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  1. ragdoll64

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Bailey two years ago???
  2. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Could you list it then please for those of us who are not in the loop....
  3. ragdoll64

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Hope it’s not TOO far north........lol
  4. ragdoll64

    Poole Pirates 2020

    ......and after conversion???.......lol
  5. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Thanks Skidder1....
  6. ragdoll64

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Thank you
  7. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Hypothetical question......If Nicolai Klindt was to change his mind and ride in the Championship this year, what average would he come in on? Would it be a conversion of this year’s Premiership average of 7.43......or his 2018 Championship average which was 6.94?
  8. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Santa must have got my letter early.......lol
  9. ragdoll64

    Edinburgh 2020

    Surprised about Heeps.....
  10. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Not really to my liking but a solid outfit nonetheless .......with 3 riders on the way up and 3 on the way down.......a wee bit unpredictable but could surprise a few.
  11. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Not that much between the averages though, Gazc. You may be right but personally, I don’t think Claus is finished improving. Could go either way I suppose. I also find Riss still that wee bit inconsistent (Kingish) and Lawson is not quite as sharp as he was when with us. I wouldn’t be disappointed with any of them, though.
  12. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    I would rather build a more solid team around Cook and Vissing.....
  13. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Wash your mouth out........lol
  14. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Hope you're wrong........
  15. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2020

    Hope you're right.......

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