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  1. Boothers

    Redcar 2020

    Julie was a lovely much appreciated Lady (with a capital L) who ran the speedway office when I first worked at Cleveland Park giving out rain-off tickets after people had come through the turnstiles in the mid 70's and she used to give me my 50p earnings in a small brown envelope at the end of the evening. She was there (with brother Jimmy who used to run the pit gate) through all the years I worked at Cleveland Park unfailingly until it closed. It was a great pleasure to find Julie back in charge of the office when the STMP/MPA reopened in 2006. She suffered no fools but was admired by all who knew her at Teesside/Middlesbrough/Redcar. I think she would be very pleased firstly that she was remembered so fondly and secondly that the meeting normally involves a junior aspect.
  2. Boothers

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    It was on the version of Look North I watched.
  3. Boothers

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Both Bowtell and .Edwards were listed as rising stars in the original list issued by the Men in Black but Edwards now has a 2 point average according to the last gsa's. I applaud Plymouth's astute use of the averages.
  4. Boothers


    For goodness sake Birmingham do the right thing and concede the KOC to Redcar, at the moment you are just taking the mick and embarrassing everyone associated with the sport.
  5. Thanks to Redcar and Kent for the prompt response to the unavoidable rain off. Ticketing arrangements seem to be very logical (in Speedway??). Well done both promotions.
  6. Good luck at Berwick Kasper, enjoyed your time at Redcar. Berwick fans he'll give his all with his enthusiasm and is a good replacement for Garcia. Whether he is what Berwick require at the moment is another matter.
  7. Boothers

    Edinburgh 2021

    I agree, and here's an example. Charles Wright: 2007: Workington (3.57) 2008: Workington (4.00) 2009: Workington (4.75) 2010: Redcar (4.64) 2011: Workington/Leicester (3.75) 2012: Edinburgh/Glasgow (4.05) ……... ……... 2019 Tops Peterboroughs averages in the Premier League Tops Redcars averages in the Championship. British Champion!
  8. Boothers

    Newcastle 2020

    Quite possibly.
  9. Boothers

    Newcastle 2020

    Yep. 18 matches 4.87 average. See no reason for it to be any less than this.
  10. Boothers

    Newcastle 2020

    Always was a set of 'storage jars' if I remember correctly! Good to keep you with us!
  11. Boothers

    Glasgow 2021

    Ooh clever. I see what you did there!
  12. Boothers

    Redcar 2020

    I honestly don't know but obviously it's an option if the correct top five could be signed.
  13. Boothers

    Redcar 2020

    What if - and I'm just floating this out there - what if we needed/wanted 2 x 2pt reserves?
  14. Boothers

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Tom gained his average for Redcar riding at No. 2. (Damn, beaten to it!)

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