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  1. ragdoll64

    Unsatisfactory starts

    Totally agree.....why does it matter about movement at the start?....why does it matter about getting a flier?.....so long as you don't touch the tapes. The starts would be less predictable and therefore the racing more exiting. These silly starting rules are destroying good speedway.
  2. ragdoll64

    Unsatisfactory starts

    This moving at the start rule is ruining Speedway. As has been said already it should be..."touch the tapes and you're out". After the green light goes on it shouldn't matter whether you move or not. As far as riders being pulled in by others moving is concerned, the magnets could be concealed, making the riders have to look at the tapes for starting as was the procedure years ago.
  3. Spot on post MD.........a thoroughly enjoyable meeting which ran like clockwork. I was particularly impressed by Lidsey and I think Greaves will do a fair job for us. Kennedy definitely came first in the pole vault with a beautiful finish........lol.........aaaand Relax!
  4. Glad to see you're embracing the positives Solidmango........sorry, couldn't resist.......lol Looking forward to this one.........could go either way the way things are poised.
  5. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2018

    I've been embracing the positives since 1964 Solidmango......but I just feel that this year's decisions re fixtures by the BSPA have not done the sport any good whatsoever. That, on top of our inability to sustain regular racing days, has had an impact on attendance and interest.
  6. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2018

    Almost 11.30 on the day of a Glasgow v Lakeside clash and no thread on this forum for the meeting. Sadly speaks volumes. In previous years there would have been several pages by now. In my opinion, this year in particular has put a few more nails in the coffin of speedway, mainly due to reduced and inconsistent fixtures. Bad enough for us long term fans but how must it be for newbies? Missing riders is another main factor causing lack of interest. Riders doubling up and being committed to riding abroad and in other competitions is doing speedway no good whatsoever. I do understand the shortage of riders but that is due to the sport becoming "professional" and far too expensive for Joe Bloggs to take part in. I have always kind of poo pooed the people constantly saying our sport is in decline but I can see and feel a big slide this year. It must be totally disheartening for promotions such as Glasgow who have put so much into improving facilities and attracting new supporters.
  7. ragdoll64

    modern track prep

    Have strategically placed sprinkler systems ever been tried?
  8. Well !!!..........what's happened? No input from any of the usual commentators...........and even worse than that, no Edinburgh thread for tonight's meeting. A bit worrying to say the least. Have people lost interest?
  9. OFF........according to SGB site
  10. ragdoll64

    OAP concessions, why?

    Names please?.............lol
  11. ragdoll64

    Ditch the Family Tag??

    It's always been the same in the 50 odd years I've been following speedway. I think MattK hit the nail on the head regarding the reason. Gladly, I'm not the norm, as I'm a motorcyclist and enjoy most forms of motorcycle sport........Speedway and MotoGP being my favourites.
  12. ragdoll64

    Jimmy Beaton.

    Devoted to Glasgow Speedway......What a man......We owe you a great deal Jimmy. Sad news.
  13. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2018

    Going by that premise, can we now expect to see the rest of British speedway follow suit?..........and then all other UK entertainment businesses doing likewise? Oh, and the bus pass must now be on a shoogly peg. Can't wait............
  14. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2018

    I apologise.......I see now that it is still there. .......and yes, I agree wholeheartedly with your added comment - "everybody is entitled to their opinions just like you" .......it's just that some are more disrespectful and degrading than others.
  15. ragdoll64

    Glasgow 2018

    I see the discussion about the admission prices has been removed from the Tigers' Facebook page.......??? As a last word from me on the topic, I have been greatly saddened and in some cases disgusted at the viewpoint some fans hold on the older members of the speedway fraternity and on the ageing members of society as a whole. Some of the comments on here, on the Glasgow Tigers' Facebook page and on the Glasgow Tigers' discussion group page have been abominable. God help our future generations.

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