I'm a motorcyclist and enjoy most forms of motorcycle sport........Speedway and MotoGP being my favourites.
  5. Jimmy Beaton.

    Devoted to Glasgow Speedway......What a man......We owe you a great deal Jimmy. Sad news.
  6. Glasgow 2018

    Going by that premise, can we now expect to see the rest of British speedway follow suit?..........and then all other UK entertainment businesses doing likewise? Oh, and the bus pass must now be on a shoogly peg. Can't wait............
  7. Glasgow 2018

    I apologise.......I see now that it is still there. .......and yes, I agree wholeheartedly with your added comment - "everybody is entitled to their opinions just like you" .......it's just that some are more disrespectful and degrading than others.
  8. Glasgow 2018

    I see the discussion about the admission prices has been removed from the Tigers' Facebook page.......??? As a last word from me on the topic, I have been greatly saddened and in some cases disgusted at the viewpoint some fans hold on the older members of the speedway fraternity and on the ageing members of society as a whole. Some of the comments on here, on the Glasgow Tigers' Facebook page and on the Glasgow Tigers' discussion group page have been abominable. God help our future generations.
  9. Glasgow 2018

    Agreed Paulco. I have had nothing but admiration for how the club has been transformed by the Facenna's.........but I can't get my head round the fact that they would target this specific group of stalwart supporters in order to address the financial shortfall. There must be fairer options available to them and I would have had no qualms to paying an reasonable increase to the concession price.
  10. Glasgow 2018

    .........and therefore, to improve their plot........lol
  11. Glasgow 2018

    I think you'll find that most of the people this affects are not on fora or social media and I guess the majority don't even know about it yet. I'm assuming it doesn't affect you and if so, I'm very happy for you.
  12. Glasgow 2018

    Aye.......'cause he'll soon be a pensioner tae.........lol
  13. Glasgow 2018

    Or conversely........someone is JUST managing on their pension and JUST able to continue to watch the team they have supported for many years........but JUST suddenly no longer can. I, fortunately, still can.......but others may not be so lucky. I still think it is a very wrong, unprecedented and controversial decision for the club to make and nothing will change my view on that.
  14. Glasgow 2018

    That means nothing..........it's still too bloody little to live on with any comfort. Do you think this should become a general trend then?
  15. Glasgow 2018

    Can't believe no one's brought this subject up on here but Glasgow Speedway have announced that there will no longer be concession prices for over 65s, stating financial loss as a reason. An abominable decision in my opinion, to penalise the very people, the majority of whom will have stuck by the club through thick and thin and during previous times when it was on its knees. WRONG WRONG decision Mr Facenna. I reckon this will come back and bite you on the bum. .......and for all those who back the decision on social media saying it is a small price to pay, I wonder if they would feel the same if that £3.50 had been added to their last year's entry price making it £21 admission? I, for one, will still be attending as speedway is my favourite sport and has been since 1964........but I'm afraid, in protest, I will no longer by buying a programme at £3, a fifty-fifty draw ticket at £1 and food & drink around the value of £5. I know I will be slated on here for taking this decision and will be seen to be damaging the club even more but I feel so strongly about it after supporting, and contributing to, the Tigers for so many years. What other sport or entertainment throughout the country doesn't have concessions for older people? Can't imagine very many. I think Glasgow Speedway should seriously rethink this decision and consider other options. A small increase would have been acceptable......but not this. Im very angry.