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  1. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I'm not one for condoning knee jerk reactions and would normally give riders plenty of time to settle, but after seeing Luke in the first meeting it was obvious he is not ready for this league..........but I thought to myself "who could we replace him with?" After last night's performance my question was answered.......ANYONE. He looked totally uncomfortable on the bike and was really riding like a total novice at some points showing little or no confidence. I really feel sorry for him but it's obvious he needs more time on the bike without the pressures of being in this league. It will only worsen his confidence if he remains.
  2. Thoroughly enjoyable meeting........
  3. That's not the point. People are going to turn up at the gate not knowing that they can't pay by card. And all very we'll there being an ATM across the road......still a bloody nuisance. Should all have been made much clearer to fans.
  4. Having not been on any website or Twitter regarding this meeting, I haven't seen that it is only cash. I have always paid cash to date at Glasgow so no problem for me but if this is definitely the case, then I foresee problems for those who regularly pay by card and, like me, have not picked up on this.........sounds a strange thing to do.
  5. ragdoll64

    Glasgow v Berwick April 12th

    Rasmus and James both had outings as well Dorothy. Rasmus doing rather well in a competitive field at Belle View.
  6. ragdoll64

    Workington 2019

    Well, that just shows what a mess the sport is in if that's the cost at this junior level. No wonder new riders cannot be attracted? Sponsorship, if you can get it, should be an added bonus, not a requirement for youngsters starting out. Just out of curiosity.....is there a need for two bikes at this level of the sport? I know it's desirable right enough to have a back up, but is it totally necessary? Anyhow, good luck to you and your boy for the future.
  7. ragdoll64

    Workington 2019

    Very, very sad news.......like a death in the family of Speedway. So sorry for all supporters, riders and everyone else involved. Mildly tweaking the product at the conference didn't go far enough......MAJOR changes are required in respect of the financial viability of our sport to prevent further future closures....but it has all been said before and fallen on deaf ears.
  8. ragdoll64

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    That's one solid looking team......should do really well.
  9. ragdoll64

    Newcastle 2019

    I always thought those two were of the same mould........good when they can be bothered but very much up and down and can be a bit moody.
  10. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Why are people on here continuing to perpetuate this bitterness toward Glasgow? Speedway fans in the past have been like a family who can enjoy great banter, but recently this has descended into football-like hatred and is tending to create ill feeling. It's all been covered earlier on this thread but some people can't move on and are resurrecting the same old guff about what they "know" or "have heard" about how Glasgow run their business. As I said before, other clubs would similarly splash the cash had they Glasgow's wherewithal. It would be foolish for anyone to think otherwise.
  11. ragdoll64

    berwick bandits 2019

    Reminds me of Mick Powell holding off Hamill and Hancock at Shawfield..........wonderful to watch.......
  12. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    It was Jack's choice not to return, as far as I'm aware, or I'm sure he would have been considered. Can't see us reneging on Jensen at this stage, so we're stuck with a very, very long tail and a hard season ahead I suspect. Some strong teams out there.......
  13. ragdoll64

    Workington 2019

    WOW! Well I'm sure it would depend how much they were offered AND how they were financially placed themselves at the time........so, no big deal....
  14. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I if Cook and Jensen are in, which is looking very likely, then that ain't gonna happen Tigerforever......
  15. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Basically the hate ball started rolling from November 14th on page 14 of this thread.....not pointing any fingers though.....lol Sad thing is, some naive people , who don't seem to realise that speedway is and always has been a ruthless and fickle game, are being caught up and getting too serious about the whole thing. Workington and Glasgow have had a good relationship in the past and this should be maintained. These political and managerial things happen.......let's get on with enjoying our speedway.

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