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  1. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    Jordan Stewart has been named as the first Bear for 2019. Announced 'early' as news had been leaked on social media. Also been confirmed that the rest of the team have been signed and will be revealed at the December social. Good start!
  2. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    Yes please, but I don't think the balls in our court.
  3. Boothers

    Worrying Times at Redcar

    Not too happy regarding the changes to the Conversation Rates. Don't like being dictated to about how much I can chat.
  4. Sorry? Sheffield could 'quite rightly' say we aren't coming (our reserve isn't available so we've decided not to turn up to a previously agreed fixture?)? To be fair I agree with the second part of your statement. And I agree with your comments regarding the racing which (whilst I wasn't there) appears to have been of a high standard.
  5. Sorry, and I have no axe to grind here, but surely a rule is a rule and the fact that Chris Harris has worked his nuts off to be in the fabulous position to have a 'team' behind him shouldn't mean that other riders should have 'allowances' made because they're not as 'fortunate' as him.
  6. Boothers

    Redcar v Workington 23/8/18

    Dull but pleasant.
  7. Boothers

    Redcar v Workington 23/8/18

    Rene is statistically the 9th best rider at the STMP (from those that have had more than 6 meetings) averaging nearly 8.5 per meeting. So having the potential for 7 rides is quite a frightening prospect for Bears fans.
  8. Because he has a better average around the MPA than either Lambert or Bacon ??
  9. Boothers

    Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    Jordan Stewart was remarkable last night. But please lets keep things in perspective. I'm pleased because I've been saying from day 1 when he wasn't scoring points that I'm watching a Speedway rider (and not some of the pretenders that we've seen here at Redcar in the past), safe, steady & professional. Let's not lumber him with the burden of "the next big thing'' though. Just let him ride! He'll be going to tracks he's never seen before all season long but if he continues to ride safe, steady and professional he'll do ok. Seems like a nice bloke too! Good luck Jordan.
  10. Boothers

    Redcar handed fours

    Oh sod off
  11. Boothers

    Redcar handed fours

    Fabulous news. Congratulations to Kev and Ben. UTB!
  12. Boothers

    Redcar 2018

  13. Boothers

    Redcar 2018

    Best bit of news I've had this week! Charles next please.
  14. Boothers

    Guests & R/r

    Hi again everyone! As the AGM is taking place and we are expecting to hear of fixed race nights I thought I'd update the stats that I used when starting this thread. Back in August as my original post stated only 25 out of 117 Championship matches were 7 Home riders versus 7 Away riders (IE NO Rider Replacement and NO Guest riders) SINCE THEN (63 MATCHES LATER) ONLY 2 (TWO) MATCHES DID NOT CONTAIN RIDER REPLACEMENT AND/OR GUESTS. Yep, the totals for the season stand at only 27 out of 180. Whilst acknowledging that some form of coverage for injury is unfortunately required in our dangerous sport here's hoping that something can be dragged kicking and screaming from the AGM which will stop this constant Home Select v. Away Select joke that we have had inflicted on us this year.

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