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  1. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    Thought these were mutually compatible requirements? LOL! Will add lots of smiley faces in case anyone thinks I'm having a dig or anything Sad to see Ben go, but obviously off track Ben weighed more than on track Ben. Ulrich fits the bill and I'll almost guarantee he ups his current Birmingham average back at the MPA. (And John, just to reiterate, that isn't a dig. Just too good to leave unmentioned). Honestly, Boothers
  2. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    Oh for crying out loud....at least a couple of people realised what was intended. I was on my phone at the time and it wouldn't let me put a smiley/emoji (or whatever they're called). It was a sarcastic/ironic/sardonic/satirical/derisive comment that was in no way meant to be taken seriously. In other words, a joke. Has everyone got that? I was not being serious. OK?
  3. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    Sorry, my attemp at irony backfired because I omitted a smiley face. Doh!
  4. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    And to think we allowed Jacob to sign for the Geordies only last week. Doh!
  5. Boothers

    British Semi Final

    Back to the Meeting itself. Congratulations to Charles on winning as I thought he rode well within himself, taking no chances and just concentrating on qualifying but still winning the meeting. Paul Starke rode brilliantly and barring his mechanical problem in Ht. 17 would have won the meeting, having already beaten Charles and countback being in operation (God help us with these moaners if run-offs had been required). Good to see Lewis Kerr's performance and as for Danny Ayres? been phenomenal round the MPA over the last 2 weeks - Scunthorpe are lucky to have him. And yes Phil it's windy at Redcar, especially on the 2nd bend, but was quite mild last night. Didn't even put my coat on until about Heat 16!
  6. Boothers

    British Semi Final

    Agreed. Fortunately (can I say that under the circumstances?) after his withdrawal from the meeting the exclusion was meaningless but would have hate to have thought this could have cost him a Final place. Awful decision.
  7. Boothers

    British Semi Final

    Can posters on here please stop criticising Redcar for the 'lack of a 2nd ambulance'. Firstly if the requirement to have a second ambulance was needed by the ruling bodies then Redcar would have provided one or we wouldn't have been given the meeting in the first place. Secondly can the critical posters tell us how many other British Semi final meetings - or indeed Finals - have actually had two ambulances in attendance? No? Probably because, fortunately, last nights circumstances have never arisen before. The only difference two ambulances would have made last night was that the meeting would have finished possibly 50 minutes earlier than it did. The major hold up being after the awful Heat 1 crash where riders were being medically attended to on track for perhaps 20 minutes. It was deemed then by the attendant paramedics that outside help was required and the 'county' ambulance (why is it called that?) was called for. I don't know what the critical posters think of our (marvellous) health services these days but ambulance staff/paramedics do not just dump patients off at hospital and I would suggest that said 2nd ambulance would not have been back at the stadium when the unfortunate spectator took ill. A First Response ambulance arrived within minutes and their specialist knowledge deemed that a seriously ill person required hospital treatment and another ambulance was called for. To criticise Redcar for any of this is beyond belief. The vast majority of the people stayed to the end (including the presentations) and although we grumbled what's the problem? The Redcar promotion team are enthusiastic and forward thinking and should be praised for the efforts they are making this year and not being shot at by petty minded jibes from outsiders. Oh and I also didn't appreciate a certain riders comment over the microphone under the circumstances.
  8. Boothers

    Newcastle 2019

    Although having said that, is Fjelsted/Slangerup the same place? Hate bloody geography!
  9. Boothers

    Newcastle 2019

    Nope, Fjelsted I believe. Having been involved with Fjelsted, Munkebo and Grinsted SK. Good luck Jacob I wish you well...….just not too many points for the Geordies eh?
  10. Boothers

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    You interpret it as: 'In the best interests of the sport'.
  11. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    Agreed. Mind I think at least 3 of the field should feel aggrieved at the seeding of Edward Kennett straight to the final (and that's not a dig at Edward - just think 3 of the announced field have a better claim than he does). Still all the better for us Redcar fans, and I reckon all 3 should make top 6.
  12. Heathcote - who was obviously at the meeting (I wasn't!) gives you what was apparently announced at the meeting and Updates also gives this as the result. However the official referees scorecard published on the British Speedway official website gives it as Hume in 3rd and Kennedy 4th so I presume this will be the version that goes down in 'Speedway History' and will be reflected in Kennedy's CMA (won't affect Hume as he was Guesting). Personally I'd go with Heathcote.
  13. Kyle has already scored 1pt less than he achieved in total all last season. Workington should be praised for sticking with the young man last year when other teams wouldn't. What would he be doing if Worky were still in the League?
  14. Boothers

    Eastbourne 2019

    From a neutral (Redcar) supporter, Lewis Kerr looked very good at Ben Barker's testimonial meeting yesterday. Hope he has an injury free season. Certainly deserves one.
  15. Boothers

    REDCAR 2019

    Mind you, I've got the Heat times as well if you're desperate!

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