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  1. Boothers

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Was really impressed by Sam last night. Only took him a couple of rides to suss out the MPA track. Unfortunately for Redcar it's not the first (and won't be the last) time that that statement will apply to new visiting riders. I'll make no reference to 'trick tracks', 'technical tracks' etc it's just unfortunate for us Redcar fans that we (in my personal opinion) have the 'fairest' track in the country (I'll acknowledge another 2 tracks who might make a similar claim) allowing visiting riders to dial straight in. Means we get to see some great speedway but inhibits us in 2 legged meetings. We've pulled out all the stops so far though and produced remarkable away results, so anything is possible. Wasn't disappointed with last nights result, best team won on the night and we'll have to do better if it's the Tigers again in the play-offs. I personally had a wonderful night thanks to Joshua! UTB
  2. Boothers

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Still a nice sunny day here in the NE but as I've just come back from a fortnight in Cyprus I'm bloody nithered!
  3. Boothers

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    Sun is currently shining here too.....
  4. Back to the thread....has any 2nd Division/National League/Premier League/Championship League team ever held both the British Champion and the League Riders champion at the same time? And both being different riders? Unprecedented as far as I'm concerned and a testament to what Jitendra and Jade have done at Redcar this year. Have always been proud to be a Bears fan (even in the darkest days) but now I can hold my head high and hold my chin up. UTB!
  5. Boothers

    Redcar V Berwick 23/8

    Not sure I understand all the comments regarding track grading these days. I worked for years at Cleveland Park as a track raker (remember them?) and also helped Tony Swales with track prep on a Thursday afternoon. 6 track rakers were on hand to pull back the shale from the outside of the track towards the centre and the tractor (with grader) would come out for 2 laps to distribute this after EVERY heat. No-one complained then. Berwick were good value and deserved their point on a night where a few Bears were under par. Loving Kasper Andersen!
  6. Good question. Sam Masters in after only 5 meetings for Edinburgh? Whilst we all like to see the best quality field surely there should be some qualifying standard (maybe it's 5 meetings?)
  7. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    A bit like slipping Mill Reef a Mars bar?
  8. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    Where's Wally ????
  9. Can I just point out along with other folk that if this in fact is the case (and only you seem to be aware of it) David Wallinger is currently 5th in Plymouth's averages and as such cannot be the sole reason for Plymouth's impending (as you would have it) demise. To blame the Redcar promotion is desperation personified.
  10. Boothers

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Good grief Erik Riss is a cracking signing! Bears coasted this to be honest.
  11. Boothers

    Redcar v Newcastle

    Weather in Thornaby (15 minute drive from the track?) is currently dull but not raining and hasn't rained for an hour or so. Pavements are dry but standing puddles from early morning rain. Threatening clouds around but still better than we were led to expect.
  12. Boothers

    Sheffield 2019

    Glad the Redcar v Sheffield match was rained off this week, would rather race against a team with Sedgmen/Kurtz than Proctor/R/R.
  13. Boothers

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Find that a bit harsh I'm afraid. Averaged over 4 (4.3?) from his first year in British speedway. Jordan Stewart only averaged 3.7 last year in similar circumstances but he's been flying this year. Think its a good signing for Glasgow (that should put the mokkers on him lol)
  14. Boothers

    Redcar v Birmingham

    Still listed as 5.46 in issue 22 issued on 23/07.
  15. Boothers

    Redcar v Birmingham

    They switched from R/R for Ellis to using Ty Proctor as a Guest, Ostergaard came in as a Guest for Aarnio (6.72??) and they switched to R/R to replace Morris. I THINK lol.

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