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  1. maneacat

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    He will - it’s just a matter of when not if!
  2. Yes I remember my cousin racing there Chris many years ago and I agree it’s highly unlikely to happen again.
  3. maneacat

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Which just shows the lack of thought that went into the decision to take the Club into the PL - recent summers had been difficult in the Championship but there were more days of the week in use.
  4. I wouldn’t call it a Motor Sport Venue as such - that is such a small part of what goes on there these days - for instance we don’t have a home meeting now until September due to the unavailability of the SHOWGROUND. Many years ago it did have a separate race track for cars/stock cars or whatever which is long gone and is now the Car Park for many functions including speedway. With regard to tonight’s meeting there has been growing dissatisfaction with signings for the team together with the track itself and I believe not offering a discount for this televised meeting was a huge mistake resulting in fans staying home to watch.
  5. If it was down to him then probably quite likely BUT as it’s not and the Eoes is rented I can’t see the Owners (East of England Agricultural Society allowing a cage to be erected around the track Saddlebow Road style - that would be the final nail in the coffin if tonight’s shambles wasn’t already!
  6. Looking at that dreadful crowd in the grandstand I imagine there are very many more than you and I thinking the same tonight. Season over in mid July - nice one Buster!
  7. Kelvin just said The Danish Champion Kenneth Bjerre is in a class of his own - but Buster told KB he was not heat leader standard
  8. I’ll go for 9pm and hope we don’t lose any more riders to injury!
  9. Wrighty also had “a nasty one” at Redcar the other night - Is he fit? Anyone know?
  10. He can spout all he likes -he refuses to listen to the fans and from those I spoke to last night many will be turning a deaf ear! He was warned but as usual refused to take notice. He has better prepare himself for a bigger disappointment because I believe Monday’s crowd will be even worse.
  11. maneacat

    Panthers v Witches 1/7/19 Premiership

    Think you are getting Rohan confused with Hans
  12. maneacat

    Panthers v Witches 1/7/19 Premiership

    Not a cat in hells chance he would have gone round the outside - Lawson rode for us some years back - he was a good gater but only ever made inside passes - didn’t seem to know the outside existed which on this track was very frustrating to watch.
  13. Couldn’t see anything for this so I have started a thread in the hope that info will soon be forthcoming.
  14. I’ve given you a like for that post on the assumption you meant to say - “except when it’s from the NSS or Eoes”
  15. maneacat

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    If that’s their choice fine BUT don’t moan when the crowd is low.

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